Feather-Light Two-Color Brioche Scarf for Men

Brioche stitch can be heavy and dense. In this scarf pattern, laceweight yarn is held double, creating a light-as-a-feather brioche scarf for not very much money.

Practice your two-color flat brioche knitting with this simple and attractive brioche scarf for men. Finished product man-tested and approved.

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Scarf – Feather and Fan Lace – “Palm Springs” – Sport Weight

Pink Feather and Fan Summer Lace Scarf

This is a sport-weight scarf with a four-row lace repeat.

Actually, only one of those rows is a pattern row, which makes this a great lace scarf pattern for beginners.

Learn to do lace AND catch and fix all common beginner lace mistakes – I supply 4 free videos to help you learn.

Although I wouldn’t recommend knitting the scarf inside a movie theater, this pattern and the accompanying free videos will get you comfortable with Feather-and-Fan (Old Shale) lace.

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Scarf – Noro Striped 1×1 Rib – Jared Flood – Worsted

This is Jared Flood’s Noro Scarf Pattern, specified here to make a scarf 5.5 inches wide.

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Elegant Ribbed Scarf for Beginners – Aran or Bulky Weight

This is a beginner scarf for knitters just learning to do 1×1 rib. To practice your knits and purls, make a ribbed scarf.

You can knit this scarf in either aran or bulky weight yarn. Using bulky yarn will make the project go faster, and the scarf will be a little bit more… well, bulky.

The scarf will be 4.5 inches wide whether you use aran or bulky yarn because you will be casting on a different number of stitches to compensate for the yarn thickness.

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Man Scarf – Mistake Rib Scarf in Three Weights for Men

It’s so rugged and burly, I actually just like to call it “man-stitch.” Why? In a chunky yarn this is a perfect stitch for a guy’s scarf or sweater, and it’s super-easy – but not boring – to knit.

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Magical Misti Garter Stitch Scarf Beginners – Bulky Weight

The perfect scarf for learning how to knit. Soft, colorful, and scrumptious, this simple scarf is a luxury because of the Misti Alpaca “dyed-to-the-stitch” yarn. Watch videos every step of the way here: Free Learn-to-Knit Videos

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Mary’s Italian Super-Bulky Weight 3-Hour Scarf for Beginners

Photo Scarf BasicGarterChunky 04 LiatHoldingUp V1 square

A scarf that will take you 3 hours or less to knit. Using super-bulky yarn held double on size 35 needles, this will get you a scarf fast. Garter stitch may be for beginners, but your hands will get a workout on size 35 needles!

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Double Knit Heart or Checkerboard Scarf – Super-Bulky Weight

Learn to double-knit with this easy charted heart-or-checkerboard scarf pattern. Knit up in a super-bulky wool, the project goes quickly so you can see your progress.

Scarf includes two options for the double-knit design: oversize hearts or a classy checkerboard.

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