Become a Knitting Superstar™
Become a Knitting Superstar™
Become a Knitting Superstar™
Become a Knitting Superstar™
Become a Knitting Superstar™



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Frequently Asked Questions

Knitting Superstar University gives you the courses you need to knit with confidence. Courses are being continually added. The courses currently available in the platform are:

Comprehensive Courses:
Learn to Knit
New knitters can pick up bad habits that hold them back later. Build a solid knitting foundation so that you can quickly approach harder projects without getting tripped up.

Fearless Knitter
Life after learning to knit can be a never-ending parade of boring scarves. Up-level with strategic projects so you are ready to knit hats, mittens, and socks in no time.

Knitting Superstar
Those two-at-a-time socks aren't going to knit themselves! To knit anything you want, you need technique. Master every skill needed to complete advanced projects with ease.

Reference Libraries:
Using the same cast-on for every project gets poor results. Select the perfect cast-on from over 40 recommendations.

Does your finished project not look quite right? Learn the perfect bind-off for each knit fabric and project.

Video Dictionary
Baffled by an abbreviation in your pattern? Demos of 30+ abbreviations help you knit correctly.


Knitting terms and even slang can make patterns indecipherable. Our photo glossary serves as your reference whenever you read something you don't understand.

Recommended Supplies
Striking out on your own with new patterns can be intimidating and even expensive. Our recommendations for knitting supplies will help you make the right decisions with yarn, notions, and more.

Easy Felted Slippers
Felting and seaming are two techniques most beginning knitters avoid because they seem scary. Learn how easy they both are on an adorable, instant-gratification project you'll love.

Mosaic Knitting
Mosaic knitting can be confusing. Learn the mystery of Mosaic and slip-stitch techniques.

Knit Faster
Errors in your knitting technique slow you down. Speed up your knitting with efficient technique.

Fix Mistakes
If you can't fix mistakes in your knitting, you won't take risks. Correct 10 top knitting mistakes.

Magic Loop
Knitting tubes (round knitting) using double-pointed needles is slow, difficult, and frustrating. The simpler way, using one long needle, lets you knit socks, sweaters, and hats easily and even two-at-a-time.

Toe-Up Socks
Most sock patterns are very hard for beginners, especially if they are written for double-pointed needles. Our classes teach you the easiest techniques so you get great results.

Top-Down Socks
Top-down socks have several complex parts. Learn top-down sock knitting with the simplest pattern so you knit even advanced socks without getting confused.

Continental Knitting
Holding the yarn in your left hand to knit can feel awkward. Get comfy knitting Continental so you can knit faster and with better posture.

Cables 101
Using a cable needle to create cables the traditional way can be painstaking. Learn to knit intricate cables with or without a cable needle so you can knit any cabled project FAST.

Brioche Knitting
One-and-two-color Brioche is beautiful but can be intimidating. Get used to knitting Brioche so it feels right.

Tension issues plague every knitter's first Fair-Isle project. Learn to Fair-Isle knit American or Continental style and avoid every pitfall.

Two-sided knitting involves specific new knitting techniques. Master double knitting from a chart so that even complex projects are simple.

Two-at-a-Time Mittens
Thumb construction makes first-time mittens fiddly. Learn the world's best mitten thumb for perfect-fitting mittens that you can knit a pair all at once and be done before you know it.

Beginning Lace
Lace knitting is intimidating because it's so hard to recognize and fix mistakes on lace. Learn and practice with a time-proven lace pattern so you can feel confident approaching harder projects.

Moebius Knitting
Learning the moebius cast-on is time-consuming and it's hard to know if you've done it right until many rows later. Our course ensures you get it right the first time.

Reach out to us at [email protected] and a member of our team will get back to you shortly.

Yes! Besides the world-class knitting education, you get:
- Knitting help in our private Facebook group
- Knitting help via email
- A monthly Zoom Q&A call with Liat
- Downloadable videos (Lifetime membership only)
- The ability to request your own videos if you need extra help

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