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Become a Knitting Superstar™
Become a Knitting Superstar™

Our 5 Immutable Laws

Our 5 Immutable Laws

The Five Immutable Laws of Business, Knitting, and Life, According to Liat Gat

Crochet number 5Here are five things I believe in more than anything else.

These five rules have helped me guide my life, monitor my actions, and let me know what I should do in tricky situations.

I’m sharing these rules with you today because it’s important to me that you know what I stand for. I think that the more we have in common, the more we can connect, and the more we connect, the more we can understand each other.

What follows are my Five Immutable Laws. You can count on me to stand by them every day, whether in KnitFreedom, in my knitting, or just in everyday life.

1. Never Blame the Other Guy

Byron Katie Founder of The WorkThis rule is all about taking responsibility for your actions, and never letting what you think someone else has done come between you and doing the right thing.

This rule has helped me grow and learn when I run into difficult situations. See for my favorite method of turning this awareness back on yourself in the kindest and sweetest way.

2. It’s Not About The Money

Jigsaw Puzzel of US Dollar with One Piece OutHave you ever ruined a friendship or working relationship over money? I have.

Have you ever felt nervous trying to get a few bucks? Thinking of ways people can help you out? I have. And I’ve learned that no matter what, life isn’t about money.

It’s about people, it’s about goodwill, and it’s about putting money aside and making room for things that are real.

Thanks to this rule, in any situation where there’s money involved, it’s trust, friendship, and generosity that will always win for me.

3. Be All You Can Be, No More

Man balancing on high wire over pit of spikesLife is wonderfully simple when you don’t have to be anyone you’re not. I discovered this rule recently and it’s been one of my greatest gifts. In other words, I say “No” when I need to, and “Yes” when I can.

This rule makes it so that I have energy left to live my life when there are more things to do than there are hours in the day.

4. Don’t Leave Anything Up To Chance

Red Dice Rolling on a Green BackgroundThis is one of my favorite rules because it makes life so much easier.

In my work, this includes checking links before I send them out in an email, testing new coupon codes in my shopping cart, and always making sure there isn’t something else I can do before I mark a customer email as “done.”

In knitting, this rule means counting my stitches easily and accurately, seeing my row markers and decreases for what they are, and never trying to remember anything I could easily re-count or verify later.

At home, the “don’t-leave-anything-to-chance” rule helps me never, ever spill anything on my computer (“Spill-free since 2003!” That’s my motto).

5. Everyone Deserves Help With Their Knitting

Liat at Blazing Needles in 2011When I started knitting, I spent many nights alone and frustrated because I couldn’t figure out some knitting technique or pattern by myself.

I want something different for you! If you’re stuck on your knitting, even if you’ve never bought anything before, you can send us your knitting questions. If we have tutorials on our site to answer your question, we will be glad to point you to them.

If you have purchased a KnitFreedom class, of course we answer all knitting questions related to those purchased classes. And if you are a member of KnitFreedom Premium (Monthly or Lifetime), will will answer any and all of your knitting questions, even pertaining to non-KnitFreedom patterns or projects.

To ask a knitting question, please email us at [email protected]. You can include photos of your knitting mistake if you would like our help deciphering what you did.


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