So Easy to Find a Beautiful Cast-Off

I purchased your "I Love Bind Offs" to have as a resource. When I first received the course I skimmed over it to see what it was like and to know what might help me in the future. Well, that day came today! I have been working on a short swing jacket/sweater that has some seed stitch. The collar is done completely in seed stitch.

As I began to bind it off as the pattern instructed I was not pleased with the way it was finishing off. I thought, "I bet Liat has a bind off that will work better!". I wondered how easy it would be for me to find just the right bind off for my project. It was sooo easy.

I scanned the table of contents and there it was "Bind-offs for Seed St." I read the two ways recommended. The first was just what my pattern had instructed. But the second, "Cable bind-off for seed stitch" was just what I was hoping for.

After taking out my work I first tried 1 needle size smaller--it still looked a little sloppy. I went down another needle size, just like you had said I might need to do, and voila--a beautiful cast off for my color. I'm so happy with it.
  – Beth L.

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