Truly The Greatest

I love the program! I truly think it's the greatest. I love the videos. Your voice is so calming.

I was looking on YouTube for an answer to a question. You had put up an answer. I followed up on that and saw your site. I saw your videos, and I tried one of the videos. I saw that it had a course. Then I went to look at the course and saw that it was part of the whole program.

I thought, "Can I afford it?" And then I thought, "I've been trying to learn. I took some private knitting lessons at $30 an hour. This is crazy. I can get all this information and have it anytime I want right here!" And I have not regretted purchasing it one bit.

I'm up late at night. You can't go to a knitting store late at night. It works perfect. It's just the right thing for me.
  – Judi J.

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