Like Having Her Sitting Beside You

I just wanted to post a picture of my first EVER completed PAIR of mittens, I added the picture as my profile picture!!!

I had completed a mitten, but didn’t like it so gave up trying mittens. After having success with the Liat’s Two-at-a-Time Sock pattern, I had to try the mittens and viola! Here it is, I am already half done with the second pair. The grand girls loved them so much we went and bought yarn for theirs. I’m so glad they are quick and easy since the snow will be flying around our area before I know it!

If you are like me and have given up trying socks or mittens -- you HAVE to try Liat's ebooks, it is truly like having her sitting beside you showing you how to do every (and I mean EVERY) step!
  – Carol Best (carolbest55901 on Ravelry)

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