A dropped knit stitch is very common. Here’s how to recognize it, and two ways to fix it.

Video: Fixing a Dropped Knit Stitch

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Top 10 Knitting Mistakes #1 - Fix a Dropped Knit Stitch
Top 10 Knitting Mistakes #1 - Fix a Dropped Knit Stitch - vimeo Video

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I’m So Much More Ready to Face Whatever Comes in My Knitting

Thank you SO MUCH for your newsletter and the video on picking up a dropped stitch.

I can't tell you how many projects I've been unable to finish because I could not consistently fix dropped stitches. As always, your calm sound and simple, clear video allowed me to understand how simple fixing a dropped knit stitch really is.

I won't necessarily finish all my stalled projects (since most of them have been lace shawls), but WOW! What a relief to know what the fix looks like on a knit stitch, every time.

I'm so much more ready to face whatever comes in my knitting. Thank you again.
  – Letty P., email

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