Finally, I Am Making Beautiful Things

I want to thank you for your "Becoming a Knitting Superstar." Last winter I decided to take my knitting to another level. I had knitted on and off for years (since I was a teenager..I'm now 60 :)) but was never quite pleased with my finished products. They were "okay" but nothing special and I had never attempted a sweater. I knew that would mean disaster.

First, I took a sock class at my LYS where I learned Magic Loop. That ignited something in me to forge ahead. I found your videos online (probably while googling something I needed for the sock class). The way you communicate really connected with me. You instructions and videos are clear and fun!

So, I bought "Becoming a Knitting Superstar." I went through the course step by step, mostly watching the videos over and over. I would watch them while working on the projects but I would also watch them while I was on my treadmill, waiting in an airport, etc. As I worked through the ebook, something began to click. Here are some of the things I learned that I found most helpful.

1. I learned to "read my work". This has helped tremendously. I don't make nearly the mistakes I used to, because I "catch" them before they are a real problem.

2. Learning how to fix my mistakes was the most freeing thing. I loved all you said about making mistakes. I even shared this with some of the gals at my church. I believe it is a great way to view life! The words goes beyond knitting.

3. I learned to relax. I used to hold my knitting with a death grip. My poor hands cramped up and knitting was not as relaxing as I thought it should be. This also increased my speed...which means I'm less distraught if I have to take something out or start over.

4. I gained confidence. My projects began to "turn out" just as I had hoped. I felt more confident when I went into my LYS. I knew the language. I even knew what questions to ask. As my projects began "turning out", in my head, I could hear you say "that's okay, because you will be making many beautiful things". (You say that somewhere in the Becoming a Superstar ebook...I'm just not sure exactly where.). Finally, I am making beautiful things. I finished my first sweater in August and I can actually wear it! I'm working on my second sweater and am super pleased. It's almost finished--all that's left is finishing up the sleeves. I made a really pretty shawl/scarf that had a lace edge with beading. And of course there are others. I haven't made one single thing since I took the course that I have not been happy about.
  – Beth L.

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