I’m Hooked

Dear Liat, I wanted to take this little moment to thank you for your tutorials on YouTube. I have just discovered your videos and subsequently just signed up to learn more about knitting the Liat Way. I'm a very novice knitter, even though I have been poking away at knitting for a long time.

I recently "got a bee in my bonnet" about wanting to knit in the round... why not?... and in the process of learning about the different ways you can do that I discovered the Magic Loop trick.

After about six or more tries with different YouTube teachers, and still not getting it at all, I happened to watch your Magic Loop video. And it was so easy! Listening to you and watching your hands! I was able to figure it out and actually do it!

I am really excited to think that now I might be able to add to my ever growing pile of (fabulous) long knitted rectangles with some circular things for a change. (Ahem...) Cables and color work... who knows... the list goes on... It's great.

Thank you so much for your teacher's heart and your wonderful website and tutorials. I am hooked. Or maybe, I should say, "I'm knit!"
  – Candace B.

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