Absolutely Comfortable

I am a huge fan of Liat and her online knitting courses and videos. I am truly an online learner and now knitter thanks to her. Up until one month ago I knew nothing about knitting, but I had an overwhelming desire to learn how to knit socks.

I bought books, I went to a local knitting store in a city I had visited (I do not have one in my town), I looked at tons of You Tube videos and I immediately feel at ease with Liat. Mind you my books purchases and other attempts to learn I feel were a waste of money and a waste of my time. Liat is an amazing teacher and I have so far made several socks which I am very proud of.

I owe that to her Knitting Superstar course and extra courses I purchased. They are filled with a wealth of knowledge and tips and tricks. I used to be intimidated about knitting as I was so afraid of making a mistake, not anymore as I know how to fix them!

I have progressed so fast in my skills that I decided to buy her Knitting Mosaics Course. After watching it I can truly say I feel absolutely comfortable trying out this new skill. She breaks everything down and demonstrates everything so clearly, you never have a question. I can't say that about anything else I have tried. I am hoping to apply these techniques to my sock knitting, which I am obsessed with.

Speaking as a newbie, I feel I have gained so much through watching her videos and reading her materials. Every course I have viewed is explained so clearly and easily. If you too are looking to build on your skills or wish to gain a better understanding of anything about knitting, I highly recommend her courses. I hope my comments give you comfort in making your decision. I am not connected with her or her company, just a truly pleased customer. Thank you Liat for making learning how to knit so easy and so enjoyable!
  – Cheri S.

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