You Enriched My Knitting!

I truly enjoyed all the tips and tricks I’ve learned from your incredible courses.

The main reason I’m writing is to thank you for the most invaluable tip of how to keep 2 balls of yarn from snarling when making 2-at-time toe up socks!!!

I had tried last year to make this type of sock, and in my excitement and haste to get started did NOT watch or read all the way through. When the balls of yarn kept on snarling, my temper went the same way.

With the pandemic sweeping the globe, and so much free time, I took up those troublesome socks again with one very important difference … I watched and read through the instructions to the end.

OMG Liat! You are a wunderkind, as my German mother would say!

The tip you provided for keeping the balls of yarn to themselves was awe inspiring after all the trouble I had with them previously.

I think throughout the courses I’ve purchased from you, it's those subtle tips and tricks that have helped me the most! Everything you suggested I tried out, and to my delight DID make my knitting faster, easier on my hands and mind, and enriching!

That’s what I want to thank you for MOST, you enriched my knitting!
  – Steve M.

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