I Have Found KnitFreedom So Helpful that I Want to Share It With Others

I found Liat not long after she started KnitFreedom, and I was hooked!

I was commuting 3 hours a day and needed to do something other than read – I wanted my time to be productive (I wasn’t driving, I was taking a train). I joined KnitFreedom, purchased some videos, and I was off!!!

I started making anything (scarves, mittens, socks, sweaters, hats, did I say socks?). I enjoyed it so much that it got to the point where my extended family had PLENTY of socks and told me not to make anymore!!!!

Because of KnitFreedom I went from a novice knitter to believing I can knit just about anything.

My greatest lesson was learning how to knit continental. Liat makes it look so easy that I just HAD to do it!

I love what Liat created, I love her generous spirit to share her talents with others, and I’m looking forward to the new adventures!

I will add that I have told many people about KnitFreedom, even strangers in the craft store yarn aisle, or my local yarn store (before COVID). I have found KnitFreedom so helpful for me that I want to share it with others.
  – Karen K.

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