An Amazing Tribute to Your Patience, Clarity and Articulate Presentation

Your knitting videos, your attitude, your calm approach and everything about your classes, Liat, are wonderful. I've finally actually been knitting for the first time in my life and (for someone who is closing in on 80), I think that's an amazing tribute to your patience, clarity and articulate presentation.

My socks are almost done, one more row and I'll be ready to turn the heel. I had to begin many times at first but then once I got the hang of it all, I was knitting, which to me, is plenty amazing.

I may even make more socks, now that I know I can do it. I'm slow, for sure, but just doing it is incredible to me. Having something I can actually do during these impossibly weird times is really a gift.

I've learned so much: how to use magic loop, how to feel what's going on, how to see (read) my yarn (I'm not great at it, but I'm beginning to see it), how to follow and figure out a pattern. It's incredible.

Many thanks for the lovely gift of knowledge.
  – Valerie H.

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