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Picot Hem Bind-Off: The Cadillac Of Bind-Offs

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Picot Hem Bind-Off: The Cadillac Of Bind-Offs

Liat Gat - Founder

July 27, 2012

This bind-off combines three things you love about socks, but couldn't have all together until now: a picot edge, a hemmed edge, and the ability to do it on toe-up socks. Here's how to create a picot hemmed edge at the end of your knitting.

gray fingering-weight sock cuff with the picot hem bind-offThis is one for connoisseurs.

Like the tails on a tux, or the shine on your shoes, this is a finishing touch with style.

The bind-off that has it all.

A Hemmed Edge. A Picot Ruffle.
On Toe-Up Socks.

This bind-off combines three things you love about socks, but couldn’t have all together until now…

The picot edge – those cute little points that you can do instead of a regular edge.

The hemmed edge – the smooth, folded-over edge that you can do instead of ribbing.

Yes, you can do this on the cast-on edge of a project, but what about on toe-up socks?

Why should top-down sock-knitters have all the fun?

A toe-up sock needs an edge you can do at the end.

You could easily do a regular picot bind-off, but the edge won’t be hemmed.

Some methods out there recommend doing a picot set-up and then sewing the live stitches down to make a hem.

But I know that when I finish knitting a sock, I want to be done.

So there has to be no sewing involved – the edge has to happen on the needles, with some sort of bind-off.

Solution: Combine Two Techniques To Make The Picot Hem Bind-Off

gray toe-up sock with a picot hem bind-off edge

When I wanted a picot hemmed edge on my latest toe-up sock design, I knew I had to combine it with a really good bind off.

The bind-off would have to be stretchy (if you’ve ever made a toe-up sock and then bound off a little too tight, you’ll know what I mean).

But since I was dealing with making the hem at the same time, the bind-off had to be easy as well.

I turned to my favorite fast bind-off, the yarnover bind-off.

I combined the stretchy bind-off with the hemmed cast-on edge technique, doing one hem stitch and then binding it off with the stretchy bind-off.

Learn how to do it in the video below, because…

This Bind-Off Is In The New Fingering-Weight Pattern

I’ll be releasing the fingering-weight version of my toe-up heel-flap socks pattern soon (details below), and I know you’re going to want to try this edging. Doesn’t it look slick in the photos?

Give it a whirl now on small swatch with worsted yarn, so that you’ll be ready.
Written instructions below the video.

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Picot Hem Bind-Off Instructions:

Hemmed edge set-up
Knit for at least one inch in St st.
Next round: (YO, k2tog) around.
Work in St st for at least one inch (10 rows in fingering-weight yarn, 6 in worsted-weight).

Create the picot hem bind-off edge
Fold work at the lace round and pick up the purl bump of the stitch 13 rows below, and place the purl bump on the left-hand needle (this step is hereafter abbreviated as GB (“get bump”).

YO, k2tog, pso, *GB, YO, k2tog, pso, pso, rep from * until all sts have been bound off.

Note: if you are working two socks at a time, you’ll have to either leave 1 stitch on the right-hand needle or put it on a stitch marker while you bind off the second sock before you can finish binding off the first sock.

Tip: Watch The Number Of Set-Up Rows – Make Sure You Have An Inch

If you are feeling impatient on the Stockinette set-up rows and want to get to the fun part already, just know that now’s not the time to skimp.

Just like ribbing, if you don’t make this edging long enough, it will look funny. The picot hemmed edge tends to poof out when you have too few rows of Stockinette stitch in your set-up rows.

A colorful sock with a picot hem
This edging has too few Stockinette-stich rows, and will poof out when the sock is worn.

The key: make sure you have 10 rows of Stockinette if you’re using fingering-weight yarn, and 6 rows if you’re using worsted.


If you want to understand the techniques that make up the picot hem bind-off, make sure to refer to these videos:

Gray picot hem bind off edge on a fingering-weight toe-up sockSo, raring to try this technique on the new fingering-weight version of the toe-up heel-flap socks?

The pattern will be published soon – here’s what you can do to speed up the process:

Sign up to be a test-knitter! Details below…

Calling Test-Knitters For The New Fingering-Weight Sock Pattern

I’m looking for a select group of KnitFreedom readers to test-knit the new pattern.


If you can follow knitting directions and read a knitting pattern, you can do this sock. I’ve got resources on KnitFreedom for every technique you’ll need to know, including knitting in the round.

I need feedback from adventurous knitters of all levels, as well as people with small feet, large feet, and high insteps.

If you’d like to test-knit this pattern, leave a comment below and let me know. I’ll contact the first 20 commenters when it’s time to get started. If you’ve already talked to me, don’t worry – you’re on the list.

Lastly, Coming Soon: A Peek Inside The Malabrigo Factory

Yes, I’m planning a trip to the Malabrigo headquarters in Montevideo, Uruguay! I have no idea what I’ll find when I get there, but I’ll be bringing my camera and interviewing a guy named Antonio – that’s all I know.

Of course I’ll take pictures and write up a big blog post about the whole thing.

Got anything you want to tell the folks at Malabrigo? Leave a comment below, and I’ll pass on in person what you said.

And lastly, how about this picot hem bind-off? What do you think? Too crazy? Are you going to try it? You guessed it, leave a comment, and I’ll see y’all next week!

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161 thoughts on “Picot Hem Bind-Off: The Cadillac Of Bind-Offs”

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  1. Liat dear! This is a beautiful bind off! I thought it was a bit mystifying—maybe even daunting—till I reread it several times and watched the video about as many. And the first part was a piece of cake. Then I got to the bind off round. This is a pair of long lacy knee socks in TINY light weight yarn on teensy # 2 circulars, toe up, two at a time. OMG! But with a couple of restarts and dogged determination, I DID IT! I nearly went blind trying to determine which were the right itty bitty purl stitches to pick up. Tried running a thin circular through but that was just too many needles to keep straight. A lifeline wouldn’t work, so I just bumbled through wondering if I’d come out at the end with the same amount of stitches on both needles. It did much to my amazement!
    The yarn over, knit 2 tog. was easy—same as my usual stretchy bind off. But I made a few critical notes in your written pattern to clarify some points for myself. I also bound off the first half of the right hand sock, moved on as usual to the left sock and bound it off completely. No turning corners as I just pulled the long cable out straight and continued to bind off the second half of that sock. With it off the cable, I did the same for the second half of the first sock and VOILA! Done and lovely!
    I can see where this would be much easier to do with DK or heavier yarn, the purls would be much easier to identify, and I’ll never do it again on these kind of socks! House socks in heavier yarn, OK, or any of my tops or skirts would be great. But never ever with Fine Sport weight yarn! Life is too short.
    Thanks again—this is a brilliant solution to the picot hem and you’re definitely a genius to have developed it!

    1. Norma!! I just read your wonderful comment! Thank you soooo much! Wow I can’t believe you tried this on such fine yarn! I am SO relieved everything came out even and straight. I, too, am always surprised that this turns out perfectly for me when I do it. You have really said everything about this bind-off better than I could. Where were you when I was just starting out?! I could have really used your amazing support. <3 But anyway I’m so glad we found each other (ok you found me) now!!
      Hugs, Liat

  2. Thank you for this picot bind off video. I saw directions elsewhere but was turned off by the necessity to whip stitch the hem. I despise sewing of any kind. I am using this picot as a hem for a doll dress. I have used a DPN to pick up and hold a bunch of the purl bumps so I don’t have to keep checking I have the correct row of bumps.

    Parts of this bind off reminded me of steps I needed when made a welt on a child’s tunic.

    1. Hi Kathleen,
      You are so welcome! I’m really glad you commented and let me know this video worked for you. Great idea using the DPNs to get the purl bumps ready, I will have to copy that.

  3. This looks so lovely! I have tried it, and it seems like picking up the purl bump makes the row (from which I get the bumps) “disappear” – which is problematic in striped socks ;) Is this supposed to happen, or am I doing something wrong?

    1. Hi Sarah,

      Glad you like the bind-off! To answer your question, the purl bump row doesn’t really disappear, it just gets pulled in so you can’t see it very well. I would recommend doing an extra row of that color if you are doing stripes so that after you do the bind-off it doesn’t look like that stripe has disappeared.

      I hope this helps!
      Candy (Liats customer happiness guru)

  4. I would love to be a test knitter for you! I love your website and would be thrilled to be a test knitter!

    1. Hi Cindy,

      There isn’t any test knitting going on at the moment, but when I am ready you will be on my list.

      Happy Knitting, Hugs

  5. I would love to test knit this for you! Been knitting for 40+ years…socks for 20 years so I’m ready for anything new!

    1. Thanks for the sweet offer to test knit this! We’re done testing this pattern, but I’d love your help in the future. I’ll post on this blog if I have any other sock patterns that need testing. Hugs!

  6. Wow! What a great feeling never though i could make a sock-much less two at a time! And the picot finish was HARD at first but it happened . Please don’t leave us u are our gift. And i am a beginner my problem is gages and making things fit. But i would love to test a pattern , if i can read it ANY one can. Thanks again.

  7. I’m laughing at what we knitters will do to avoid picking up a sewing needle! On my sock yarn with size O circulars (2 needles and two socks) this was a little slow, and I had to use my magnifier clip-ons to see what I was doing. As others did, after a few false starts, I ended up running a contrast yarn to mark the bumps for me, but I think part of the trouble was this self-striping (camouflaging) heathery yarn. By the first side of the 2nd sock, I didn’t need the crutch of the bump-marker (after all, that IS picking up a sewing needle, the whole thing I’m trying to avoid). Finding the right bumps worked best if rather than trying to follow a line across, I used the bumps right below and above the bump I’d picked up before, to guide me about where to dig for the next bump (because with these tiny needles, thin yarn, and camouflage pattern, said bump was often not really visible and had to be dug for). As you mentioned in the picot cast-on video, it did seem a little easier at first to do it American style, I think because it was less maneuvering to get back to looking for the next bump. But once I got a little better at it, I found myself reverting back to my usual continental. Anyway, thanks so much for this fun finishing touch — it give me something to look forward to when the cuff seems to be going on forever. I wonder if the bind-off could be done a little bulkier/fancier (picot?) so that the cuff could turn down, making a cute finish to an anklet . . .

  8. I’ve just finished a pair of toe-up, 2-at-a-time pair of anklets that required a picot hem edge, but it was a sewn bindoff, & after the 1st sock finished ~ way too tight. So I found your excellent tutorial to do a knitted version & it worked out perfectly & so quick too!!! The only thing I did was sew a basting row of waste yarn along the row of purl bumps to be picked up, & found it so easy to follow then! And can pull the waste yarn when done! I’ve used a few of your tutorials now, & they are fantastic. Thanks for the tips!!

  9. I guess with already more than 100 responses, you don’t need more test knitters, LOL! I guess I will just have to wait for the pattern to come out.
    Thanks for the great videos!

  10. I was just about finished with my 2nd pair of magic circle toe up socks (my 3rd pair of socks) when I saw the picot edge hem bind off. I liked a challenge so I am trying it. I have never done a picot edge/stitch before but I followed the directions and the picot stitches are done eight rows to go for the bind off hem. I get white space where the video is supposed to be but the written directions are clear so I will give it a try. I love the Fleegle heel. I looked at lots of patterns before I started my first pair of socks but the top down and heels were too confusing. Your pattern and videos were great. Thanks. I think I will try the new pattern in fingering weight when it is available. It appears you have enough testers but if you need another one I would glad to be a tester. Thanks so much for all your great information. I am hooked on socks now and it is your fault. : )

    1. Well I used the picot hem bind-off on your beginner toe-up (top down) socks I was just finishing in fingering weight. They look pretty good. I had trouble picking out the same row purl stitch. After having to unknit some stitches I used a tapestry needle and contrast color yarn and picked up all my bumps. It was a little slower going. I pulled the yarn out each time I picked up a bump and snipped it when the tail was 1-2 inches long. This worked better for me. The second sock tended to get in the way. I tried turning the socks inside out to better see the purl stitches but that didn’t work at all. It took me about 3 hours to finish both socks. It was taking me about 8 minutes to complete one stockinette row for both socks. It was worth the time.

    2. Pat, I’m happy to take the blame for your love of knitting socks. I’m so glad that you were up for the challenge, too. :) That’s awesome. Great job sticking with it. I’m super proud of you!

  11. Yes I would so much like to be part of the team to test out the fingering weight toe up sock……!!!!!Yes 100 times. I love this pattern and it is going to be I hope the only one I will use from now on. I so love making this pattern.

  12. You probably already have your 20, this is just in cast 1 drops out — TEXT ME [phone number removed] EMAIL ME

  13. Ok I have my extra long cable and I am ready to tackle two at a time toe up heel flap picot edge…Yes Ma’am I am!! *waves my cord in the air*

  14. Hi Liat,

    I’d love to test knit for you, but I’m slow. Even slow at replying!!!
    Evident in all the replies to date. Maybe I could do something in the future.
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge. You truly are an inspiration.

  15. Carol Yachanin

    I have never been asked to test knit a pattern befor but it sounds really neat. I guess my foot is a normal size. I wear a size 7 shoe. I wish someone would come up with a pattern for socks that you can wear with flip-flops,I did find one but it is very plain.

  16. My first socks were toe up! I’d love to test knit for you. (In a previous life, I tested computer programs … this is almost the same!)

    Love your newsletter. I’ve been learning a lot!

  17. Hi, I would love to try the pattern. I am a size 6 with a very high instep. I am not proficient in knitting socks yet. But I would love to try.

  18. Liat,
    You are AWESOME! Great new video. I would like to use this on my next pair of socks, but without the picots; would a purled row work instead?

    I’m too late for this round, but if you ever need test knitters, I’d be happy to help (and my big feet might provide a “good fit” for testing the larger sizes, haha).

    Thanks again!

    1. Hi Brian! Yes, good point, I’m so glad you thought of that. A purled row would look really nice. I’m going to mention that on the Facebook page. Thanks!

  19. Marisa Cappuccia

    I have never knitted socks before though I would like to try it. If I am not too late, I can test it.

  20. Whoops, I hit “post” without finishing…I would love to test knit for you if you still need folks to help out in that way. There’s a whole stash of sock yarn just wating on me in the other room…. :)

  21. Oh, how fun would THIS be? I’ve been knitting 2 socks at a time on 2 circs for many years. I would love to have this in my repertoire !

  22. I’ll be glad to do a test run for you. I absolutely love knitting socks so this will be a great challenge!

  23. I know I am probably too late but would love to test knit. I have done a couple test knits before and I enjoy it! I am so excited that you are coming out with a toe up heel flap! and I love the picot bind off – adds a little pizzazz!!

  24. Hi Liat
    I’ve been following your blogs and tutorials right from the beginning, and they just get better and better. I look forward to them every week, there always something new, a new twist on something new or news and views from amazing places like Israel etc. Thank you so much – keep up the fabulous work!
    A fan in Cambridge, Great Britain!

  25. Being a visual learner the video was very good.
    It would have been a little clearer if you had left more rows before you started the picot row so that the cast off was slightly clearer. I am being ‘picky’ but you did say that you wanted to know what we thought!!

    I would have liked to let you know that I liked it by clicking on like but as I have now intention of signing up to facebook this will have to do.

    Thank you for all your work I learn so much.

    1. Myra, commenting on the blog is always a wonderful way to let me know you like an article or video. And of course you are right about doing more rows before I started the video. Haha – I was almost running out of yarn! That’s why I had to cut it close. :)

  26. Hi, just found your website, love it! I am 80 years young , just started knitting again and would like to test your new pattern. Do you have any for infants? I,m going to be Great Grandmother again soon. Granny Jackee

  27. This is a very versatile bind-off. Not being an infrequent sock-knitter but enthusiastic about new techniques, I’m very interested in trying out this sock pattern which combines toe-up + heel-flap + picot bind-off!

  28. I’d love to be a test knitter, and see that I am person #110!! Socks are my thing — but as yet I have never tried toe up. My foot is a regular shoe size, 8, very wide at the front end, D, and narrow at the heel, AA. I very much enjoy reading your tutorials, Liat, and watching the videos. I so appreciate the clarity of your instructions; you are very skilled! Thanks for all the sharing that you do!

  29. I usually stay away from toe up sock patterns as the bind off is usually too sloppy for me, but I will definately give the picot bind off a try, and maybe will do more toe up patterns!

    1. Linda, that’s perfect! Another commenter, Brian, also suggested doing just a purl row instead of the picot row – that might give you more options if you are doing a less-girly toe-up sock.

  30. It looks like you’ve got plenty of test knitters for this particular pattern, but if you’re taking names for future need, please include me!

    Experienced knitter/teacher. Novice designer. Recovering perfectionist. Knit so I don’t kill people. :)

  31. Never knitted socks before but would love to have a reason to. I’m a fairly new knitter and size 6 feet. Beautiful bind off – adds class.

  32. I’ve never tried knitting socks– keep thinking it is time. I just ordered some “london 2012” sock yarn– wasn’t sure what to do with it…This would be a great project!

    Thanks for considering me as a test knitter

  33. im available and very interested, but we’ve corresponded and as you know- im a total and complete beginner and never knit a sock

  34. Jen Knippenberg

    I think I am too late, but I would love the opportunity to test your pattern. I look forward to your emails and think you are great. I have knit cuff down socks using the magic loop. I have been wanting to try toe up socks, and I think this would be a great challenge for me. If you find you need extra knitters, please-please-please consider me.

  35. I have done this type of picot edge but worked the hem by hand so like the way you linked it to the purl bumps. I am currently knitting the Morgan Hat from which requires linking to stitches two rows below. I found it quicker to use a circular needle to pick up all of the purl bumps first. They are then just ready to link.
    ‘love your tips and have shared them with other beginning knitters. Your videos are outstanding. It looks like you have lots of test knitters but if you need more I can help.

  36. My favorite thing to knit is socks and you have made it so easy. Would love to test your pattern – plllllllleassssse!!

  37. I wasn’t counting but can see I am way past the twentieth responder. I am a huge fan and would LOVE-LOVE-LOVE to test this pattern. PLEASE consider me.

  38. Am a fairly skilled knitter, but have never knit socks, but would love to try and have been collecting patterns recently. If you’d like a first time sock knitter to try this pattern, I’d love to test knit it for you. I just love a knitting challenge.

  39. Don’t know if you really need another test knitter, but I would love to do it. I have 7.5 size feet. I love the Manos brand and colours, especially their silk blend, it’s lovely and delicious!

  40. Would love to be a test knitter for you, but I am a little on the late side. Regardless, what a great bind off, cannot wait to try it!!!! Thanks for all the time and effort and the wonderful ideas you are always working on!!!!!! Keep me on your list please, size 8.5 feet. I knit toe up or top down.
    Yours In Knitting,

  41. Wow! You ask for test knitters, and we come out of the yarn stashes world wide. I enjoy your site. I have a size 9.5 foot with thick calves. Great for hiking the forests of Wisconsin. As far as socks go, I am partial to knee highs.

  42. Wow! You ask for test knitters, and we come out of the yarn stashes world wide. I enjoy your site. You have a drive for creative experimentation, and I would truely like to be one of your test knitters on any of your designs. I have a size 9.5 foot with thick calves. Great for hiking the forests of Wisconsin. As far as socks go, I am partial to knee highs.

  43. Wow! You ask for test knitters, and we come out of the yarn stashes world wide. I enjoy your site. You have a drive for creative experimentation, and I would truely like to be one of your test knitters on any of your designs. I have a size 9.5 foot with thick calves. Great for hiking the forests of Wisconsin. As far as socks go, I am partial to knee highs. Anything in the works along that line? There are so few good knee high patterns out there.

  44. How about a man? I’ve more or less mastered top down socks in various weight yarns on DP and 2 circulars, though always room for improvement. Thanks for your great videos.

  45. The test would be a first for me. I have toe-upped 5 pr. 5 different ways & continue to search for the best way. If I am not selected for the test, I would still like to attempt your new pattern.

  46. I have not yet knit a toe up sock and have never test knitted a pattern before. Both are on my to do list and would to test knit this pattern for you.

  47. Hi Liat,

    I would love to test knit this for you. Thanks so much for all the knowledge you share with all of us

  48. Barbara Reynolds

    I’d love to test knit for you! I have size 10 feet and a high instep.

    Thanks so much!
    Barbara @ the Jersey Shore :)

  49. A thing of beauty is a joy forever… That’s what came to mind
    when I saw the picot bind-off. Very elegant!

  50. I suspect I am too late in responding—spent yesterday knitting socks instead of checking my email—but you are my go to person when I need help with my knitting and I would love to test knit your exceptionally well explained and well thought out techniques and patterns

  51. I responded as to wanting to test knit and when I came back to see what other people said, I see that mine went up 3 times. 2 as PSAKnits and once as ann Leiboh. When I was originally trying to do it, I kept getting a message that it couldnt upload, check my message and to try again. I kept doing it because of that, I’m sorry there are 3 responses. I only want to test knit socks once….right now at least :)

    1. No worries Ann! I’ll delete the duplicates. Sorry you had trouble saving the comment! You weren’t the only one. It looks like you just missed the cutoff for this pattern, but there will be others!

  52. I know you’re way beyond 20 at this point, but I’d like to be a test knitter. I love toe ups, have lots of sock yarn and most of all I have LOTS of time on my hands to knit! :-)

  53. Like all the others… I’d love to be a test knitter. Most of all, because I have the time on my hands to knit! :-)

  54. I’d love to test the new pattern! I taught myself (with your video help) how to knit two socks at once three months ago and I’m hooked!!! Three pairs cuff down and now I’m on my second pair of toe up. I think I like toe up the best!!

  55. It appears as though you have plenty if test knitters. I was going I could be one also but I understand if I can’t be this time around.
    I adore your website and all the wonderful videos!

  56. Debi Winchester

    I am waaay late to the party for test knitting these socks. It would have been fun. I will try the picot hem bind-off since it seems to make sense to me.

  57. would love to test your pattern….only know how to knit toe up….small feet.
    seems you have enough, but thought I’d volunteer anyway.

  58. I am looking forward to trying this new bind-off. I usually do a yarnover affair that looks functional. This looks like it could put some pizazz on my socks!

    1. Hi
      I know I am too late but thought I would write anyway. I have never yet knitted a sock and only know knitted two hats using circular needles. So I would love to test these socks for you. I am an English size 5. I thought your edging was very pretty.
      Kind regards

  59. Ruthie Anderson

    Sure. I’ll be a test knitter for your toe-up socks. However, your random generator (or whatever other method you use for choosing) must pick me. Hope it does…I would love to work with you

  60. I would love to be a test knitter for you. I will be teaching a sock class toe-up in the fall and this would fit in perfectly with my plans.

  61. I can’t wait to try this technique. I’m going to try it on a pair of socks for my 3 year old niece. That way it’s on a smaller scale (which I always try to do when learning a new skill) plus it will look so sweet on a pair of lacy girls socks. Thanks so much for sharing. I really look forward to your blogs!

  62. It looks like you have more than enough volunteers. However, should you need one more, I’d love to test knit this pattern. I love socks and want to become proficient at knitting them. I wear a size 10 shoe. Perhaps I can test knit another project in the future. Thanks.

  63. I would love to test knit some socks! I’ve never done any before, but I threw out ALL my socks last night and could use new ones. Love the bind off!

  64. Looks like I’m too late to be part of the test-knitter group, but would love to be on your list for ANY type of test-knitting. I love challenges and learning new techniques.

    Thanks for the picot edge suggestion! Can’t wait to try it!


    1. Aw, Caroline, that is so sweet! I do the best I can by coming through the video camera. But know that I am making these videos just for you, as if I had just stopped by to say hi and you had a knitting question! Hugs.

  65. Bridget Christianson

    Looks like I’m too late to be a test knitter, but I just wanted to say what a great opportunity that would be. Love your videos, and techniques that you teach. I’m an avid follower!

  66. I would love to test knit your pattern and the new picot bind off. I’m a sock knitting addict now and love to try new things. I did not see this email until waay too late after the first 20 so maybe another time I hope.

  67. 1. Would be very interested in doing some test knitting for you.

    2. Have used the picot bind off on a vest for my grandbaby. It worked very well in a DK weight cotton.

  68. I see that you already have more than 20 people to do the test knit. I would be interested in the pattern when they are through. I have used your toe up two at a time pattern and love the fit. I plan to use the pattern again for Christmas knitting.
    I also just downloaded your heel flap for two at a time toe up socks. I know that using worsted will make them go faster but I would be interested in the same pattern with sock yarn. Will you be doing the same pattern in sock yarn in the future?

  69. Can’t wait to try this new edge! Can’t wait to get on to the new sock pattern as well. You are like a box of chocolates, never know what you’ll get, you just know it’s all great !!

  70. I’d love to test knit a sock pattern! I raise my own flock of sheep and spin and weave my own yarns. I think it would be awesome to work on this kind of project.

  71. if all the hundreds of your followers suddenly change their minds I would be glad to test knit for you- am dying to try your new heel flap

  72. Would love to be a tester, but, I’m SO far away from the first 20!! I have knitted lots of socks, cuff to toe, toe to cuff. If there’s a chance……!!

  73. i think i’ll try this picot bind off on a sock i am making,it looks great and i have a high instep

  74. Regina Sansing

    I love the looks of this finish. I’ve only knitted socks from the top down and have been anxious to try your method with the Toe-Up Heel Flap Sock. If you have room for another test knitter, I’d love to jump on the bandwagon. I know I am late and will be surprised if I actually get in on this. LOL

    Thanks for sharing all you do, Liat. I’ve been a knitter for more than 40 years and have not been very adventurous. You make me want to!

  75. Hi, I’m sure you’ve had more than 20 already, but just in case, I’d love to make your new socks. I’ve made many pairs of socks, sweaters, jackets, even several two piece dresses over the 40+ yrs I’ve been knitting, and still am always looking for great new ideas….things that make my knitted clothing stand out, and this idea looks like a great one for socks.
    Have a lovely weekend,

  76. Recently found your site and I am enjoying your videos. Can’t wait to try this picot hem bind-off. Thanks!

  77. I’ve never knitted a pair of socks and have always wanted to try, so if you need a sock virgin, I’m here for you. . . ;)

  78. Hi Liat,
    I think it would be great fun to test knit your fingering weight socks…but I planned on doing a pair when you released the pattern. I already have my yarn and am ready to toe up two at a time magic loop!!’ I am a “knitting superstar”!!!

  79. This was super terrific!! Wish I had known this before I finished the Baby wrap I made. I did a picot bind off, but a hemmed picot would have looked even better. Thank you for the great tutorials.

  80. I am currently working on a pair of toe-up socks that calls for a picot edge, but insists on sewing it down. Many other knitters have complained of that finish ending up too tight so I’m excited to try this variation instead! Thanks, and perfect timing!

    PS, tell the malabrigo folks thanks for everything! :)

  81. yay! i am so SO excited to try these new sock techniques you’ve dreamed up for us!! the picot edge looks fabulous and i LOVE the idea of the toe-up heel flap AND in a worsted weight!!! i canNOT wait to work up some in worsted while waiting for the fingering pattern! if you’re still searching for testers i’m game, tho lots of lovelies are ahead of me and i’m a pretty classic fit :) thanks so much!! xoxo :)

    1. Sara I’m so glad you are as excited about these socks as I am! I absolutely love the heel flap, if I do say so myself. It came out awesome on the fingering-weight socks I did for the pattern. Thanks for your enthusiasm!

  82. I would consider it a privalege and wonderful challeng to test knit your pattern. I knit for families in the neiborhood with children of all ages.

  83. I would be thrilled to be a test knitter for you, either this time or another time. Foot size is US 6. Please let me know.

    Miss Marty

  84. I would consider it a privalege and wonderful challeng to test knit your pattern. I knit for families in the neiborhood with children of all ages and I am always looking for new and different.

  85. This is great! I love the look of a picot edge, but didn’t want the fuss of having to take out another needle just to tack it down when I finished.
    Interestingly, one of my designers sent me a link to your video for the picot cast-on, when I did the test for one of her sock patterns.

    May I please sign up to be one of your testers?
    I do a lot of socks these days (since they’re extremely portable, if a little fiddly with all my DPNs), but occasionally do shawls and scarves. Next on my bucket list is a wrap cardigan (kinda like what they wear to ballet class), and I think I’d like to do that with a picot hem :)
    I’ve got Euro 37 narrow fit with tall arches.

    Have a great day!

  86. I have so much fingering weight yarn, and I’m soooo ready to see the new toe-up heel flap sock in fingering. I’ve done the two socks at a time, but I hated keeping the balls of yarn going back and forth, so I actually prefer to make them one at a time on a circular needle. That seems to be faster for me – less to keep track of, I guess! Enjoy Malabrigo – all that yarn, so little time…..

  87. Mary Ann Bucklin

    I see I’m too late to test knit, however, I will be doing this edge on my next pair of toe up socks. To be started next week! I love lacey socks and this will be the perfect bind-off.

  88. Incredible and great, I didn’t know that the picot edge can be done as a bind-off!
    Interestingly, one of the designers I’ve done a test for sent me a link to your video on the picot cast on for one of her patterns.

    May I please be on the list of your testers?
    I prefer to knit socks these days (extremely portable), but also do shawls and scarves.
    I’ve got Euro 37 narrow feet and tall arches.

    Have a great day!

  89. Hopefully my next project will be socks since they are my favorite things to knit. I can’t wait to try the picot toe up. I always like to try new things and your videos are great for helping me do that.

  90. I found your site while looking for a stretchy bind off and I’d love to be a knitting tester. Alway great to get new ideas.

  91. Tamara Densmore

    Looks like you have enough volunteers to test knit for you. If you find yourself in need of another knitter, I would love to test knit for you! Maybe the next pattern you write?!

  92. I love your tips. I am new to sock knitting and can’t wait to try your new bind off. I don’t think I am good enough to test yet but hopefully someday. Thank you for the great tutorials and I love magic loop. Carol

  93. I’m a new sock knitter. I’d love to test knit for you. The bind off sounds fun!

    I have a fairly large foot and high instep (9.5). I have a few sock yarns on hand and could always purchase something else to fit the pattern.


  94. This is my favorite cuff and I’m delighted to have i t for toe up. I’d be happy to be a test knitter for this one. Thanks,

  95. I would love to test knit the socks for you. Have never done this so would like to know what’s involved. Is there a time limit or specifics that you need to accomplish? I have made a number of socks butfate from expert. I love the picot bind off, can’t wait to try it.

  96. I would love to do a test knit. I hand knit socks all the time. I have a 1920 sock machine but I still “love” to hand knit too. I have to have something to do while DH is driving. lol

  97. I would love to test knit the socks for you. Have never done this so would like to know what’s involved. Is there a time limit or specifics that you need to accomplish? I wear 9.5-10 shoe and can’t stand anything tight around my feet. I love the picot bind off, can’t wait to try it.

  98. Hi Liat,
    I would LOVE to test knit, but I don’t thinkI am good enough. Really eager to try the heel flap toe up sox…and the new edge as well. I have your Magic Loop socks video/class and just think it’s the best thing ever!!!!

  99. I have never knit a pair of socks and have wanted to for a long time. This sounds like the chance I have been waiting for. Sounds like you have a lot of support for the project.

  100. I would love to try this technique! I’ve been on a picot kick lately (making baby hats for charity, and every time I grab pink yarn it seems to scream for a picot hem) but I’ve only done a sewn picot hem (cast-on) and a picot cast off (not a hemmed picot edge) so this would be a new trick to add to my bag! :)

  101. I’d love to test these socks — I have small feet (5 1/2 shoe) and I’ve made picot edge socks from the top down and just love them — I also do the magic loop two socks at once.

  102. I have a pair of sock weight yarn socks on the needles right now in a pattern of my own design. The background stitch just happens to be stockenette, so I could easily use your new bind off on my new sock. I wear a size 7 women’s shoe.

  103. hi
    oh please choose me!
    i’ve been wanting to make a pair of toe up socks! i’ve done a lot of top down and need a change
    love your lessons and videos i’ve learned so much !!
    huggs from la.

  104. I’d love to test this for you, it looks pretty and interesting. I have small feet but they are quite wide – 6B (or C depending on the manufacturer!)

  105. Celeste Robichaux

    I would love to test knit for you! I have very wide feet, and my toes are finicky about things rubbing them, so toe up is my fave. I usually do magic loop two at a time. I wear size 8 EEE shoes.

  106. Patricia Garrett

    Hi, I’m new to Magic Loop –actually knitting socks. Finished my first pair of worsted weight a few days ago and enjoyed it immensely. So, yeah, I’d really like the opportunity to test-knit your new fingering weight sock pattern. :)

  107. I would love to test your new sock pattern! I love your new heel flap and picot bind off – please put me on your list of testers!

  108. Hi…I just discovered your website and love it! Your videos and instructions have everything I have needed and wanted to see since I started knitting a few years ago. I am an avid knitter and am currently knitting my second pair of socks. I can see this is going to be a totally new addiction for me. I haven’t test knit before, but would be interested. Let me know what is involved.
    Thanks…and keep up the great work!

    1. Yay!! Donna, welcome aboard! I’m so glad you found me and the site has just what you’ve been looking for. That makes me so happy! And because you were one of the first 20 commenters, you are on the list to be a test knitter. You’ll get details in your email soon!

  109. no test knitting here..not there yet..however I am so going to try this picot edging. I know with your guidance I will do just fine! Thanks!

    1. Gaye, I’m so glad you are going to give this a shot. You are going to improve your knitting so fast, following my blog. Thanks for commenting and keep up the good work!

  110. Again…. you have captured me. Enjoy your trip. Already know I’ll be enjoying your pictures :)

    Loved this peak into what’s coming…………………. Can’t wait to try it.
    My next challenge is to try and knit two at a time on Magic Loop.

  111. Love receiving your newsletter – I always learn so much!!! If you still need test knitters, count me in. I love the toe up, magic loop method – I like to finish both socks at once. I love to learn new knitting techniques and would like to become a better knitter. Even though I have made a few pair of socks, I still feel like a beginner and am not confident as to whether they will fit until they are off the hooks. Maybe you can help with that?!?!!!

  112. OH, I’d love to test this pattern.
    I have size 9.5 wide feet. I LOVE the picot edging, but have only knit a couple of pairs of toe-up socks. The last pair was not only toe-up, magic loop, two at a time. LOVE that way of doing socks! When I was done, I was DONE!

    1. I know, right??! Two at a time is absolutely the way to go. And good news – you were among the first 20 posters, so your name is on the list! You’ll get an email soon with details.

  113. Hi. I love your videos and tell all my crafty friends about you. I am trying to increase my toe up skills and would love try this sock. This picot edge is too cute! Please add me to your test knitter list if you have room. Thank you!

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