Love the Visual Format

Having a visual to keep referring back to makes the difference between being stuck and moving on in my knitting. I just love the format of Become a Knitting Superstar. I’m a visual learner and dyslexic, so the additional tips and visual clues are key. I especially like the fact that you have the solutions ready for me even before I get to the problem. This has helped me avoid many a mistake.

An especially huge thanks for getting back to me on Christmas day. Many a business could take lessons from you in customer care. I would recommend your e-books to anyone and everyone. They are thorough and easy to follow. If anyone is considering getting an e-book from you, then they need to just go ahead and get it. You’ve taken the risk factor out of the purchase and seriously stand behind your product. :-) It’s a great way to learn new techniques. I’ll be back for more!
  – Alisan D.

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