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Caring About Customers

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Caring About Customers

"Thank You" to Liat and her team at KnitFreedom for the best videos, the most clear instructions and caring enough about customers to have a Customer Happiness Expert who answers questions quickly and kindly. You have a customer for life!
  – Michele R.

A Whole New World Of Knitting

Your tips and techniques have opened up a whole new world of knitting for me, and I’m grateful beyond words.

– Rochelle M.

KnitFreedom is a Gold Mine, With Treasures for Every Knitter

Liat, I'm so glad to have the KnitFreedom premium membership. I have accessed and used several of your classes and videos, and have learned so much to add to what I've learned in over 50 years of learning on my own (like fixing a backward stitch 20+ rows below my working row in a complicated cable pattern).

KnitFreedom is a gold mine, with treasures for every knitter. My heart is full of gratitude for Liat's classes, especially her stitch-by-stitch videos!

– Leila S.

Knitting Garments Continental Style

I went from knowing nothing at all about knitting to making awesome garments (continental style!) just from your ebooks so thanks!!  :)  You seriously rock!

– Kristin

I Wanted to Knit Socks, But Didn’t Know Where to Start

Thank you for your class. I LOVE your teaching style - AWESOME! I wanted to knit socks, but didn't know where to start, I chose your class and not only started, but knitted a pair of socks that I'm proud of and see many more coming off my needles! Thank you!

– Angie T.

Problem Solved and Sorted

So glad to have come across your video - How to Switch Needles on Magic Loop. My pattern required me to “rib” 2 x 2 then change to a bigger needle size in ML. Problem solved and sorted. Jolly good!

– Jose M.

I Am a More Confident and Adventurous Knitter Now

This video is perfection! Perfect explanation and perfect camera angles combined with perfect commentary! Thank you so much for all your wonderful explanations and demonstrations ~ I am a more confident and adventurous knitter now thanks to Liat! 🧶 💕

– Jeanette J.

Toe-Up Socks – A Miracle

I appreciate your videos and regular emails a lot. I just finished a pair of toe up socks with picot cuff; a miracle, thanks to you; a year ago I could not even read most knitting patterns.

I plan to order your superstar knitting program, but I have to tell you how helpful you have been when I am out and about knitting and come to a stitch or abbreviation I'm not sure of, to be able to access Knit Freedom online on my iPhone and hear your friendly voice and see your lovely hands explain what to do and how in a clear relaxed style.

When I did the picot trim on my toe up socks, on my first attempt, the work did not flop over into the sock as on your video; I watched it again and thought about it, then tried working the lace round the opposite direction, and it worked beautifully.

Your instructions have given me the confidence to work this out, try new things; I am now sock knitting confidently and ready to move on to previously unthought of challenges like two at a time on a circular, and the lace patterns I love.

– Joan S.

A Complete Pair of Socks

Thank you so much for these awesome Toe-Up Socks videos. You have helped me so much. Thank you! Now I know I can do a complete pair of socks. I used to always get stuck on the heel. Thanks to you I know I can do it!

– Zimmermann611

Love Seeing Mail From You

I love seeing mail from you and I save each one.

– Linda

I Bought the Premium Course and am Soooo Happy I Did

I encourage anyone to take any of these courses! You will come out a confident intermediate-to-advanced knitter! I bought the premium course and am soooo happy I did. Liat calms a person and gives you THE pep talk that will convince you that you are a capable, special knitter.

– Judi J.

A+ on All Counts!

A+ on all counts! Learned the mattress stitch AND grew not a small measure of PATIENCE to boot (or should I say ‘slipper’).

– Leah H.

I Always Reach Out for Your Instructions

I bought your Knitting Superstar in 2011 and I really do not think I would have stayed with [knitting] if it hadn't been for your awesome videos! I have not stopped but love seeing your new things and whenever I get stuck I always reach out for your instructions because you are just that good! I also love seeing your posts!!!!

– Jayne M.

KnitFreedom Is My Preferred Source to Improve My Skills

Love Liat and KnitFreedom, and I can already see the value you are bringing to the learning. I can see how important it is for you to help us and do so in a way that is encouraging and supportive which helps to build confidence. KnitFreedom is my preferred source to improve my skills. Thanks!

– Anonymous

The Teaching Style is So Chill and Au Naturel

You are so cool over and beyond! The ability to freely download and watch the video is a real bonus. The teaching style is so chill and au naturel, nothing rushed or too scripted.

– Maria G.

Your Patience Has Been a God-Send

Thanks for not being a three-week KAL. Your patience and your being here for us has been a god-send. Thanks, Liat!

– Maryann B.

Best $77 I Ever Spent

I want to say thank you to you Liat for your superstar knitting program it was the best $77 I ever spent in my life it has changed my life completely I'm really top. I belong to a knitting group now and I have friends I'm retired and learning how to knit socks it has has changed my life thank you so much I hope you and your family have the greatest Christmas ever because I know I will.

– Kathy K.


I love, Love, LOVE your Brioche course. I feel like it has already paid for itself with just the little tips alone that you have passed along so far. Not once have I had a problem seeing or understanding what you were doing or explaining. And it began in such an understandable and methodical way. Everything keeps building on what was previously covered… And the videos are OUT-STANDING! !

– Chuck D., Chesapeake, VA

Your Videos Help Me Manage the Stress

As a beginning knitter it is so hard, when there is no available local hands-on help, to know if you are doing things correctly. Your videos help me manage the stress and I have found many answers on your site. You have great humor and positive energy!

– Lisa S.

Wonderful Calm Voice

Your videos and your voice are wonderful. In fact, my sister (who doesn't knit) said she wouldn't mind listening to you just to feel calm about life.

– Rhonda M.

This course shined a light in even the darkest corners

Liat does it again!! I learned to knit as a child and took to it pretty easily. As an adult I learned more complicated knitting and, again, made sense for me. But crochet? No idea.

I could do a chain…but that’s it. I could NOT turn a corner! Or even begin to grasp what all the terms meant.

But this course shined a light in even the darkest and dingiest corners. I was amazed truly. Thank you Liat!!

– J Kennedy-Green

Reasons I Love Your Videos

Reasons I love your videos: You hold the work as close to the camera as possible (very important as my 50 yr old eyes begin aging!), your background is always in an extreme contrast to the sample which greatly helps visibility, you get to the point and don’t get sidetracked with chatter, instructions are simply stated and not overly explained to the point of redundancy and confusion.

Thanks for your efforts to help us learn.

– Leslie Schwartzkopf

You Enriched My Knitting!

I truly enjoyed all the tips and tricks I’ve learned from your incredible courses.

The main reason I’m writing is to thank you for the most invaluable tip of how to keep 2 balls of yarn from snarling when making 2-at-time toe up socks!!!

I had tried last year to make this type of sock, and in my excitement and haste to get started did NOT watch or read all the way through. When the balls of yarn kept on snarling, my temper went the same way.

With the pandemic sweeping the globe, and so much free time, I took up those troublesome socks again with one very important difference … I watched and read through the instructions to the end.

OMG Liat! You are a wunderkind, as my German mother would say!

The tip you provided for keeping the balls of yarn to themselves was awe inspiring after all the trouble I had with them previously.

I think throughout the courses I’ve purchased from you, it's those subtle tips and tricks that have helped me the most! Everything you suggested I tried out, and to my delight DID make my knitting faster, easier on my hands and mind, and enriching!

That’s what I want to thank you for MOST, you enriched my knitting!

– Steve M.

It Was So Easy!

After about six or more tries with different YouTube teachers, and still not getting it at all, I happened to watch your Magic Loop video. And it was so easy! Listening to you and watching your hands, I was able to figure it out and actually do it!

– Candace B.

You’ve Unleashed a Deep Well of Confidence

You have unleashed in me a deep well of confidence that mistakes are not only okay (meaning, not lethal), but that they are an important part of the learning curve, so why not jump in and try it? And since this is an endlessly transferable life perspective, thank YOU!

– Kathy Schmidt

Clear and Concise

I really like the way you have done these videos, they are clear and concise and so are you :-)

– Linda

A Pair Of Socks That Fit

I tried knitting socks several times, but I have had a problem making them to fit.

Thank goodness for Liat and KnitFreedom. I now have a completed pair of socks that fit. Thanks Liat for all of your help.

– Rita Atkins Watson

Liat Gave Me The Courage to Knit On

I would have given up learning to knit if I hadn’t found Liat! Her easy-to-follow videos and calming voice gave me the courage to knit on.

– Carol

Immediately Grasped the Concept

I want knitters who have given up on learning Magic Loop to know that your video is by far the best. I was almost ready to give it up myself when I found your video and immediately grasped the concept and have not looked back. Anyone who truly wants to learn Magic Loop only needs to follow your few steps. Thank you for your clear and precise instructions!

– Joan K.

An Amazing Tribute to Your Patience, Clarity and Articulate Presentation

Your knitting videos, your attitude, your calm approach and everything about your classes, Liat, are wonderful. I've finally actually been knitting for the first time in my life and (for someone who is closing in on 80), I think that's an amazing tribute to your patience, clarity and articulate presentation.

My socks are almost done, one more row and I'll be ready to turn the heel. I had to begin many times at first but then once I got the hang of it all, I was knitting, which to me, is plenty amazing.

I may even make more socks, now that I know I can do it. I'm slow, for sure, but just doing it is incredible to me. Having something I can actually do during these impossibly weird times is really a gift.

I've learned so much: how to use magic loop, how to feel what's going on, how to see (read) my yarn (I'm not great at it, but I'm beginning to see it), how to follow and figure out a pattern. It's incredible.

Many thanks for the lovely gift of knowledge.

– Valerie H.

A Little Too Motivated

Hi Liat - I got a little too motivated and made my socks in two days! Your videos and instructions are fantastic. I plan to make another pair once the knit-along starts... my daughter is very jealous of mine. :)

– Charity B.

I’m So Looking Forward to This Project

I just received my yarns! Had to buy as none of my yarn supplies are unpacked yet from a recent move. Thanks for the yarn ideas and discount at ImagiKnit. I'm so looking forward to this project.

Hope to master the seams (sewing not my strength) and also to learn how to felt by hand. Plus, it feels like magic knitting a rectangle with a couple of squares sticking out and folding into a slipper; fun!

– Marla

Tremendously Helpful, Covers Everything

Your Brioche Knitting Course… covers all the things I need to know about knitting the Brioche Stitch. The course is well thought out and the layout progressive. The videos are tremendously helpful as well as the written instructions. There is nothing I would add or change in the course.

– George R.

Relaxed and Matter-of-Fact

I really enjoy listening to you – you’re very relaxed and matter-of-fact and you have a great voice. I’ve looked at quite a few tutorials (from others) and I like yours the best. After crocheting for a long while, I’m just getting my knitting bearings again and have learned a lot of great tricks from you. Keep it up:-)

– StarrZing

This is the Most Fun and Easy-to-Understand Course I Have Ever Seen!

I recently purchased the premium knitting course. I am on cruises about every three weeks, and I usually don’t have the internet. Kudos to the staff and Liat, as this is the most fun and easy-to-understand course I have ever seen!

– Judi J.

You Always Treat Your Students With Respect and Confidence in Our Ability

The KAL gave me the nudge I needed to get on with knitting my first pair of socks with Liat's course "Toe-Up, Two-at-a-Time Socks," which I have had for quite some time. So I got started and knit ahead. My socks are done!

The course with its embedded videos showed me all the techniques I needed. I am now confident in doing Judy's Magic Cast-On and the Invisible Ribbed Bind-Off. I love the simple and smooth Fleegle heel.

I took the challenge to knit backwards doing the heel, another skill I have been wanting to learn, and it went very well. Such a great skill to have in my repertoire!

Thanks so much for the comprehensive course and your calm manner, Liat; you always treat your students with respect and confidence in our ability to successfully tackle new challenges. I've already started another pair of socks!

– Ruth S.

Couldn’t Do It Until This Video

Thank you for this video. I have been trying to figure out from books and other videos (where folks are knitting waaaay too fast and the camera is far too far away) how to pick up and knit something "using the same dpn" or the "same needle"- just could not figure it out – until this video. My first Magic Loop socks were from your Magic Loop Socks one-at-a-time pattern I found on Ravelry.

– violin1957

Gave Me Confidence – Toe-Up and Top-Down

Just so you know I got my first pair of socks done today. I owe my first pair of sock success to you and your awesome videos. Now I have completed a toe up sock pair I am casting on for a top down two at a time I know I can do those thanks to your step by step video.I have seen tons of videos on you tube demonstrating how to turn the heel but you are the only one who showed what the last row looks like and that gave me confidence thank you for being so detailed with your videos!

– Zimmermann611

A Success Because of You

Thank you so much for a wonderful pattern and the video tutorials were a big help. My first magic-loop two-at-a-time mitten was a success because of you!

– anonymous

A group to advance your knitting skills

I am grateful for KnitFreedom Knitting Superstars videos. The step-by-step instructions for the introduction on how to knit, different levels to complete, fixing mistakes, and the projects offered have helped me move along in my knitting journey.

The Zoom meetings provide an opportunity to hear from and learn from others in the group through their questions, comments and concerns. Liat is only an email or post away to help with projects and the group is a post away for help when needed.

If you are looking for a group to advance your knitting skills, KnitFreedom Knitting Superstars is the group for you.

– Catherine Eagar

Completely and Simply Clear

I have read all kinds of written directions for knitting backwards (or purling backwards, that is), and I always found them to be very confusing. Then along comes your video, and it becomes completely and simply clear. Awesome!!

– MsMEHowe

Amazing Results on First Attempt

I recently watched your tutorials on double knitting and they were so helpful and the results (even on my first attempt) are amazing so far. :D

– anonymous

I Learned Continental and Was in Heaven!

I’m left-handed and learned how to knit English (throwing with right hand). I took the Super Star classes to perfect my knitting. Then learned Continental and was in heaven! So much more comfortable for me as a lefty and now purling is a breeze!

– Aida H.

Very Well Presented

Very well presented video about Brioche knitting. Good job and thanks for teaching.

– Nancy Marchant, author of Knitting Brioche

Can’t Wait to Start Other Fair-Isle Projects

Bought the "Fair-Isle ebook" from Liat Gat/KnitFreedom – I can really recommend it to anyone who is new to Fair-Isle knitting. After taking the online video class I can’t wait to start other Fair-Isle projects.

– anonymous

Definitely Recommending You

I have purchased a large number of Craftsy classes, and I don't think I would have if I had known about your site first. I am definitely recommending it to everyone I know and in my online groups.

– Candace T. (Premium Member)

I’m So Glad I Purchased KnitFreedom Premium

It never occurred to me that I might knit tightly. Thanks again, and I’m so glad I purchased KnitFreedom premium. Especially these days.

– Mary C.

I’ll Use These For All Of My Socks

The instructions provided by Liat Gat were perfect; I love using the magic loop method. I’ll use these instructions for all of my socks, making modifications in stitch patterns. Thanks, Liat!!

– Susan

Just The Right Thing For Me

I'm up late at night. You can't go to a knitting store late at night. It works perfect. It's just the right thing for me.

– Judi J.

Thank Goodness I Found Liat

I learned to knit when I was 12 (4-H). Years later I picked it back up again, but after 3 neck surgeries... I couldn’t knit for more than 5 minutes (throwing). Thank goodness for the Internet where I found Liat... magic looping, continental knitting... I’m back in the game and can knit all day (continental picker)! Thank you for showing this old dog... new tricks ❤️❤️❤️

– Rhonda D.

I Knitted Only Washcloths

I love your website..... for years I only knitted washcloths.  I am into socks now. and very addicted.  I don't think I could have done them with out your website.  great job!!!!!

– Eve

Old Dogs CAN Learn New Tricks

I so very much appreciate your work and look forward to your e-mails. Thanks and old dogs CAN learn new tricks.

– anonymous

Loaded With Encouragement

After completing the Knit Freedom Learn to Knit course, I wanted to learn more. So I enrolled in Fearless Knitter, and oh boy!

This course is loaded with pictures, videos and, most importantly, encouragement. Liat is a talented, patient teacher who enjoys helping you take your knitting to the next level.

I am now very comfortable with knitting and purling, and learning to fix my mistakes, which is what I really want to do, so I can help myself and others to learn to knit. Once I complete this course, I will certainly enroll in another course. Knit Freedom makes learning easy and enjoyable. Thank you, Liat!

– Pamela M.

Way to Go!

–Clear, concise explanations
–Exquisite close-up photography
–Bite-sized sequences that optimize learning . . .
all provided in an easy, encouraging style.

Way to go!

– Knit Crazy

Buy It! You Won’t Be Sorry

I just wanted to put my two cents in about Liat's Superstar Knitting course. I LOVE this course. Liat shows everything in such detail and step by step. She does it slowly so you can see what she is doing and she shows the stitch and instructions in both continental and english style knitting.

I so want to be a knitting superstar and I wish I had nothing else I had to do but go thru the course faster and knit my days away. Knitting is more than a hobby - it has a calming effect. I would say it's a "zen" thing but I'm not sure I even know what that means - LOL

I did finally just get to learn how to do two at a time knitting. I made some boot cuffs for my first choice on that because I figured it would be an easy pattern to work with. Oh my gosh - what a huge difference it makes to get done and realize your are really DONE. I was knitting one at a time for a long time because I was a little afraid to tackle the two at a time thing but here again - Liat made it easy - I was making it hard when it wasn't. It's so thrilling to realize you don't have to start over doing the same thing again.

I have not tackled the socks yet. That's next on my list. My friends and family have kept me busy knitting fingerless gloves and boot cuffs so haven't gotten to the socks yet but I'm determined! I would love to be able to make a sweater someday and some pretty lace shawls. I know I will get there if I just keep learning with this course as I have time.

This course would be worth any amount of money so even Liat's normal price is so very inexpensive. She has a really nice voice too - pleasant to listen to and one of those voices that is distinct. I can't say enough about how wonderful Liat is as a teacher. You will not be disappointed and you will learn how to knit like a superstar. You can go at your own pace - fast or slow pokey like me but you will amaze yourself. BUY IT - BUY IT - BUY IT - you will not be sorry.

– Vicki S.

A Piece of Cake

Hi Liat, just wanted to thank you for all the wonderful videos you make available to us. I have learned so much from you, I always look forward to seeing your emails in my inbox! I was having such a hard time learning to double knit, but after watching your video, it was a piece of cake! Again thank you and God bless you!

– anonymous

The Easiest Socks I’ve Ever Knit!

The easiest socks I’ve ever knit! Thank you, Liat.

– Deb T.

Fallen In Love With Socks

Liat, I LOVE your SuperStar program. Most of all, I have fallen in love with knitting socks – I am quite shocked how much I enjoy making these little buggers. Your instructions and videos are amazing. Your videography is wonderful and clear. Thank you for the attention you put into this.

– Susan M.

I Learned So Much With This Class!!

Another happy student, Liat — I learned so much with this class!! Thanks so much for helping us along the way with your clear instructions, videos, and encouragement!!!

– Louise V.

Comfort in Knitting Knowing I Have All That Knowledge at My Fingertips

It gives me great comfort in knitting knowing that I have all that knowledge ready at my fingertips.

– Ryan S.

Greatest Idea Since Ravelry

This is the greatest idea since "... uhm"... Ravelry. :) I am a left-handed mirror-knitter, have done for a thousand years or so but have recently taught myself to knit right-handed just so that I can help new right-handed knitters and to teach my UD (Ungrateful Daughter) to knit.

I downloaded the freebie e-books to try them out and I am going to get some of the paid ones because it is SO much easier to watch the videos to see the right-handed technique, rather than trying to unlearn what I’ve always done.

I love the way you are so calm and if you make a mistake, like we all do, you just calmly fix it and move on! I have watched your "fixing a dropped stitch" so many times, I have probably worn a hole in the website! :)

Sorry to ramble on about things other than this particular video e-book, but if this one is the same as the free ones I’ve seen so far- anyone can learn ANYTHING from watching you! THANKs for making these!

– Vicki S.

KnitFreedom Has GREAT Videos

KnitFreedom has GREAT videos… up close and so easy to follow! Thanks for such great step-by-step lessons. I am a Lifetime Member!

– Donna S.

I Can’t Seem to Stop!

I have felt sooooo good knitting 2-at-a-time toe-up socks, I can't seem to stop!

I used your pattern for baby toe-up socks and adjusted for Fred's chunky feet, and am very pleased with the result.

When my granddaughter first requested a pair of socks for her teddy, I wasn't sure I could knit anything but tube socks. But just learning the toe-up, 2-at-a-time method made me confident to tackle the project, having knit 2 pairs of socks for myself already.

Thank you so much for the instruction and the clear instructional & informative videos! It might seem a little thing to others, but this new method of knitting worsted socks has been a great new activity.

– Leila S.

Taught Me Not To Be Afraid

Liat, Thank you so much for your Knitting Superstar. Without it, I never would have tried Magic Loop, I had long ago given up on making socks, basically I was afraid. You have taught me not only to not be afraid in knitting, but also this is transferring to other areas of life! :)

– Shellie

Invaluable In My Knitting Library

The bind-offs ebook is a very extensive listing and explanation for all Bindoffs- more than I knew existed! This plus the cast on ebook are invaluable in my knitting library. Both are knitter's must-haves.

– Kathleen D.

I Love Your Sock Patterns!

I love knitting toe up socks using your pattern. I knit socks for my 11 grandchildren 3 Christmases ago, then knit socks for their parents the next year. I love your sock patterns!

– Kathryn S.

A Great Help For Beginners

As a beginner in knitting I truly appreciate your Cast-Ons ebook. It's a great help and makes that part of knitting much easier to understand.

– Carol A.

My Base for All Socks

I learned to knit socks with your tutorial. I’ve only knit a few pairs so far but your patterns are my base for all socks and now I knit them toe-up using your tutorial on that as well. All Magic Loop. Thanks!

– anonymous

You Invite Knitters to Try What Seems Impossible

Your videos and instructions are the absolute best! I have learned so much from your videos. Your voice is amazingly clear and your tone is perfect. You are encouraging and invite knitters to try what seems impossible.

– Toni D., KnitFreedom student

I’m Hooked

Dear Liat, I wanted to take this little moment to thank you for your tutorials on YouTube. I have just discovered your videos and subsequently just signed up to learn more about knitting the Liat Way. I'm a very novice knitter, even though I have been poking away at knitting for a long time.

I recently "got a bee in my bonnet" about wanting to knit in the round... why not?... and in the process of learning about the different ways you can do that I discovered the Magic Loop trick.

After about six or more tries with different YouTube teachers, and still not getting it at all, I happened to watch your Magic Loop video. And it was so easy! Listening to you and watching your hands! I was able to figure it out and actually do it!

I am really excited to think that now I might be able to add to my ever growing pile of (fabulous) long knitted rectangles with some circular things for a change. (Ahem...) Cables and color work... who knows... the list goes on... It's great.

Thank you so much for your teacher's heart and your wonderful website and tutorials. I am hooked. Or maybe, I should say, "I'm knit!"

– Candace B.

So Easy, Turned Out Beautifully

Wow! You are one terrific knitting teacher. Your videos are so easy to understand and presented so well. I really appreciate the camera angle, colors and light you use, I feel as though I’m looking at the real thing right before my eyes! Your toe-up socks on the Magic Loop were so easy and turned out beautifully. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

– Xanthey73

Just Finished First Pair

I just finished my first pair of 2 @ a time, toe up socks last night! Thanks to your terrific video e-book and email advice; couldn’t have done it without you.

– Vicki S.

One of the Best Knitting Teachers Out There

I am a big fan of your work and your videos. I have watched many! I think you are one of the best knitting teachers out there! I took a personal footprint sock class at my yarn shop and didn’t love it. Then my MIL came across your sock pattern and shared it with me. I knitted my first sock with the fleegle heel and never looked back! I have made many socks to your sock patterns. They changed my life and brought me the joy of knitting socks!!

– anonymous

Absolutely the BEST Demo!

This video is absolutely the BEST demo! Flawless! Thanks for sharing.

– Yolanda B.

Set the Bar for Knitting Videos

Liat, this new Bind-Offs course is amazing! You have set the bar for knitting books and videos! Congratulations on a job WELL DONE!

– carriellbee

Helpful, Clear Instructions

I, too, am a self-taught knitter. I have two bookcases full of instruction books and have found Liat Miriam Gat's videos so helpful, the instructions so clear. It is so much easier for me to see and knit than to read and knit. Thanks for your excellent instructions and keep up the good work.

– Jean M.

My Preferred Source to Improve My Skills

KnitFreedom is my preferred source to improve my skills. Thanks!

– anonymous

Wonderfully Helpful Videos

Bless you dear lady for the wonderfully helpful videos you have posted! They are so well done, moving neither too fast nor too slow, and the viewing angle is just right!

– Susan

It Totally Made All the Difference

I was very, very new to knitting when I found KnitFreedom. That's where I learned Continental, and it totally made all the difference.

– Liz P.

My Confidence Is Building As I Learn More

Hey everyone! I just wanted to pop in and plug KnitFreedom Premium - now Knitting Superstar University. If you received gift money for Mother's Day, this is a GREAT thing to spend it on! I love, love, love having access to so much information and Liat's awesome videos at my whim! I find myself sitting down to knit way more often now. It's just so convenient and my confidence is building as I learn more. Liat is the best teacher! If you have been on the fence, swing your legs over and come on down!

– Polly V.

You Make Me Feel Fearless

I’ve longed to be able to knit two socks at a time but wasn’t able to pull it off until you came along! You make me feel fearless.

– Connie H., KnitFreedom student

I Have Learned So Much

This was my first felted and Fair-Isle project. I felted it too much but I believe it still turned out good for my first one. My sister loved it for her birthday present. I’m making another one for my daughter and myself. Thank you Liat Gat for your Ebooks. I have learned so much. :)

– anonymous

I Love Listening to Your Voice Both Literally and Figuratively

Liat, I love listening to your voice both literally and figuratively. The messages you send--that it's all right, that you can fix your mistakes, that things don't have to be perfect--all resonate.

– Susan S.

The Bob Ross of Knitting

I remember years (and years) ago trying to read a pattern and follow the directions as a self taught knitter- then came the internet, but you can spend hours and hours going through site after site. Your website is a one stop shop.

Honestly, you are the Bob Ross of the knitting (crochet) world. I love when you make happy little mistakes and then show us how to adapt and go on or fix.

– Tami Baker

Best-Fitting Socks I Have Ever Made

I just finished a pair of socks using the modification for high instep – best fitting socks I have ever made. My new favorite sock pattern!

– Beverly S.

Your Teaching and Videos are The Best There Are

OMG! I got your Knitting Superstar course when it first came out, and I can't be without it! I also have your Brioche course, and I can't be without that either. "Superstar" is my knitting Bible, and your Brioche course teaches it in such a way that it's not nearly as scary as I thought it would be. In fact, it's fun (and beautiful) too!

Your teaching and videos are the best there are, and I've seen quite a few! Keep them and your site up "for-evah" (Boston accent activated)!

– Sandi K.

Love the Visual Format

Having a visual to keep referring back to makes the difference between being stuck and moving on in my knitting. I just love the format of Become a Knitting Superstar. I’m a visual learner and dyslexic, so the additional tips and visual clues are key. I especially like the fact that you have the solutions ready for me even before I get to the problem. This has helped me avoid many a mistake.

An especially huge thanks for getting back to me on Christmas day. Many a business could take lessons from you in customer care. I would recommend your e-books to anyone and everyone. They are thorough and easy to follow. If anyone is considering getting an e-book from you, then they need to just go ahead and get it. You’ve taken the risk factor out of the purchase and seriously stand behind your product. :-) It’s a great way to learn new techniques. I’ll be back for more!

– Alisan D.

A New Knitter Over Sixty

I love all of your videos but especially the yarnovers. Since I am a new knitter I need all the help I can get. And since I’m over sixty it probably takes me longer to learn than, say, the young ones. Thank you so much for all your hard work.

– Lane R.

The Best Organized and Comprehensive Set of Classes To Be Found

I like just about everything about the Premium Lifetime Library!

I really like having all my classes arranged clearly on one page. The site itself is clean and attractive and well-designed and certainly makes me itch to learn a new technique every time I look at it.

I love, love, love my classes! Yours is probably the best organized and comprehensive set of classes to be found. So much more useful than random, impossible to organize youtube videos put up by assorted people who may or may not be good teachers.

– Celine G.

I Loved the KAL!

Yes! I loved the KAL! My next project is to make more socks!! Thanks to Liat and her wonderful teaching skills!

– Jill C.

Finally Actually Been Knitting For The First Time In My Life

I've finally actually been knitting for the first time in my life and (for someone who is closing in on 80), I think that's an amazing tribute to your patience, clarity and articulate presentation.

– Valerie H.

Like a Knitting Angel

You are like a little knitting angel come down to save me!

– Rebecca

Everything Seems Easy

Your videos are the best on the Internet. You make everything seem so easy and doable, and you do it in a friendly and real voice. In face, you have the same voice as a friend of mine, which makes it even better!

– Cindy R.

KnitFreedom Has Changed My Life

After struggling to teach myself by searching all over the Internet for examples and videos, I came across KnitFreedom and it has changed my life.

– Mari I., Knitter and blogger

A Success!

My "test mitten" was a success! Cannot wait to start knitting teacher gifts for the 2012 Christmas season!

– anonymous

Better Than Being In a Classroom

Hi, Liat. I’m so excited with this whole method which you’ve put together. It’s even better than being with you in a classroom, because I don’t have to be scared to ask a question.

– Joan

An Essential Calmness

You are simply the best! I am so impressed with your ability to communicate with an essential calmness. I refer to you and your valuable teaching methods frequently in other knit groups.

– Yvonne M.

I Always Go To KnitFreedom First!

When I start looking for a new type of pattern (socks vs mittens, etc) I ALWAYS go to first! Your patterns are clear, concise, and they allow me to go crazy re: colors and designs, yet I've got a solid base design to go back to.

– Monica M.

You Rank Right Up There

In my opinion you rank right up there with Elizabeth Zimmermann. :)

– Crystal

It Was a Complete Lifesaver!

I purchased your magic loop video package and it was a complete lifesaver! You have been beyond helpful so far and have made getting back into knitting (without my grandma to teach me anymore) so much less daunting!

– Kathryn B.

Truly The Greatest

I love the program! I truly think it's the greatest. I love the videos. Your voice is so calming.

I was looking on YouTube for an answer to a question. You had put up an answer. I followed up on that and saw your site. I saw your videos, and I tried one of the videos. I saw that it had a course. Then I went to look at the course and saw that it was part of the whole program.

I thought, "Can I afford it?" And then I thought, "I've been trying to learn. I took some private knitting lessons at $30 an hour. This is crazy. I can get all this information and have it anytime I want right here!" And I have not regretted purchasing it one bit.

I'm up late at night. You can't go to a knitting store late at night. It works perfect. It's just the right thing for me.

– Judi J.

So Glad I Bought The Lifetime Membership

I use the library constantly and love it. Your video helped me tackle two at a time socks.

I love what you have done for fellow knitters and am so glad I bought the lifetime membership.

– Debbie I.

I’m Taking Steps I Might Not Have Otherwise

Liat - you support me in so many ways and on so many levels I don’t even have words to express it all. One thing that floats right to the top is the confidence you instill. Confidence (lack thereof) is a major deterrent for me, especially when it comes to making mistakes. When I used to be able to run to my nearest LYS and get help, I was less concerned. But now I cannot do that. However, in line with your belief we can surmount any issues, I admit I’m taking steps I might not have otherwise.

For example, I’m working on a sweater and somehow got off my row count (even with a counter - it only works if one remembers to advance to the next row!). It’s Garter stitch and I’ve learned from you that every ridge is two rows when counting from the right side. So, I figured out where I was but needed to go back two rows as I missed an increase row. I started to unknit but it was too many stitches to do that efficiently. I took a deep breath and slipped out the needle to frog a couple of rows. And then I managed to pick up all the stitches!!! I was stunned.

Sending you a big hug and thanks for mentoring me.

– Marla D.

Really Turned The Light Bulb On For Me

Thank you so very much, this really turned the light bulb on for me in the pattern I'm working on.

– Willow E.

Clear Video & Easy to Understand Directions

Thanks for your quick response & for all your videos. You should win a prize for clear video & easy to understand directions! You’re #1 in my book.

– Cindy H.

You Make Hard Things Possible

I'm so loving the videos, and am amazed at the way you make hard things possible—even for a scaredy-cat-knitter like me!!

– Diana W.

The Course is My Lifeline

[Become a Knitting Superstar] is a masterpiece. I can't be without it. I had a car accident in 1996 and it left me with short term memory loss. The course is my lifeline.

– Sandi K.

Comfort in Knitting Knowing I Have All That Knowledge at My Fingertips

The Premium Library is fantastic.... like all your videos and classes.

I bought one of your classes before the Premium Membership became available and, thanks to that excellent course, I learned how to Double Knit.

I was super excited when I saw all the different cast-on and off’s offered.

It gives me great comfort in knitting knowing that I have all that knowledge ready at my fingertips.

– Ryan S.

Made a Difference In My Life

PLEASE know that without you I would have given up on really KNOWING how to knit. My first exposure to knitting came when I was four. I sat on my aunt's lap while she was knitting. She showed me the mechanics of the knit and purl stitch.

She gave me yarn and a set of her knitting needles. She helped me knit a potholder. I didn't knit again until I was 10. Then I knitted a coat hanger cover with my grandmother's help. But, in those knitting endeavors, I never made a mistake or the mistakes that I did make were fixed by my aunt/grandmother.

I went on to learn to crochet, and left knitting aside until I was 30. From 30 to 48, I would knit on a project -- until I made a mistake. Then the yarn would be put into a sack and set aside, and along with it my self-esteem would suffer. During those years, I was also dealing with the drama of domestic abuse from my husband. I wanted nothing more than ever to wear a sweater that I had knit myself.

I would start again and again, knit until I made a mistake that I couldn't fix and feel like a failure -- until I encountered you and your videos on YouTube. You changed my life.

Your wonderful way of explaining things made all the difference. I signed up for your KnitFreedom classes and I am now an empowered, fearless knitter. I thank God for the difference that you have made in my life -- all the while you have never known how much you have helped me. You are someone that I wish I could hug in person!

– Diane B.

Inspires Calmed Confidence

I’m so happy with what you’ve done with the concept, the contents, the front-row seating & your soothing teaching style. You have a voice that is calming, & that’s good when a person’s attempting to learn something new. It inspires calmed confidence for the learner. You've made Become a Knitting Superstar a quality product for lots of people who probably never dreamed that they could knit.

– Joan

It’s Like a Little Light Bulb Came On

I have knitted 6 pairs of socks, 4 in worsted weight and 2 in fingering weight yarn. I feel like finally I can do any pattern of socks. It’s like a little light bulb came on and I now understand how to make socks. Thank you for your help.

– Rose Mary G.

I Learned SO MUCH From Your Charts Course Videos!

I consider myself an intermediate to advanced knitter…I’m pretty comfortable with fixing mistakes (or at least I kinda fake my way through it) and I’ve knitted many and various types of projects with various needle and yarn sizes. Nonetheless, I learned SO MUCH from your charts course videos!

Because of your chart videos, I found myself approaching the lace shawl I started just prior to the course with 100% more confidence and enthusiasm! Before the course, I could follow a chart square-by-square but didn’t thoroughly understand how it related to the overall pattern…nor how it could help me to read my knitting and fix my errors. In addition, your little (tangential) tidbits, like counting rows, coming up with a mnemonic for the repeats, and watching you make non-purposeful errors then listening to how you then dealt with them, proved to be so very useful. Those alone were worth the $ for the course!

The only constructive criticism I would offer is that it would be helpful to sometimes use a thinner (and or more slippery) yarn, as mistakes aren’t quite as easily fixed with less bulky/sticky yarn. I understand that the bulkier yarns tend to be seen better on video, but they don’t always reflect reality.

Anyway, I honestly didn’t think that I would learn as much as I did and I so appreciate your time and effort in putting the videos together. Time to go knit now! :-)

– Debra S.

Made 10 Pairs

Just want to say that my friends have yet to make their first sock. I have made 10 pairs. I love the way you teach.

– Kathy W.

Thank You For Bringing Mosaic Knitting To Light

Excellent! The idea of having the written instructions alongside the working video was perfect for me. When I first read of your newest idea, you must realize that it would lead me, and others, to looking up mosaic knitting online. I am totally enthralled with the simplicity of the basic swatch and can imagine so many possibilities. Thank you for bringing mosaic knitting to light and your instructions are always so clear.

– Joan T.

Like Having Her Sitting Beside You

I just wanted to post a picture of my first EVER completed PAIR of mittens, I added the picture as my profile picture!!!

I had completed a mitten, but didn’t like it so gave up trying mittens. After having success with the Liat’s Two-at-a-Time Sock pattern, I had to try the mittens and viola! Here it is, I am already half done with the second pair. The grand girls loved them so much we went and bought yarn for theirs. I’m so glad they are quick and easy since the snow will be flying around our area before I know it!

If you are like me and have given up trying socks or mittens -- you HAVE to try Liat's ebooks, it is truly like having her sitting beside you showing you how to do every (and I mean EVERY) step!

– Carol Best

So Fortunate to Have Your Videos

Those just learning to knit are so fortunate to have access to your videos.

– Renna

Thank You For Teaching This Old Puppy New Tricks

Liat, THANK YOU for the classes on Magic Loop and Toe-Up, Two-at-a-Time socks. I'm knitting the gussets of my socks now, and so far the knitting has been a breeze! I practiced the Magic Loop as instructed in your videos, then braved the toe-up socks class. It took several tries just to knit the first row after casting on. Judy's Magic Cast-on was a breeze, but keeping that last stitch on, even after twisting the tail around the working yarn, was a lesson in extreme patience!; but once I got it, I was off & knitting!

I started my first toe-up socks yesterday midday and just couldn't put them down, I was thrilled that I'd learned something so unexpectedly special.

Thank you for teaching this old puppy new tricks!

– Leila S.

Clear Instruction Style

Hi there! I’m a new knitter and wanted to say thank you! I have learned so much from your videos and really appreciate your clear instruction style and anticipation of whatever mistakes I might be about to make. Thank you so much, and happy new year!

– Ann

Could Not Put Them Down

I jumped ahead and started mine.....and could not put them down....and finished. 😬

– Amy D.

The Best Way of Learning is via KnitFreedom

I am a 76-year-old male. I started to learn knitting 6 months ago. It is just wonderful. When browsing the web I quickly realized that the best way of learning is via KnitFreedom, a fantastic place. My congratulations.

– Göran G.

You Are Such a Fabulous Teacher!

Thanks SO much, Liat! You are such a fabulous teacher!

– Barbara B.

I Learned How to RELAX While Knitting

I never found knitting relaxing until I learned Continental from you and followed your instructions and learned how to RELAX while knitting!

– Polly V.

KnitFreedom gives me confidence and peace of mind

KnitFreedom gives me confidence and peace of mind. I know any question I have can be answered in the library. Thanks to the KnitFreedom courses, I have gone from a pre-beginner knitter to a confident intermediate+ knitter. And I know that any questions I can't find in the videos, I can come ask in the community. <3 Not to mention, Liat's voice is like honey for the soul. hehe <3 Thank you for everything you give, Liat

– Maya T.

Your Encouragement and Confidence in Me Carries Me Through

I want to tell you how much fun I’ve had with this project right from the start! What a treat to have the schematic to cut out and fold in advance of actually doing this with our knitted slippers. And connecting us to ImagiKnit with an already curated list of appropriate yarns helped me narrow my choices and pick some really interesting colors and textures…

Your instructions and videos are spot on. I’m not fond of seaming but with your detailed tutorials I am confident I can do this. Most of all, I have always received prompt and helpful replies to my messages. Your encouragement and confidence in me carries me through.

– Marla D.


This Bind-Offs guide makes it possible to find the perfect bind-off for any project & to approach the end of a project with confidence.

– Sarah White, Editor, Knitting

Number One, Go-To Resource

You are my number-one go-to resource when I need to "see" how something is done.

– Chuck D.

I’m Glad I Found You

I love the gusset on toe-up! Your patterns and videos are so helpful! I'm glad I found you!

– Beth L.

Absolutely Comfortable

I am a huge fan of Liat and her online knitting courses and videos. I am truly an online learner and now knitter thanks to her. Up until one month ago I knew nothing about knitting, but I had an overwhelming desire to learn how to knit socks.

I bought books, I went to a local knitting store in a city I had visited (I do not have one in my town), I looked at tons of You Tube videos and I immediately feel at ease with Liat. Mind you my books purchases and other attempts to learn I feel were a waste of money and a waste of my time. Liat is an amazing teacher and I have so far made several socks which I am very proud of.

I owe that to her Knitting Superstar course and extra courses I purchased. They are filled with a wealth of knowledge and tips and tricks. I used to be intimidated about knitting as I was so afraid of making a mistake, not anymore as I know how to fix them!

I have progressed so fast in my skills that I decided to buy her Knitting Mosaics Course. After watching it I can truly say I feel absolutely comfortable trying out this new skill. She breaks everything down and demonstrates everything so clearly, you never have a question. I can't say that about anything else I have tried. I am hoping to apply these techniques to my sock knitting, which I am obsessed with.

Speaking as a newbie, I feel I have gained so much through watching her videos and reading her materials. Every course I have viewed is explained so clearly and easily. If you too are looking to build on your skills or wish to gain a better understanding of anything about knitting, I highly recommend her courses. I hope my comments give you comfort in making your decision. I am not connected with her or her company, just a truly pleased customer. Thank you Liat for making learning how to knit so easy and so enjoyable!

– Cheri S.

A Sense Of Comfort That I Have A Ready Source Of Reference When I Need It

Having the membership gives me a sense of comfort that I have a ready source of reference when I need it.

– Norine S.

I’m Addicted

I'm so excited about this. I didn't know that we weren't starting yet, so I've already knit a pair of socks and am almost done with a 2nd. I'm addicted.

– Cate W.

Sooo Helpful!

I just purchased your magic loop ebook… sooo helpful! you are a hoot! I am awaiting my online order of suggested needles and am looking forward to knitting all the patterns I’ve been saving up (and avoiding due to instructions using dpn’s!) Many thanks for your enthusiasm (and being a great teacher)!

– Helen

Best I Have Seen

I must tell you that your Fair-Isle course looks fantastic. I love the way you coordinate the text and video in the single ebook. The layout of the ebook is the best I have seen. Not only do you excel at knitting and teaching knitting, but at ebook design.

– Pat

Grateful to Have a Premium Membership

I'm grateful to have a premium membership! Learning from Liat is worth every penny.

– Leila S.

I Use It Whenever I Have A Question

I am very pleased with the Premium service and glad I joined at the beginning. I am not an experienced knitter and use it whenever I have a question.

– Judy H.

Caring About Customers

"Thank You" to Liat and her team at KnitFreedom for the best videos, the most clear instructions and caring enough about customers to have a Customer Happiness Expert who answers questions quickly and kindly. You have a customer for life!

– Michele R.

Your Videos Were So Very Clear

Your videos were so very clear that I had no problem on my own. I really like your slow approach in demonstrating just how to pick up stitches - so I can clearly see the individual stitches and where to put my knitting needle.

– Judy

Enhances My Knitting

Just need to put my 2 cents in on your latest class.... Cast Ons..... love love love love love love..... you at your best! I now have the ability to pick a cast on that enhances my knitting rather than just a means to an end. Who would have ever though that casting on can be a decorative stitch! Once again I learn more following you around than in the last 10 years on my own..... keep it up and I will forever by a devoted fan!

– Aticdwelrs

I Can Call Myself a Knitter Thanks to You

I can call myself a knitter thanks to you... Thanks, dear Liat! You are the best teacher.

– Carol

You Taught Me How to Read my Knitting

I just wanted to say that you are unbelievably awesome. You have a way of so calmly explaining (and showing) but also of teaching.

I love the way you made the wrap and turn make sense.
For years I've been writing down hieroglyphics, putting in markers to note where to W&T, often messing it up, and you, in your gentle way, explained it. It makes sense.

You taught me how to read my knitting rather than just follow charts or counts.

– Tracey B.

Much Easier Than I Was Anticipating

My first real pair of socks with sock-weight yarn and I’m in love! Much easier than I was anticipating. Thank you, Liat, for the easy-to-follow lesson, videos, and support!

– Amy D.

Clear and Easy to Understand

Yay! I love this tutorial. So clear and easy to understand! I’m going to make a double knit scarf for my sister for Christmas now. :D So excited!

– Katie

Clear and Concise Patterns

When I start looking for a new type of pattern (socks vs mittens, etc) I ALWAYS go to first! Your patterns are clear, concise, and they allow me to go crazy re: colors and designs, yet I've got a solid base design to go back to.

As someone who can't not play with a pattern, I love having at my back. Do I share this? Only with every knitter I know! And every wanna-be knitter I know! Thank you for your knowledge and kindness.

– Monica M.

So Clear and Simple

Thank you for this wonderful Invisible Ribbed Bind-Off video!! I had to bind-off a 1×1 rib and it looked awful. I poked around and looked at dozens of tutorials for this bindoff, and even another video tutorial, and was starting to despair a little. You made it SO clear and simple, and I did it and it looks great. I put it in a post on my blog. Thanks again!

– Lori

This Was Just What I Needed

Thank you so much, this was just what I needed. Saved me from having to cast on another 300 stitches.

– Gianna L.

Saved My Knitting Countless Times

Thank YOU! Your tips have saved my knitting countless times!

– Christy

FINALLY Knitting in Magic Loop

Your instructions have FINALLY allowed me to knit in Magic Loop. So many other websites were confusing in their terminology of top vs bottom needles. Your rate of speech is so calming as well. You are a very good teacher who has given me the confidence to begin my first project of fingerless mitts with thumbs via the Magic Loop!

– Marga H.

I Would Always Just Start Over

You are simply amazing. In five-plus years of knitting, I have never even considered replicating a dropped cast-on stitch; I would always just start over. This video makes the actual construction of the stitch so clear and simple that all I can say is, “Why didn’t I think of that?”!

– Brian M.

Kind and Positive Words

Not only are the videos encouraging but your kind and positive words make me think I can tackle the scariest projects!

– Danielle C.

I Fell in Love With Continental and With Liat

I came to KnitFreedom specifically to learn Continental style. I was frustrated with throwing because of all the movement and how slow it was for me. I fell in love with Continental and with Liat and I use my KnitFreedom access all the time.

– Melissa M.

The Easiest Sock Pair I Have Ever Knitted

I recently purchased the knitting socks videos from your site. I had restarted a sock project that had been abandoned two years ago and was not looking forward to working the gusset and heel. Wow!! Liat’s instruction was superb!

I’m almost finished with the pair and I must say I suffered no tears with the gussets and heels. Thank You Liat. This has to be the easiest sock pair I have ever knitted. I’ll be making dozens more! 😍.

– Sally Milazzo

Advanced Self-Taught Knitter

I have taught myself to knit over the years with the exception of one course I took at my LYS. I consider myself knowledgeable and advanced, but am so happy to have found Liat. She is a phenomenal teacher and I have learned so much from her. I didn't know how much I didn't know and am so happy to learn so much from her courses.

– Nancy G.

Everything I Learned About Knitting…

1. I LOVE the combination of print and video. The print is an easy reference, which is great for looking something up later. The videos are short and to the point and make it easy to find a ready stopping/restarting point. The biggest thing is that nothing substitutes for a good visual! A good example is the Crocheted Cast-On.

I have several cast-on books and liked the idea of the crocheted cast-on because it looks like the standard bind-off. I attempted to use that cast-on before your video and was so confused by the instructions I was reading that I gave up and did my standard long-tail – and I’m a crocheter!!! When I saw the video, it was so easy and that was one of my DUH moments.

2. I love that you leave in some of the minor mistakes you make. You comment on it, undo, and move on. You never overreact and you show exactly what you preach, that mistakes are inevitable, but fear or frustration doesn’t have to be part of it. You practice what you preach!

3. I love your matter-of-fact, simple approach – not overly complicated, just ‘how to’.

4. The hints you give along the way are super. They are simple things, like where to leave the yarn so you’re prepared for the next step to avoid confusion, and moving the yarn to the back sometimes to keep that final cast-on stitch in place.

5. You make me laugh and smile and you keep it light without being tedious – God bless you! :)

6. Your simple approach makes me want to try some new things. A good example is the Twined Cast-On for Two-Color Ribbing with Contrasting Edge, setting up for 2-color ribbing. When you began the first row after casting-on, you showed to keep one color on the left (continental) and the other on the right. Another DUH moment. How much easier is that than having to move that other color around all of the time?! It made me want to go do some color work, which I’ve avoided because it was so tedious. THANKS!

7. I'm a huge fan of yours and if I were to write a book it would be titled "Everything I Learned About Knitting I Learned From Liat" and the text would be short...."Here's the link to her site and her ebooks!" LOL Whenever I run into someone that's learning how to knit, I recommend your site. It's a no-brainer!"

– Kendra W.

I Carry It Everywhere

I just love your Basic Toe-Up Sock pattern, and am so grateful for it! I carry it everywhere, and refer to it with every sock pattern I use, since most patterns are written for DPNs.

– Susan

A World of Difference

Liat, I finished the Toe-Up, Two-at-a-Time Socks - your videos are stellar! Thank you very much - you have to know how much more secure I felt with your videos - a world of difference.

– Hilary B.

The Greatest

I want you to know that your toe up socks on circular needles are the greatest!

– Patricia

Now I See What I Was Doing Wrong!

I just started magic loop and socks, and I ripped the cuff out 4 x until I watched your video!!!! Thank you so much! Now I see what I was doing wrong!

– Cathy S.

Such Complete and Understandable Instructions

Thank you for such complete and understandable instructions. I’ve done two-at-a-time toe-up socks before, but the instructions were really hard to understand – these are fantastic and so easy. Thanks again.

– Cheryl

Don’t Have To Spend Forever Searching

Thanks so much… I just ordered the Knitting Superstar!!! Oh my goodness…. so awesome. Now I don't have to spend forever searching for every single little technique or method out there. I cannot tell you how many useless videos I have had to sift through. Thanks again… I can't wait to try the new sock pattern.

– Jeanne T.

Liat Has Made Me Feel I CAN Do This Again

When I discovered Liat and viewed some videos, I felt I finally found someone to relearn knitting from. Her voice is so calming to my brain.

You see, March of 2018, I had a brain injury… I forgot SO much, including how to knit! I had been knitting for years! My knitting group banded around me, and when I started to feel I even could handle learning, they helped me with a few basics.

Then Covid hit and we haven't been able to meet. So the YouTube journey began and I was really struggling to find someone… I still have so much trouble with input, but Liat has made me feel I CAN do this again just in her first few videos in my newsletters!

– Sharon

I Always Make These Instead of Booties

Thanks for the great toe-up baby sock pattern. I love it because it's Magic Loop and uses Judy’s Magic Cast On and the Fleegle Heel, which is what I use for adult socks. I always make these instead of booties because they actually stay on!

– anonymous

The basics of crochet

My daughter and I took this class together and had so much fun! I learned to knit from Liat and have been hooked to her classes ever since.

Even though I have crocheted things in the past, I have always been confused about the basics and the anatomy of a crochet stitch. This class was incredibly helpful. We love you Liat!

– Lorri Fitzsimmons

Cleanliness Counts!

I very much appreciate the care which you take in your videos to show both American/English and Continental style, the clarity of your explanation, the terrific camera angle and focus, and last, but not least, the cleanliness of your fingernails.

– Marilyn P.

All The Fine-Tuning I Needed

You have taught me all the fine tuning I needed to know to become a very proficient knitter.

I've made an amazing baby blanket that I did not have to tear out all the way even once b/c you taught me how to keep going then fix my mistake as I came to that spot... even many rows down. You taught me how to fix half-done stitches and recognize mistakes in intricate patterns.

So I just can't thank you enough! You've taken my anxiety over "frogging" and turned it into calm confidence!

– Angel C.

Frogging For Years

I’ve been FROGGING for years. After hundreds of books, many disappointed people whom I can never deliver the knitting projects I promise, I FINALLY discovered all the things I do wrong with my tensioning. Bless you dear!

– Jaleanina

Beautifully Structured and Easy-to-Follow

This Fair-isle Felted Bag project was intended as a learning exercise, consolidating both Liat Gat’s Continental knitting and Fair-Isle courses. Both courses are beautifully structured and easy to follow.

– anonymous

New and Great Information

Wonderful tips - I always look forward to your e-mails! I'm just learning lace and didn't know but one bind-off type so this is new and great information.

– anonymous

Who Better Than Liat Gat to Show Me How to Do It?!

I’ve been a knitter for several years, but although I’ve gathered patterns for felted knitted slippers, I’ve not yet made a pair. And who better than Liat Gat to show me how to do it?! And I’ve never taken part in a KAL, so I’m definitely interested!

– Susannah

I Have Found KnitFreedom So Helpful that I Want to Share It With Others

I found Liat not long after she started KnitFreedom, and I was hooked!

I was commuting 3 hours a day and needed to do something other than read – I wanted my time to be productive (I wasn’t driving, I was taking a train). I joined KnitFreedom, purchased some videos, and I was off!!!

I started making anything (scarves, mittens, socks, sweaters, hats, did I say socks?). I enjoyed it so much that it got to the point where my extended family had PLENTY of socks and told me not to make anymore!!!!

Because of KnitFreedom I went from a novice knitter to believing I can knit just about anything.

My greatest lesson was learning how to knit continental. Liat makes it look so easy that I just HAD to do it!

I love what Liat created, I love her generous spirit to share her talents with others, and I’m looking forward to the new adventures!

I will add that I have told many people about KnitFreedom, even strangers in the craft store yarn aisle, or my local yarn store (before COVID). I have found KnitFreedom so helpful for me that I want to share it with others.

– Karen K.

Worth Every Penny

The Fair-Isle Knitting ebook includes several very helpful videos and tips which went far beyond the Fair-Isle instructions. Worth every penny.

– anonymous

Two at a Time at Last

Liat!!! Oh my Oh my "..I love your e-book" can you tell ~ I am so excited!!!! I have made two pair of socks in my ten years of knitting on magic loops, one at a time mind you, and wanted to learn to do two at a time. Your instructions are amazing.

– Mary

Knowing How To Undo Mistakes

Your soothing and encouraging voice was in my head last evening while I successfully knit a lace pattern that is new to me. Every time I made a mistake, I swear I heard you say, "That's alright, you can fix that." I feel much more confident as a knitter knowing how to undo mistakes. Thanks, Liat, for all that you do.

– Donna B.

Absolutely Fabulous

This is the best Toe-Up Socks instruction video! Not only does it present clear instruction, it also answers so many of those little? questions such as how to keep the darned yarn from tangling, how to keep the loop from twisting and/or disappearing, how to position the stitches on the needles, etc. Absolutely fabulous and I am SO happy I bought the book. Thank you!


Started After 42 Years

HUGS. I LOVE YOU!!!!! You have helped me SO MUCH! I started knitting in September after 42 years of not knitting, and I have amazed myself!

– Lynn

Tried YouTube

I've tried to watch knitting videos on youtube and none are as useful as your ebooks.

– Kristin

My First “Go-To”

One of the best instructors for knitting on the internet. Liat is my first "go-to" when I don't understand something. She not only demonstrates the technique, she is able to explain WHY the technique works.

– Yvonne M.

Makes Sense

I just want to tell you guys how great I think you are! I had looked at many toe-up sock videos, but yours is the one that made the most sense... and made me feel like I could actually do socks. Whenever anyone at KnittingParadise asks for help with socks, I always refer them to you. Thank you so much!

– Joan L.

I’m So Very Grateful for Your Confidence in Me and Everyone

Thanks so much for hosting this KAL (knitalong) with your excellent pattern, precise steps, and prompt and thorough replies to all questions.

Most importantly, I’m so very grateful for your confidence in me and everyone. It makes it possible to take on challenges I would otherwise not attempt solo. This was a growth experience for me on all levels.

– Marla D. (In regards to Toe-Up Socks Knitalong)

I Never Thought I’d Learn to Knit, and Now I Have

I love the classes I’ve bought from Liat because they've given me something to do during this interminable downtime of the virus. I can’t go many places, but I’ve learned to knit socks (imagine that!) and learned to knit and felt a pair of slippers that I wear constantly. I love it.

I never thought I’d learn to knit, and now I have. Plus I know I can learn more, since Liat’s videos are so easy to follow, so clear, so calm and always so upbeat. She makes me feel as though it’s impossible to make a mistake that does irreparable damage. If you can’t make a mistake, why not learn to knit too?

– Valerie

Such a Fun Project

This was such a fun Fair-Isle project. I love all the great things you do pertaining to knitting. Your video tutorials are wonderful, and I often refer my friends to your web-site for help and/or to learn new techniques and such. Thanks for all you to do help the knitters (and crocheters) of the world.

– Esther

Prompt, Accurate, Timely

Wonderful customer service - prompt, accurate, timely. What a pleasure! THANK YOU.

– Linda R.

Looking Forward to Learning With You

I am so looking forward to learning with you. It already feels qualitatively different, much more personal, than following along with your video classes.

– Marla D.

My Go-To Tutorial Lexicon

🌹🌹 You are my go-to tutorial lexicon! 🙏 Thank you from Malmo, Sweden 👋

– Elwie

No more struggling through YouTube videos!

I can't tell you how excited I am to have found this group and to be able to have my questions answered instead of struggling through YouTube videos!

– Erica P.

Worth Its Weight in Gold

This Brioche Knitting eBook is worth its weight in gold (okay, being an ebook, it doesn't actually weigh anything, so I guess you could say the book is priceless).

Everything you need to work a basic brioche project is covered, from cast-on to weaving in ends on a finished project. The videos are clear and well-done, and the written instructions are easy to follow and concise. (If you've seen any of Liat's other ebooks, you know what I'm talking about. If you haven't, you're in for a treat.)

– Brian M., Salt Lake City

Very Excited About the Knitalong!

I can’t wait. I have never done a Knitalong before! I have knitted a pair (and a half) of socks years ago from a very expensive pattern book with errata! It was for magic loop, but my Mom and I gave up. I have knit one pair since then on dpns. I am very excited about the videos and Knitalong.

– Michelle

Saved My Life!

Thanks for EVERYTHING! You have saved my life time and again.

– Ina

Finally Finished my Socks!

Woohoo - finally finished my socks! :) I think I am going to do another pair in worsted and after that will do a pair with fingering sock yarn. Also, I did the faux heel since I have a high instep and am so pleased with the way the socks fit. Thank you, thank you, thank you Liat for doing this sock knit along and all of your helpful videos and instructions.

– Peggy C.

You’ve Saved Me So Many Times I’ve Lost Count

Thank you! You've saved me so many times I've lost count. I have never encountered a problem you haven't had an explanation for. I have made about 8 billion pairs of your toe-up socks for family and friends.

– Priscilla R.

So Much Fun

I’m halfway through my first pair of socks using the Magic Loop. Your videos were a fantastic help. It’s so much fun.

– Sue

You Just Saved My Knitting Career

Wow, you have just saved my knitting career! I can't tell you how many cast ons I have had to redo all because of a dropped stitch.

– Shanelle W.

So Easy to Follow!

Wanted to say how much I appreciate the clarity and quality of your videos. So easy to follow! Thanks for this opportunity to try the new experience of knitting socks this way.

– Judy

So Clear and Well Presented

This was SO clear and well presented. Thanks so much! I especially like how you go at a slow enough pace and have enough repetition that someone can practice along without rewinding over and over. Really well done and greatly appreciated.

– Karen G.

Can I Afford It?

I thought, "Can I afford it?" And then I thought, "I've been trying to learn. I took some private knitting lessons at $30 an hour. This is crazy. I can get all this information and have it anytime I want right here!" And I have not regretted purchasing it one bit.

– Judi J.

VERY Helpful and Informative Emails

Thank you for all of your VERY helpful and informative emails. I will NEVER forget the very first time I had made a knitting mistake, recognized it and figured out how to fix it. It was the proverbial lightbulb going off over my head. I was totally filled with joy, happiness, pride, laughter and the realization I had finally become a knitter. Thank you, again, for your guidance and sharing of your talents and knowledge.

– Susan G.

Got It Right Away

Excellent. Very clear demonstration of Magic Loop. I got it right away. Thanks a million.

– mshuea2

Love The New Guide

Love the new KNITFreedom Video Guide to Cast-Ons, I have used several new ones in my knitting already! Great resource!

– Kandi C.


Liat Gat has created an amazing series of PDF and video tutorial books… ingenius!

– Karrie Steinmetz,

Great Troubleshooting

I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to Liat for her Cables 101 course. I was looking for a pattern for legwarmers to wear on my motorcycle in cold weather. I wanted them to button, and be fairly warm.

The Bulky Cabled Legwarmers pattern was perfect, and the promise of videos to help me through my first knit cables was important. AS IT TURNED OUT... I really needed the troubleshooting videos. I got to the 54th row of the pattern on the left legwarmer, feeling pleased with myself because they looked so good.

As I read over the instructions for the last few rows, I saw a mention of sewing 4 buttons on. FOUR!!!! But I only had three button holes. Sure enough, on row 43, I had missed the buttonhole.

I took a deep breath, watched the video on fixing a missed buttonhole, and started ripping my stitches down to the missed button hole. Four or five tries later, it was fixed, a buttonhole and 10 more rows of fixed knitting.

WOW! Thanks so much for this. I would never have had the courage to attempt to fix this problem without ripping out all 11 rows without your videos.

– Erica

Better Than 4 Bottles of Tylenol

For less than the price of 4 bottles of extra strength Tylenol I just treated myself to the bundled package deal on Cast Ons and Bind Offs. Thank you SO much, Liat, for really thinking these tutorials through and covering all the bases so meticulously.

Truly, the cast on and the bind off are crucial points in every project, no matter how much you spend on gorgeous yarn and no matter how well you execute the rest of an intricate pattern. Casting on and binding off are like launching and landing an aircraft--- ALL important and the difference between success and failure, life or death and 4 bottles of Tylenol and hysterics or a cuppa'n'cruller to celebrate!

– kindafoggy

Amazing Customer Service

Dear Liat, I would like to commend Candy for her AMAZING customer service. When my computer died and I had to reconstruct all of my programs, Candy knew just what to do. I had just begun learning the Continental method when my pc blew up, and now I am able to pick up where I left off. You ladies are simply amazing! Thanks for being there for us.

– sbramscher

So Much More Fun!

Sending you a warm Cheerio from down under and a heartfelt thank you!! I am loving your Superhero course and am taking the time to learn new skills from your videos to better approach my first pair of socks... Your videos are amazing making things so C L E A R !!!...

My goals for 2016 feature mastering the art of Continental Knitting and I call 2016 My Year Of The Sock - a very warm thank you! Am glad I found you- it all seems so doable and you have made it all even so much more fun!!!

– Chokalo

It’s the Only Way I Knit Now

Your videos are how I learned to knit Continental, and it has been a revelation. It's the only way I knit now.

– Karen H.

Easier Than Searching YouTube

I love the Knitting Superstar video e-Book! It is so much easier to be able to do the part of the pattern I am working and click the video link than having to go to YouTube and do a search.

– Crystal

The First Place I Go

Your site is the first place I go when I need a video on a new technique.

– Debbie K.

The Greatest Benefit

Apart from the volume of information and crystal-clear instruction in the Premium Library, the greatest benefit I have received is the sense of calm that is evolving from it.

– Leah H.

Considerably Easier Than I Expected

I made the switch [to Continental Knitting], and I found it considerably easier than I expected. The huge benefit is that I can now knit Fair-Isle Designs two-handed!

– Amy T.

Clear, concise, easy to follow

I LOVED this intro to crochet course!! I’m an avid knitter but never dabbled in crochet until Liat offered her Introduction to Crochet course.

Her knitting videos and lessons have always been top notch so I knew this had to be too. And it didn’t disappoint! Liat had me granny squaring and flower making in no time flat!

Clear, concise, easy to follow, her course will have you happily crocheting and creating tout suite!

– Noreen Cashman

Your Videos Made Me Brave Enough To Fix My Mistakes

Your videos about fixing mistakes made me brave enough to learn how to fix my mistakes instead of “frogging” everything and starting over and making the same mistakes again. Love your lessons! Thank you!

– Pam M.

Best Instructor For All Things Knitted

Liat is the best teacher/instructor for all things knitted. Her Knitting Superstar Course definitely made me a knitting superstar. I feel fearless when I approach a project now. There were a lot of things I wouldn't even try before taking her course, now I will try anything. Love the way she teaches.

– Myrna P.

Absolutely the Best!

I'm a lefty. I tried for years to be good at knitting, but it was always a struggle. Then I found KnitFreedom and the video showing Continental style knitting was "spot on"! I am knitting and having a lot of fun now! Thanks Liat you are the best. BTW for anyone not sure: Liat's videos are done so well, there is no way you can't "get" what she's teaching. Absolutely the best!

– Deb L.

Great Value In The Long Term

I invested in the lifetime membership because I am such a huge, huge fan of Liat. Liat’s work taught me to knit, gave me confidence and helped me learn how to fix my mistakes. I love her voice, her pace, her style, and her skill. I aspire to embody the kind, encouraging patience that Liat embodies.

I expect I will get great value in the long term.

– Maya G.

I Enjoyed the Class so Much That I Became a Premium Lifetime Member

I felt so encouraged and SUPPORTED. The KnitFreedom team is superior. I felt comfort when I read your emails, knowing that if I needed help you would be there and respond to emails promptly. THAT encouraged me to continue… I was not judged and that was important to me.

I was, at one point, a skilled knitter and due to carpel tunnel of my dominant hand I stopped knitting for almost a decade. AND if you do not use it, you lose it…. KnitFreedom and the slippers got me hooked again. PLUS Liat's enthusiasm, her support, her involvement, her honesty, and her check ins with the students via email… I enjoyed the class so much that I became a Premium Lifetime member. If I had to give a grade based on 1-10 with ten being the highest… I would give this class and the team at KnitFreedom a 10+.

– Linda Marie B.

From the Bottom Of My Heart

It is so kind of you to share your knowledge of knitting to those of us struggling to learn this skill. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

– Kathryn

So Easy to Find a Beautiful Cast-Off

I purchased your "I Love Bind Offs" to have as a resource. When I first received the course I skimmed over it to see what it was like and to know what might help me in the future. Well, that day came today! I have been working on a short swing jacket/sweater that has some seed stitch. The collar is done completely in seed stitch.

As I began to bind it off as the pattern instructed I was not pleased with the way it was finishing off. I thought, "I bet Liat has a bind off that will work better!". I wondered how easy it would be for me to find just the right bind off for my project. It was sooo easy.

I scanned the table of contents and there it was "Bind-offs for Seed St." I read the two ways recommended. The first was just what my pattern had instructed. But the second, "Cable bind-off for seed stitch" was just what I was hoping for.

After taking out my work I first tried 1 needle size smaller--it still looked a little sloppy. I went down another needle size, just like you had said I might need to do, and voila--a beautiful cast off for my color. I'm so happy with it.

– Beth L.

A Better Method

I have never done Magic Loop prior to finding this. I attempted 1 pair of socks on 3 DPNs and was not happy with either the process or the result. (I hated dealing with all those needles!) I purchased this Top-Down Socks class in the hopes of finding a better method and I wasn't disappointed.

Your videos and instructions were so clear and easy to follow that I have now completed my first pair on ML and I'm hooked! (No pun intended). Haven't tried 2 at a time yet, but that's next up for me. I can see that now I'm going to have to purchase your knitting superstar book :-)

– Robin

You Make Knitting Make Sense

You make knitting make sense!!

– Ramona S.

Clear Everyday Language

Your videos are so excellent. One of the things I enjoy best is how you explain things - in clear, everyday language. The pacing is always just right, and everything sounds natural, not forced or scripted. They are, seriously, the best I've come across. Thank you!

– Zaelia Min

I’m So Much More Ready to Face Whatever Comes in My Knitting

Thank you SO MUCH for your newsletter and the video on picking up a dropped stitch.

I can't tell you how many projects I've been unable to finish because I could not consistently fix dropped stitches. As always, your calm sound and simple, clear video allowed me to understand how simple fixing a dropped knit stitch really is.

I won't necessarily finish all my stalled projects (since most of them have been lace shawls), but WOW! What a relief to know what the fix looks like on a knit stitch, every time.

I'm so much more ready to face whatever comes in my knitting. Thank you again.

– Letty P.

I Am So Glad to Have Found Your Video

OUTSTANDING! You are a good teacher. I am so glad to have found your video. I can now fix the mouse-eaten hat my daughter made me! Thank you!

– Gwen W.

Exactly What I Was Looking For

This Chinese Waitress cast on is exactly what I was searching for. And the video is so well done that my 10 yr old (we're both new knitters) did the rest of the cast-on for her new mitts herself! Your videos really are the best out there. You saved me last summer when I dropped a stitch and didn't know what on earth to do. Thanks so much!

– Calif Mom

Best Thing to Happen to My Knitting

Finding you online has been the best thing to happen to my knitting, and my enjoyment of it, since I picked up a pair of needles.

– Joanne

Knitting away so easily

I love Continental knitting! I took your Knit Freedom class years ago and started knitting Continental style and I’ll never go back! Thank you so much!!

I am left-handed and thought I’d never be able to knit the purl stitch easily (let alone so many other stitches) and now I’m knitting away so easily. My neighbors call me “queen of the 2-at-a-time toe-up socks”! Love it! All thanks to you!!

– Deborah Lane

Brilliant – Finally Makes Sense

Your videos are excellent. I have just downloaded your video dictionary, and the idea of a pdf linked to youtube videos is brilliant. Beautifully-designed site as well. Really great stuff–I finally learned how to knit backwards in a way that made sense. Thanks!

– Paula W.

Fast and Friendly Support

I had a concern which was quickly responded to. Fast and friendly support - RIGHT ON! I do wish every customer service request was this responsive.

– Paul J.

Surpassing My Own Expectations

OH MY What can I say... Anyone looking for how to do a new technique, or just learning 'how to,' Liat's e-books are the way to go... She adds videos that show every move with comments for those of us that are challenged. Not to mention Liat is a very sweet and patient teacher.

If you still don't understand after watching her videos you can send her a question and bless her, she will answer or send you a link that will show you in a different way of how to master what you are trying to learn!

I am new to knitting and with the help of Liat's e-books I am surpassing my own expectations. I highly recommend her e-books and joining her e-mail lists, you will learn a lot faster and not get as frustrated. Bless you Liat!!!!

– lanagailey

Easy Breezy Conversational Style

I bought this Top-Down Socks book because I love the easy-'breezy conversational style in your videos, Liat, and it didn't disappoint me. It's just like sitting down with a good friend to teach me, except I can pause and rewind you! I love this book!

– mzmom1

I Am Now a Continental Knitter!

I am now a continental knitter! Your course was exactly what I needed to learn how to accomplish it. I’ve tried several times previously but just couldn’t manage to do it and have it feel comfortable. Now when I pick up my knitting, I automatically start with the yarn in my left hand and it feels natural. My tension is perfect, and my speed has definitely increased, but more importantly, my arm and shoulder don’t hurt and my hand doesn’t go numb, so I can knit for much longer periods of time without needing to take a break. Thank you.

– Katherine B.

Relaxing, Rhythmic and Beautiful

Watching you knit is like listening to music… relaxing, rhythmic and beautiful.

– Donna W.

Uplifting and Informative

I think you are the greatest. Love getting emails from you - always uplifting in addition to informative. You are my go-to person for any knitting issue, or for inspiration. Thanks for all your efforts.

– Joanne S.

So Darn Easy

I am just so excited! I finished the heels on my worsted weight TAAT [two-at-a-time] socks!! Hard to take a photo right now, but these were so darn easy!! Thanks for the great videos and verbal explanations!

– Peggy

Taught Me To Relax

LOVE your videos and want you to know they single-handedely taught me to relax so my tension could be better. Better tension equals a better project!

– Shari B.

Just Like Having Your Best Knitting-Pal Sitting With You

I lost my Mum a few months ago, and I don’t know anyone else who knits who can teach me.

Seeing Liat’s super clear videos and watching her talk me through each step is just like having your best knitting-pal sitting with you, patiently showing you all the little tricks that mean you can knit faster and more easily than ever before.

Yes it’s a little more expensive than buying a book, but you get so much more because you can see the movements of Liat’s hands and fingers, right in front of you as if they were your own. You see exactly what she sees.

Best knitting resource on the web by FAR!

– Abi G.

She Made Me Feel Like I Could Do Anything

Mary Claire was so encouraging and helpful when she answered my first question about keeping my yarn straight. She made me feel like my first LYS owner used to, like I could do anything. I almost felt like she was here, talking to me. That's so important in knitting... and e-commerce! Keep up the good work.

– Sharon C.

It’s Easy and Clear

I LOVE your ebook. I got the toe up sock and your videos make everything so clear, it's easy to scroll to the place I want and I can work at my computer without having to make the rest of the household watch my DVDs.

– Andrea

So Much Better

I’ve been trying to learn continental knitting for a while, but holding my left pointer straight up in the air (like so many vids on YouTube show) gets uncomfortable after like 2 minutes. Your way is so much better :)

– nemo1500

I Can’t Believe How Simple The Process Is

Not being a particularly adventurous knitter, I’ve never considered attempting mosaic knitting. I just assumed it was hard! You just proved that with a good teacher, and a good video tutorial, most any kind of knitting is doable. I didn’t knit the swatch, but I did watch the video all the way through (knitting in my head), and can’t believe how simple the process is. Again, thank you so much for sharing your time and experience. :-)

– Renna H.

Finally, I Am Making Beautiful Things

I want to thank you for your "Becoming a Knitting Superstar." Last winter I decided to take my knitting to another level. I had knitted on and off for years (since I was a teenager..I'm now 60 :)) but was never quite pleased with my finished products. They were "okay" but nothing special and I had never attempted a sweater. I knew that would mean disaster.

First, I took a sock class at my LYS where I learned Magic Loop. That ignited something in me to forge ahead. I found your videos online (probably while googling something I needed for the sock class). The way you communicate really connected with me. You instructions and videos are clear and fun!

So, I bought "Becoming a Knitting Superstar." I went through the course step by step, mostly watching the videos over and over. I would watch them while working on the projects but I would also watch them while I was on my treadmill, waiting in an airport, etc. As I worked through the ebook, something began to click. Here are some of the things I learned that I found most helpful.

1. I learned to "read my work". This has helped tremendously. I don't make nearly the mistakes I used to, because I "catch" them before they are a real problem.

2. Learning how to fix my mistakes was the most freeing thing. I loved all you said about making mistakes. I even shared this with some of the gals at my church. I believe it is a great way to view life! The words goes beyond knitting.

3. I learned to relax. I used to hold my knitting with a death grip. My poor hands cramped up and knitting was not as relaxing as I thought it should be. This also increased my speed...which means I'm less distraught if I have to take something out or start over.

4. I gained confidence. My projects began to "turn out" just as I had hoped. I felt more confident when I went into my LYS. I knew the language. I even knew what questions to ask. As my projects began "turning out", in my head, I could hear you say "that's okay, because you will be making many beautiful things". (You say that somewhere in the Becoming a Superstar ebook...I'm just not sure exactly where.). Finally, I am making beautiful things. I finished my first sweater in August and I can actually wear it! I'm working on my second sweater and am super pleased. It's almost finished--all that's left is finishing up the sleeves. I made a really pretty shawl/scarf that had a lace edge with beading. And of course there are others. I haven't made one single thing since I took the course that I have not been happy about.

– Beth L.

Stress-Free and More Fun

Your videos have helped make my knitting stress-free and more fun.

– Katherine

I Love Your Videos

Reasons I love your videos: You hold the work as close to the camera as possible (very important as my 50 yr old eyes begin aging!), your background is always in an extreme contrast to the sample which greatly helps visibility, you get to the point and don’t get sidetracked with chatter, instructions are simply stated and not overly explained to the point of redundancy and confusion. Thanks for your efforts to help us learn.

– Leslie Schwarzkopf

Clear and Easy to Follow

Very clear, very easy to follow even for someone who is new to casting on techniques.

– Sandra

Really Easy to Understand

I am very glad I got this Cable Knitting e-book. Reading patterns is hard for me but Liat goes step by step and makes it really easy to understand. Anyone that wants to learn cabling this is the e-book to get and the price is great. thank you Liat

– Memary

Can’t Wait to Do More

BEST teaching EVER! Liat breaks everything down so that even complex steps are easy to learn... and her tips on how to knit quicker, more efficiently, and avoiding common errors are the most useful help I have ever received.

"I thought knitting socks would be an arcane process that was accessible only to the experienced knitter. I'm pretty much a beginner, although I did know magic loop... and now I've knitted my first pair of socks and can't wait to do more.

– ggraveled

Thanks For All the Guidance

I have returned to knitting having last knitted anything about 40 years ago. Now knitting two-at-a-time with pattern and toe-up, also changing patterns which are top-down. Thanks for all the guidance found on your site.

– Gary

Christmas Day

An especially huge thanks for getting back to me on Christmas day. Many a business could take lessons from you in customer care.

– Alisan D.

I Am Smoothly Sailing Along

Thanks to your detailed magic loop instructions, I am smoothly sailing along without messing up and not knowing why.

– Nancy R.

Learning So Much

I have only received a couple of your newsletters… I have to let you know I LOVE them! I am learning so much. And I am VERY thankful that I have access to the videos when I can’t remember what I’ve learned… basically, you rock! Thanks!

– Michelle

It’s Much Easier and Faster

I had been taught in a knitting class some other way that I didn’t like, and when I saw [your class on Continental Knitting], I watched, practiced, and it’s almost natural and much easier and faster.

– Janice G.

Worth the Investment

I love your videos, and now that I am a serious knitter since I have retired, it’s worth the investment.

– Lydia S.

Your Tutorial Was Spot On

Just have to do the ribbing and I am done. I finally understand how to knit a sock after 2 years and only 2 successful socks on my own. Your tutorial was spot on. Thanks so much.

– Joan C.

You Saved my Knit!!!

You saved my knit!!! 340 stitches; dropped six. Thanks so much!!!

– Leslie D.

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