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How many times have you dropped a stitch out of your cast-on as you are knitting the first row? And started over, right? Well, now you don’t have to. Just carefully re-work the dropped stitch, following the technique in the video.

Video: Fix a Dropped Long-Tail Cast-On Stitch

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You Saved my Knit!!!

You saved my knit!!! 340 stitches; dropped six. Thanks so much!!!
  – Leslie D., YouTube comment

You Just Saved My Knitting Career

Wow, you have just saved my knitting career! I can't tell you how many cast ons I have had to redo all because of a dropped stitch.
  – Shanelle W., YouTube Comment

This Was Just What I Needed

Thank you so much, this was just what I needed. Saved me from having to cast on another 300 stitches.
  – Gianna L., YouTube Comment

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