Greatest Idea Since Ravelry

This is the greatest idea since "... uhm"... Ravelry. :) I am a left-handed mirror-knitter, have done for a thousand years or so but have recently taught myself to knit right-handed just so that I can help new right-handed knitters and to teach my UD (Ungrateful Daughter) to knit.

I downloaded the freebie e-books to try them out and I am going to get some of the paid ones because it is SO much easier to watch the videos to see the right-handed technique, rather than trying to unlearn what I’ve always done.

I love the way you are so calm and if you make a mistake, like we all do, you just calmly fix it and move on! I have watched your "fixing a dropped stitch" so many times, I have probably worn a hole in the website! :)

Sorry to ramble on about things other than this particular video e-book, but if this one is the same as the free ones I’ve seen so far- anyone can learn ANYTHING from watching you! THANKs for making these!
  – Vicki S.

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