I’m Taking Steps I Might Not Have Otherwise

Liat - you support me in so many ways and on so many levels I don’t even have words to express it all. One thing that floats right to the top is the confidence you instill. Confidence (lack thereof) is a major deterrent for me, especially when it comes to making mistakes. When I used to be able to run to my nearest LYS and get help, I was less concerned. But now I cannot do that. However, in line with your belief we can surmount any issues, I admit I’m taking steps I might not have otherwise.

For example, I’m working on a sweater and somehow got off my row count (even with a counter - it only works if one remembers to advance to the next row!). It’s Garter stitch and I’ve learned from you that every ridge is two rows when counting from the right side. So, I figured out where I was but needed to go back two rows as I missed an increase row. I started to unknit but it was too many stitches to do that efficiently. I took a deep breath and slipped out the needle to frog a couple of rows. And then I managed to pick up all the stitches!!! I was stunned.

Sending you a big hug and thanks for mentoring me.
  – Marla D.

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