Video: Neaten the Last Stitch of Your Bind-Off (Round Knitting)

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Neaten The Last Stitch Of Your Bind-Off In The Round - Bind-Off Trick

Characteristics: Magic Loop
Difficulty: Intermediate

This bind-off trick for knitting in the round totally changed by life. Make the last stitch invisible? It's a no-brainer.

Every single time you're binding off in the round, use this trick to make the join completely disappear.

No one will be able to tell where you started and where you stopped.


  1. Bind off all sts. 1 st rem on R needle.
  2. Pull the needle so the loop gets bigger - about 8" long. Cut yarn at the top of the loop.
  3. Pull the ball of yarn so the working yarn comes out of the stitch.
  4. Thread the tail onto a tapestry needle.
  5. Find the 1st bound-off stitch, insert tapestry needle under the 2 loops of the stitch and pull the yarn through.
  6. Find the center of the last bound-off stitch, poke the needle through and to the back. Pull yarn to tension.
  7. Weave in tail on the WS.

Neaten Last St Round - Step-by-Step Photo Instructions

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