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Tulips Buttonhole

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Video: Tulips Buttonhole

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This buttonhole, invented by TechKnitter, can be done over 2 or more stitches.

It creates a strong buttonhole with matching cast-on and bind-off edges that has uniquely strong sides.

You will need a crochet hook and a small double-pointed needle for this bind-off.


  1. K to 1 st before buttonhole sts.
  2. Move yarn to front.
  3. Sl 1.
  4. Move yarn to back.
  5. Move st from R to L needle.
  6. Repeat steps 4-5.
  7. Drop yarn so that it hangs down in front.
  8. With needle tip, lift the wrap and put it on the R needle.
  9. Sl 1.
  10. BO 1 (the wrap).
  11. Sl 1.
  12. BO 1.
  13. Repeat steps 13-14 4 times.
  14. 4 sts bound off.
  15. Move st from R needle to L needle. 3 sts on either side of buttonhole (in this case).
  16. Stabilize the L needle somewhere comfortable so you can let go of it.
  17. Remove R needle from sts.
  18. Replace with a smaller needle (~2 sizes smaller).
  19. Move st from R to L needle.
  20. Move yarn to back.
  21. Sl 1.
  22. Pull yarn firmly to tighten.
  23. Move yarn to the front.
  24. Repeat steps 20-22.
  25. With needle tip, loosen the wrap.
  26. Insert a crochet hook into the wrap.
  27. Do a chain (crochet) cast-on as follows:
  28. Wrap the yarn counterclockwise around R needle.
  29. Hook the yarn from over the top with the crochet hook.
  30. Pull the yarn through st on crochet hook. Work this cast-on 4 times.
  31. 4 sts cast onto R needle. 7 sts on needle.
  32. Place st from crochet hook onto R needle.
  33. 8 sts on R needle.
  34. Sl 1.
  35. BO 1.
  36. K to end of row.
  37. Buttonhole is technically done. Turn.
  38. P across WS row. Turn.
  39. The buttonhole after finishing the WS row.
  40. The finished buttonhole after finishing 1 more RS row.
  41. Pat yourself on the back (and maybe pour a glass of wine). You did it!

The Finished Tulips Buttonhole

Tulips Buttonhole - Step-by-Step Photo Instructions

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More Information

This is the hardest technique in this course. But don’t be discouraged! I challenge you to give it a try. As long as you go slowly and follow the directions carefully, you’re going to be fine.

It you haven’t done a lot of these techniques before, learning this buttonhole is going to teach you a wide variety of knitting skills and give you a lot of confidence.

Basically, if you can do this buttonhole, you can do anything. In the video below, I show you how to do a 4-stitch Tulips buttonhole. If you want a bigger or smaller buttonhole, just bind off (steps 12-13) and cast on (steps 27-30) the number of stitches you want in your buttonhole.

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