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Frilled Decrease Bind-Off

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Video: Frilled Decrease Bind-Off

Characteristics: stretchy
Difficulty: Advanced

This is a medium-speed frilled bind-off that I see as advanced because it has a lot of steps to remember.

This would be a good bind-off for the top of little girl’s sock, baby booties… anything where you want a little decorative frill.

It’s also very stretchy — this is an increase bind-off, which means that the increased number of stitches along the edge gives it added width and stretch.


  1. K1.
  2. K1. Do not drop st off L needle.
  3. Insert L needle tip into 2 front loops on R needle.
  4. K sts together.
  5. Move st back to L needle.
  6. K2tog tbl.
  7. Repeat steps 2-6 across.
  8. Cut yarn and pull through last st.

Frilled Decrease Bind-Off - Step-by-Step Photo Instructions

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More Information

This bind-off is similar to the Frilled Standard Bind-Off only it’s noticeably more frilly. It gets its name from the Decrease Bind-Off, to which an extra movement (which you might recognize from the Suspended Variation Bind-Off) is added.

To get the full effect on this and any frilled or ruffled bind-off, you’ll need to block this it: get it wet, squeeze the water out, and shape the edge with your fingers to make it into a frill.

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