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Picot Point Bind-Off #2

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Video: Picot Point Bind-Off #2

Characteristics: advanced, slow

This is an intermediate-to-advanced bind-off that’s done on the wrong side of the work.

It takes a while to do and it results in very small delicate picots.


Note: Do this bind-off with the WS facing you.

  1. With WS facing, K1. Do not drop st off L needle.
  2. Place new st back on L needle.
  3. Work steps 1-2 twice.
  4. On L needle, lift 2nd st over 1st st and off needle, twice.
  5. Sl 1.
  6. K1.
  7. BO 1.
  8. Move st back to L needle.
  9. Repeat steps 1-7 across.
  10. Cut yarn and pull through last st.

Picot Point Bind-Off #2 - Step-by-Step Photo Instructions

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Animated GIF: Picot Point Bind-Off #2

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More Information

I chose to include this bind-off out of the many picot bind-offs that are out there because these picots are very small and sweet.

This bind-off does tend to flare out and roll forward a bit because of all the picots sitting next to each other.

Blocking the edge will help a little. Soak it in water, squeeze the water out, and lay the bind-off flat. Take your fingers and shape the little picot points so that they lay next to each other as flat as possible.

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