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Icelandic Bind-Off

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Video: Icelandic Bind-Off

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Characteristics: great for binding off garter stitch, recommended, stretchy
Difficulty: Easy

This is a fantastic stretchy bind-off that even many advanced knitters have not heard of.

It's one of the three stretchiest standard bind-offs (the other two being the Elastic Bind-Off and EZ Sewn Bind-Off).

It's also amazing for Garter stitch.


  1. With R needle, reach through 1st st purlwise.
  2. Catch front loop of 2nd st.
  3. Draw 2nd st through 1st st.
  4. Wrap your yarn to knit. Pull yarn through.
  5. Complete the K stitch.
  6. Move st back to L needle.
  7. Repeat steps 1-6 across row.
  8. Cut yarn and pull through last st.


One thing to help you do this bind-off faster is to get into a rhythm. Don't be afraid to stretch the stitches as you do them so that you can get into a rhythm and make sure that the bind-off comes out nice and even. If your tension varies a lot you'll notice the bind-off won't look as nice.

Icelandic Bind-Off - Step-by-Step Photo Instructions

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More Information

This is my #1 recommended bind-off for binding off on garter stitch.

See how this bind-off compares to other good bind-offs for Garter stitch in Bind-Offs for Garter Stitch.

Be warned that this edge will roll if you do it on Stockinette stitch, so just make sure that that's a feature that you want on your knitting.

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