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Yarnover Bind-Off

Video: Yarnover Bind-Off

This is an intermediate bind-off that is super stretchy.

Here’s how it works: After every two stitches that you’re binding off you add one stitch — a yarnover — and then bind it off.

The theory is that when you add more stitches to your bind-off it becomes stretchier. You can even add the yarnover in between every single stitch.


  1. K1
  2. YO
  3. P1
  4. BO 1 twice
  5. K1
  6. BO 1
  7. Repeat steps 2-6 across.


You can add a yarnover in between the knit stitches as well. This will make the edge more stretchy and also more flared. You can actually add as many or as few yarnovers as you wish as a way to control the width of the bind-off as you go.

Yarnover Bind-Off - Step-by-Step Photo Instructions

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My Opinion

I personally don’t like this bind-off. I think that it’s hard to make it look even and I find that it’s not as stretchy or accordion-like as Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind-Off — in fact, it can make the bind-off edge flare out a little bit.

Sometimes you can use the “flare” to your advantage, for instance, when your knitting has a scalloped edge, like Feather-and-Fan (Old Shale) lace. However, I’ve found other bind-offs that do this even better (see my blog post on Bind-Offs for Lace).

The reason I included this bind-off in the course is because it’s possible that your pattern will call for it and you may want to know how to do it.

I would recommend trying Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind-Off if your pattern calls for the Yarnover Bind-Off because I can’t think of a situation in which you would need to use this one and not Jeny’s.

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