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Video: Picot Chain Bind-Off

Picot Chain Bind-Off on Lace (fFeather and Fan)
The Picot Chain Bind-Off is an intermediate, medium-speed increase bind-off. This means that you add stitches (yarnovers, in this case) in order to make a wider edge.

This bind-off is good on any knitting that flares out, when you need to make sure that the bind-off also flares out.

The Picot Chain bind-off is similar to the Yarnover Bind-Off in that it uses yarnovers every other stitch in order to increase the width of the bind-off. Unlike the Yarnover bind off, however, there’s no purling involved.

I don’t particularly like the look of the edge, but I still think this bind-off is worthwhile learning. It's important to know how to add yarnovers wherever you want into your bind off to make it wider -— useful for when you’re winging it.


  1. K1
  2. YO
  3. BO 1
  4. K1
  5. BO 1
  6. Repeat steps 2-5 across
  7. Cut yarn and pull through last st.


Tip 1

If while doing this bind-off you forget what you just did, look at the last stitch on your right-hand needle.
If you just did a “YO, BO 1,” the stitch will be farther away from the work.

If you just did a “K1, BO 1,” the stitch on your needle will look closely connected to your work.

Tip 2

You can add yarnovers into your bind-off any time you need your bound-off edge to be wider and stretchier. For example, you can add a ‘YO, BO 1’ into your bind-off every 10 stitches if you desire.

Picot Chain Bind-Off - Step-by-Step Photo Instructions

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