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Video: Suspended Bind-Off (Variation)

Characteristics: fast, has matching cast-on, recommended
Difficulty: Easy

This is a fast and easy bind-off that is based on the Standard Bind-Off and is a bit stretchier.

Its main benefit is that it can help your stitches come out more evenly if you have trouble getting a good, even tension on the Standard Bind-Off, especially if the difficulty you have is binding off too tight.


  1. K1.
  2. K1. Do not remove st from L needle.
  3. BO 1.
  4. Drop loop from L needle.
  5. Repeat steps 2-4 across row.
  6. Cut yarn and pull through last stitch.

Suspended Variation - Step-by-Step Photo Instructions

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More Information

Even if you don’t have trouble with your tension, you should learn this bind-off because it uses a basic technique (the “suspended” bit) that is used on some more complex bind-offs, namely the Frilled Standard Bind-Off and the Frilled Decrease Bind-Off.

This is called the suspended bind-off variation because this is a variation on the Suspended Bind-Off. I've chosen to teach you the variation instead of the original because the variation comes out the same and it’s easier to do.

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