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Invisible Ribbed Bind-Off for 1×1 Rib

Knitting Videos » Bind-Offs » Stretchy/Ribbed Bind-Offs » Invisible Ribbed Bind-Off for 1×1 Rib

The Invisible Ribbed Bind-Off is a great, advanced stretchy bind-off. It is a sewn bind-off that blends invisibly into 1×1 rib. Good for binding off toe-up socks. Learning it will help you learn Kitchener stitch as well.

Video: Invisible Ribbed Bind-Off for 1×1 Rib

Characteristics: great for toe-up socks, invisible, recommended, sewn, stretchy
Difficulty: Intermediate-Advanced

This is an invisible sewn bind-off that I would consider “required reading” for advanced knitters.

This bind-off is stretchier than the Tubular Bind-Off, so if you’re binding off the cuff of a sock and you have a big foot that you need your bind-off to stretch over, this is the bind-off that I would recommend.



  1. Cut yarn, leaving 3x the width of the sts to be bound off, + 6 in. for weaving in later.
  2. Thread yarn onto tapestry needle.
  3. With tapestry needle, go purlwise into 1st st.
  4. Pull yarn through (snug, not tight).
  5. From the back, come out between the 1st and 2nd sts.
  6. Angle the needle to go knitwise into 2nd st, pull yarn through.
  7. Go knitwise into 1st st, pull yarn through.
  8. Push st off needle.
  9. Go purlwise into 2nd st.
  10. Pull yarn through.
  11. Go purlwise into 1st st.
  12. Pull yarn through.
  13. From behind, go knitwise into 2nd st.
  14. Pull yarn through, push st off needle.
  15. Repeat steps 7-14 to last 2 sts.
  16. Go knitwise into next st. Pull yarn through, push st off.
  17. Go purlwise into next st. Pull yarn through, push st off.


Follow the directions exactly when cutting your yarn. If you leave a longer tail than necessary “just to be safe,” the yarn will probably get in your way as you’re working the bind-off.

Invisible Ribbed Bind-Off - Step-by-Step Photo Instructions

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More Information

If you already know Kitchener Stitch, you’ll have a good foundation for this bind-off. However, it’s not a prerequisite.

Speaking of which, there are no prerequisites in this course - you can jump in wherever you want as long as you can knit and purl and you have an adventurous attitude.

The main thing to keep in mind as you learn the Invisible Ribbed Bind-Off is to take a deep breath, go slow, and KNOW you can do it.

Don’t expect yourself to memorize all the moves right away. It will help you to think of the bind-off as consisting of only 2 basic movements.

Make a swatch of at least 30 stitches so that you can really practice this. As you go, repeat the mantra “knit-off purl, purl-off knit,” “knit-off purl, purl-off knit” in your head as you do these movements, and you will never forget what to do.

Warning: If you’re using a delicate yarn like any single-ply yarn like Noro (which has a tendency to break anyway) or even Malabrigo Worsted, be careful on this bind-off. Don’t work very many stitches before you pull your yarn tight or it might break. Just do one move and then tighten your yarn, and you’ll avoid that problem.

This bind-off, like all sewn bind-offs, is painstaking to undo. If you need to undo this bind-off, just backtrack slowly and check to make sure it looks right as you go.

This is a pretty advanced bind-off so pat yourself on the back if you give it a try — whether or not you succeed at first. Well done!

Download an illustrated guide to the Invisible Ribbed Bind-Off here.

Make sure you watch your tension on this bind-off. Give the bound-off edge a tug every so often as you go to get a feel for how you are doing.

The nice thing about this bind-off is that you can "make up for" bad tension - if you do a few stitches too tight, you can do the next few a little loose, and things will sort of even out.

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Illustration: 1×1 Invisible Ribbed Bind-Off

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