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Video: Crochet Bind-Off

Characteristics: has matching cast-on
Difficulty: Intermediate

This is a medium-fast, medium difficulty bind-off that matches the Chain Cast-On.

Extra Materials Needed: Crochet hook one size smaller than called for on the yarn label


  1. Insert hook through 1st st as if to knit. Wrap yarn.
  2. Pull loop through st. St comes off needle.
  3. Insert hook through next st as if to knit. Wrap yarn.
  4. Pull loop through st. St comes off needle.
  5. Pull 1st st on hook through 2nd st.
  6. Snug yarn.
  7. Repeat steps 3-6 across.
  8. Cut yarn and pull through last stitch.

Crochet Bind-Off - Step-by-Step Photo Instructions

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More Information

Cap Sease, the author of Cast On, Bind-Off, says that this bind-off is good for projects made with non-stretchy yarns like silk or cotton because it doesn't require you to lift one stitch over another other stitch, and therefore it might be easier for you to control the stitch size.

She also says this bind-off works nicely if you are going to work a crochet border into the edge after you finish binding-off.

I recommend that if you do this bind-off you use a crochet hook that is one size smaller than called for on the yarn because this bind-off can tend to flare out a bit.

My Opinion

I personally wouldn’t use this bind-off much, because I feel like the Standard Bind-Off gives you the same results with a faster and easier technique, but I included it in this course because other books gave some valid reasons for trying it.

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