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Video: Elastic Bind-Off

Characteristics: decorative, fast, stretchy
Difficulty: Easy

This is a fast bind-off which I really like.

It’s a good stretchy bind-off for beginners. To be more exact -- it is very stretchy for binding off on Stockinette stitch, and moderately stretchy on ribbing.

It also looks decorative, which is unique and unusual for the standard bind-offs.


  1. K1.
  2. K1.
  3. Insert L needle tip into 2 front loops of sts on R needle.
  4. Wrap the yarn and k the sts together.
  5. Repeat steps 2-4 across.
  6. Cut yarn and pull through last stitch.

Elastic Bind-Off - Step-by-Step Photo Instructions

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More Information

Keep in mind that this bind-off will roll on Stockinette stitch. Just plan on that being a feature of the bind-off — maybe knit a couple extra rows before binding off to make up for the roll.

This bind-off would be nice on something like fingerless mitts, where the moderate stretch and decorative rolled look would work well.

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