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Japanese Bind-Off

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Video: Japanese Bind-Off

Characteristics: firm, stretchy

This is a medium-speed seaming bind-off that leaves a visible ridged seam. It uses three needles.

The stretchiness of this bind-off depends upon which technique you use to finish it.

There are two pieces to this bind-off: Join the two pieces of knitting into one, and binding off those stitches. If you use a stretchy bind-off to do the second part, the whole bind-off will be stretchy and if you don't, it won’t.


Use a third needle in your R hand, the same size as or 1 size smaller than the other two.

  1. Go knitwise through 1st st on front needle.
  2. Grab front loop of 1st st on back needle purlwise, slip st onto needle.
  3. Pull back st through front st. Remove st from front needle.
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 across.
  5. Turn work. Working yarn will be on the end opposite the needle tips.
  6. With an extra needle, sl 1. Continue to slip all sts in row.
  7. Turn work. Working yarn is now at the front.
  8. BO sts using the Elastic Bind-Off or any bind-off you prefer, depending on how stretchy you need your seam to be.

Japanese Bind-Off - Step-by-Step Photo Instructions

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More Information

While working with three needles can be challenging, the Japanese Bind-Off is the easiest of the three-needle bind-offs and a good place for you to start.

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