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Lesson 2 - August 2, 2022

Choosing a Pattern

To prepare to knit your socks, the first step is to choose between our beginner and intermediate sock patterns.

For this knitalong, you have a choice between basic, beginner socks or more challenging built-in heel flap socks.

Your Toe-Up Socks class videos will show you how to follow either of these patterns.

Basic Beginner Socks

Fingering-Weight Baby Socks made using our Generic Toe-Up Sock pattern
If this is your first time knitting socks, I recommend you knit our basic Fleegle Heel socks. They have a very streamlined heel, use fewer steps than traditional socks, and they fit great.

Additionally, we have patterns available for these socks in almost every weight of yarn, plus a generic pattern if your yarn weight or foot size isn't covered by the existing patterns.

Toe-Up Heel-Flap Socks

If you want to knit toe-up socks with a heel flap, we have a pattern for that, too. This sock is a BIT more complex than the beginner socks above, so I would not recommend it for a first sock.

These socks have a "faux" or "built-in" heel flap (no picking up stitches like on a traditional heel flap). The pattern enables you to do three things you can't do with our basic socks. You can:

  1. Adjust the pattern for high insteps,
  2. Knit a contrasting-color heel, and
  3. Use textured heel-stitch patterns like the Eye-of-the-Partridge stitch.

Think about which of the two patterns is right for you, then read on to choose a yarn weight.

What Weight of Yarn Should You Choose?

Once you have decided which of our two basic patterns you'd like to follow, you can decide which weight of yarn is right for you.

Imagiknit is giving a discount on Worsted, Aran, and Fingering-Weight yarn.

Recommended for First-Timers: Aran-Weight (Heavy Worsted) or Worsted-Weight Yarn

Blue ShiBui worsted-weight toe-up socksAran-weight or worsted-weight yarn is recommended for a first sock. The socks are a quick knit and you can use them for lounging around the house.

In addition, the videos in your Toe-Up Socks class show the pattern being followed with aran-weight yarn. The patterns are the same for other weights of yarn, just the numbers differ, but if you want to stick as closely as possible to the videos you'll be watching, choose aran-weight yarn.

To Wear Inside Real Shoes: Fingering-Weight Yarn

fingering weight top down socks purple araucanía book med 92921
Fingering-weight socks knit with Araucanía sock yarn
For a sock you can actually wear inside shoes, choose fingering-weight yarn. This yarn is much thinner than worsted-weight yarn and the socks will take longer to knit, so be prepared for a more intensive knitalong if you choose this option.

However, if you are ready for a challenge and to complete a pair of socks you would actually wear outside the house, choose fingering-weight yarn.

Lounge Socks: Bulky and Super-Bulky Yarn

JSSBO on Lizzis Super Bulky Toe Up SocksTo make your sock project go incredibly fast, you can choose a soft and extra-thick yarn in bulky- or super-bulky-weight. This will make your knitalong a walk in the park, and you'll probably be done before you know it.

A warning: these socks won't be very durable and, even if you wear slippers while walking around in them, they will probably wear out within 6 months to a year. However, they'll be deliciously warm and perfect for wearing to bed on cold nights.

Once you've decided whether to knit our basic or heel-flap socks and what weight of yarn is right for you, choose a pattern below and download it.

Basic, Beginner Socks:

Faux-Heel-Flap Socks:

Good job! In the following lessons, you'll choose your yarn and needles, check your gauge, and measure your foot and choose the size of sock to make.

Post Your Questions in the Comments

Leave a comment below if you have a question about choosing your sock pattern or anything else in the knitalong.

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