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Project - Toe-Up, Two-at-a-Time Socks

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Project - Toe-Up, Two-at-a-Time Socks

Toe-Up Sock Pattern

ShiBui Worsted Toe-Up SocksFor your first foray into toe-up socks, we are going to make a pair of lounging socks in a medium-thick yarn so that the project goes quickly.

Download the Beginner Toe-Up Sock with a Fleegle Heel - Aran Weight pattern here

Choose Your Materials

Yarn: You’ll need two skeins of heavy worsted-weight wool for these socks – about 180 yards total. I recommend that you choose a machine-washable yarn. Here are a few choices to pick for this project:

Ask the yarn shop employee to wind the yarn into two separate balls (usually not a problem as you will probably by buying two skeins anyway).

Needles: The gauge for this project is 4.5 sts/in in St st (knitted in the round). Choose a 47-to-60-inch-long circular needle with pointy tips, such as Addi Lace, in a size that will cause you to achieve the right gauge.

Start with a size 8 and check to make sure you are getting the right gauge.

Just make a round tube, like we did for the Magic Loop tutorial, block it, and then check your gauge. You could skip this step and just start, if you are careful to check a couple inches into your sock and are okay with starting over. Up to you.

Next, choose which size you are going to make. This pattern comes in two sizes:

  • Small-Medium fits a foot that measures 7 inches around the ball of the foot;
  • Medium-Large fits a foot measuring 8 inches around.

If your (or the sock recipient’s) foot measures less than 7 or more than 8 inches around, grab a copy of our Any-Size Toe-Up Sock Pattern to make the socks a perfect fit.

Check Your Gauge in the Round

How to Check your Gauge in the Round

Why It’s Important To Check Your Gauge In The Round

Your gauge on flat knitting may be different than your gauge when you knit in the round, even when using the same needles and yarn.

For one thing, you’ll be doing only knit stitches (probably) when you knit in the round, whereas when you knit flat you will have a row of purl stitches every other row. Since many people purl looser than they knit, this could definitely affect your gauge.

It makes sense to knit your gauge swatch in the same style that you will be knitting the garment. For instance, don’t assume that your gauge will be the same on different brand needles of the same size.

Lastly, it follows that if you are going to block your final knitted piece (and you probably should), you should block your gauge swatch as well before you check your gauge. You can do it quickly, but it should be done. See How to block your knitting.

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Following The Pattern Easily

You may want to go through the pattern and circle with pencil all the numbers that correspond with your size.

If you were making the Medium-Large, you would circle the number in red: 28(32).

Walk-Through Of Pattern

This first video will walk you through how the sock is constructed, so you have a sense of context when we begin.

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