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Lesson 20 - July 5, 2022


If you are already at the heel, ask your questions here! (in the comments).

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  1. Hi Liat,
    I‘m done with the gusset and turned the heel. It‘samazing no holes. I love it.
    One question the worsted pattern with a Fleegle Heel says to knit the ankle in St st for 5.5 in. Where is the starting point on the sock for this measurement. Could you please post a photo of it? Thanks a lot.


    1. Hi Maria,

      Yay, I’m so glad you love the heel! To measure your 5.5 inches of St st, just place a marker in or around the first stitch as you start knitting the ankle. Then you can measure from that marker.

      Happy knitting!


  2. Hi Liat – I am up to the gusset but am confused about the number of stitches I should have on my heel needle once I’ve completed the round 2 and 3 repeats. I am knitting the medium size, regular instep with the faux heel flap. Until this step, I have highlighted the middle number to make sure I follow the correct instructions for size medium. But at this step there are three sets of three numbers. I had highlighted the middle number of the first set of three numbers (48) and the middle number of the set of stitches I should increase (24) but I now see that with 28 stitches on the heel needle, if I increase 24, I will end up with 52 stitches on the heel needle which is the middle number of the second set of three numbers.

    Is this because there are now separate instructions for varying insteps? Do I continue to follow the middle number of the middle set of three numbers? There are again three sets of three numbers in Row 1 under Turn Heel which begins the short rows. So do I highlight number 37?

    Many thanks, as always, for your help!

  3. Reposting…from General Questions section.
    I’ve not knit a fleegle heel before and I’m a bit confused on how to proceed. I’ve knit the toe and foot and am ready to begin the gusset. My needle 1 is instep, needle 2 is heel, which is reverse of the pattern [beg.toe up/worsted/fleegle pattern]. And, to be honest, this is the part that confuses me each and every time, I usually do heel flap/gusset toe-up and I’m never quite sure how to proceed there either. I’ve attached a jpeg for review.

    1. Hi Michele, I was just answering your comment over on the other post! I’ll paste my answer here instead.

      I’m glad you wrote in to ask about this! Let’s fix this confusion forever.
      Unfortunately the jpeg didn’t come through as uploaded. I’m so sorry about that. Could you try one more time? You can also email it to [email protected] if that doesn’t work.

      Without seeing the picture, my general thoughts are these: If you’ve just done the toe and foot, there should be no difference between your needle 1 and needle 2. Right now the socks should be completely symmetrical. So you can easily designate needle 1 as the heel needle. When you are ready to start the gusset, you’ll want to start in Ready Position at the beginning of the round. You can place a marker on the first stitch of the first sock to help you recognize the beginning of the round. Then you’ll start increasing by doing a K1, M1L, K to last st on needle (on that sock), M1R, K1. You’ll do the same on the second sock and get back to Ready Position. For the second half of the round on each sock, you’ll just knit across.

      This video (starting at about 1:10) explains the same thing I mention above. Sorry I didn’t make a video specifically on this. I see that I just ask students to refer to the toe increases video. I’ll make a video for this if necessary.

      Let me know if this helps.

      1. Liat,

        I’ve sent the jpeg to the email, as it failed again (not sure why, the image size is small – but I’ve tried multiple times). You mentioned a time stamp for a video, which video? And, is my confusion because I’m always thinking of needle 1 as the instep — because I’m in ready position and it’s really NOT? Embarrassing to admit that something seemingly so simple is constantly tripping me up. I’ll await your review of the image.

        Thanks for your guidance,

        1. Whoops! I forgot to add in the link to the video. Here it is:

          For some reason the image didn’t come through via email either. Maybe the file is corrupted somehow.

          Without having seen the image, I think I can say that it’s possible your confusion is coming from thinking of needle 1 as the instep. Like I said, until the moment you start the gusset increases, both needles are identical. So when you try your sock on, it hits the front of your ankle, and you are ready to start increasing for the gusset, you make sure you get to the BOR and then call that front needle the heel needle and do your increases first. Then the back half of the stitches are just plain knit.

          If you take another photo you can try to upload it again. Or let me know if having the right video link helps. :)


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