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Knit First Round and Start Increasing for Toe

Knitalongs » June 2020 Toe-Up Socks » Knit First Round and Start Increasing for Toe

Lesson 9 - August 25, 2022

Knit First Round and Start Increasing for Toe

Start Knitting Your Toes

Gilles' toe-up, two-at-a-time socks - Toes Done
Knitfreedom Student Gilles' Toe-up, Two-at-a-time Socks - Toes Done!
How did you do at Judy's Magic Cast-On for two-at-a-time socks? Were you successful?

Knitalong student Beverly had no issue with the cast-on, but noticed that each time she tried to knit the first round, she was losing cast-on stitches.

For her, and you, I made the following video: How To Stop Losing Cast-on Stitches On The First Round Of Your Toe-up Socks. Check it out!

Start Creating the Toes of Your Socks

Once you have knitted one plain round, it's time to begin increasing for your toes. In your Toe-Up Socks class you'll find two videos explaining and demonstrating the increases for toe-up socks: "How the Toe Increases Work" and "Increasing on Your Socks."

Watch both videos and work the toe section of your socks according to your pattern. If you have pointy needles they will be helpful to you while doing these slightly tricky increases.

If you are having difficulty doing the “Make One” increases, you can substitute a "Knit Front-and-Back (KFB) for the "Make One" according to this video.

In addition, to avoid any difficulties during your toe, make sure to watch the helpful videos "Keeping Track of Your Increases" and "How to Avoid Tangling Yarn on Two-at-a-Time Socks." You can find these in your Toe-Up Socks class as well as using the links above.

Have Questions? Post in the Comments

Please leave a comment here letting me know how you're doing! Whether you are doing great, if you are stuck, or if you have questions, I look forward to hearing from you.

9 thoughts on “Knit First Round and Start Increasing for Toe”

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  1. I have completed all the increases. I had a few dropped stitches, but I was able to pick them up or ripped out until I found my error. Going pretty good. I started another pair to see if I can do it again. Struggled a little but I am just about done with the increases. I think I am getting the hang of magic loop. It goes faster doing two at a time.

    1. Hi Sandra,
      This is great news! I am delighted to hear about your progress. Love that you started again just to practice the toes section before you move on. Thank you for posting here with your progress!

  2. Toes done! After much frogging and restarting I finally got going. Many thanks for noting that a KFB increase works just as well as the Make 1s. With sock-weight yarn and a size 2 needle I don’t even see the bars. I know, my tails are on the outside. Not intentional though. I was concentrating so intensely trying to not mess up yet again that I forgot about them. However, it’s easy to see when I have completed a round ;-)) And it will be just as easy to get them to the inside when I’m ready to weave in ends. What’s hard is getting a decent pic as I cannot unfurl!

      1. Thanks Liat; I’m always encouraged and ready to continue with your support! New questions – the instructions for knowing when to start the gusset increases are different for the fleegle heel v the faux heel flap. For the former, your video shows how to try on the sock and flex your ankle. The written instructions for the faux heel say to try on the sock, flex your ankle, and then measure from the back of the heel to the needles (I’m knitting size M so that would be 3.75 inches). Which do I follow?
        Then, may I continue with KFB for the gusset increases?
        No rush! I haven’t started knitting the foot yet ;-))

        1. Hi dear!
          Which heel instructions to follow depend on which pattern you’re following. In your first post you said you’d be doing the faux heel flap pattern. So follow those instructions. I’ll make a note next to the class video specifying that is only for the Fleegle heel and, for the faux heel, too just follow the pattern.

          You may continue with the KFB for the gusset increases!


          1. Got it, thanks! Yes, I’m doing the faux heel pattern so I will measure. Great I may continue with KFB for the gusset.
            Hope you and family are well!
            Hugs back ;-))

  3. Could you remind me again how to get to your “forum” on Ravelry? I tried when it was first posted, but was not able to get in at the time.

    Also, wanted to let you know I am to the point of my “gusset” on my pattern. Yikes!

    1. Hi Deb,
      Congratulations to getting to the gusset! You are way past the hard part and are just on the fun part now.

      As far as the forum on Ravelry goes, it’s not very active. I don’t actively supervise it and going there now to get the link I see there are people that have posted unanswered questions. It’s too much to keep up with at this point! But here is the link:


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