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Pattern Overview and Check-In

Knitalongs » August 2022 Toe-Up Socks » Pattern Overview and Check-In

Lesson 7 - August 12, 2022

Pattern Overview and Check-In

Worsted Faux Heel Flap Toe Up Socks 2 61322We're almost ready to cast on! Here's a quick checklist to make sure you're ready to continue:

To be ready to cast on for your two-at-a-time toe-up socks, you'll need to have...

  1. Chosen your pattern type: basic Fleegle heel or toe-up heel-flap.
  2. Chosen the weight of yarn you'd like to use, and ordered it in the yardage called for in your pattern.
  3. Procured one set of long circular needles, 47 inches or longer.
  4. Knit a test swatch in the round on Magic Loop using your chosen yarn and needles, and
  5. Checked the gauge on your swatch to confirm that it is the gauge required in the pattern.
  6. Measured around the ball of your foot and chosen the size of pattern that corresponds with your foot, and circled the numbers in your pattern corresponding to that size.

If you have done all these things, congratulations! If you need more time or have questions or need help on any of this, please post a comment on today's lesson and let me know.

To get an idea of how we will be constructing the basic Fleegle heel sock, click here for our Pattern Walk-Through video.

If you will be doing our toe-up heel-flap sock, the process is almost exactly the same, but you'll start increasing for your heel a little sooner, according to the directions in your pattern.

Some frequently asked questions so far:

Q: Do I measure around the ball of my foot while standing on it?
A: No. Measure around your foot with no pressure on it.

Q: I'm an in-between size (say 8.5 inches) - what size pattern should I choose?
A: Choose the smaller of the two options. 8.5 inches would be a Medium.

14 thoughts on “Pattern Overview and Check-In”

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  1. When starting the gusset, it’s saying to k1, m1l knit to the last stitch on needle, m1r, k1, the increase is made on the last stitch and knit the last
    stitch, is that correct
    The top needle is the top of foot, and the needle closes to me is the heel needle is that correct.

  2. Liat
    I know this sound crazy, when casting on and knit the first round , does the right side of the knitting goes on the inside of the needles, that the way my is doing and the wrong side on the out side.
    Linda Myers

      1. So, the working yarn need to be on the top needle, my was on the bottom needle how to I prevent that happen
        Linda Myers

  3. I am doing the TAAT Aran socks with fleegle heel size medium-large.The ball of my foot measures 9 inches relaxed. I am getting 4.5 stitches with a US #9 needle. Watched the pattern overview and ready for JMCO.

  4. Hi Liat, Well we’ve had some crazy stuff going on. My husband and I both came down with COVID so we have been off the grid as they say for a few days. We are still checking positive so laying very low. However, it has interrupted my practice sessions. So…I decided to take a radical approach. Because I haven’t done this before with Magic Loop, and I was having trouble getting the confused with the two at a time… So…I decided that it would be better for me to try to done ONE sock on magic loop on worsted weight yarn and size 6 needles. I am not as worried about seeing if this sock fits me, just more interested in learning the process. I hope this will not mess me up in the lessons. Think this modification will work for me?

  5. Hi Liat, thank you so much. I really don’t do well with computers. Yes, I am getting a consistent 4.5 stitches to an inch on a size 7 needle I am thinking of changing my wool to Aran weight do you have a suggestion for another needle? Once again thank you. Betty Anne

  6. Betty-Anne Campbell

    Hi Liat,
    I had my pattern up earlier this morning and had to leave for a few minutes and it disappeared, I have spent the rest of the morning looking for it and am hoping you can give me a few hints on how to find it again. Thanks

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