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Learn JMCO for Two-at-a-Time

Knitalongs » June 2020 Toe-Up Socks » Learn JMCO for Two-at-a-Time

Lesson 8 - August 21, 2022

Learn JMCO for Two-at-a-Time

Cast On for Two-at-a-Time Socks

Now that you've practiced Judy's Magic Cast-On for one sock, it's time to ACTUALLY CAST ON for your two-at-a-time, toe-up socks.

You'll be learning the two-at-a-time technique on your real socks. Hooray!

Get your yarn and needles. Following the numbers specified in your pattern, cast on for TWO socks following our JMCO for Two-at-a-Time class video.

Then, following your pattern and the above video, knit one plain round of knitting for each sock. If you have any trouble, don't despair! This is the only tricky part of toe-up socks.

In your Toe-Up Socks class, scroll down to find two videos following the JMCO for Two-at-a-Time video that will address most questions and concerns.

Be sure to keep reading below because I have several exra troubleshooting videos for you if you get stuck.

PS – This is the trickiest part of the whole sock. It’s all downhill from here!

Help Starting Your Socks

Head's up! There is a Troubleshooting Section in your toe-up socks class with videos on the most common issues knitters run into on their toe-up socks.

Here are some specific questions you may have:

Question: The purl side of my socks is showing, not the knit side as your demos show. What should I do about that?

Answer: Turn your knitting right-side out as in this video: How to Turn Your Magic Loop Knitting Right-Side Out

Turned Around on Magic Loop video screenshot 8 18 22Question: I had knit stitches and now I have purl bumps on the outside of my work. What should I do?
Answer: You got turned around because you forgot to get back to ready position at some point. Here's how to keep from getting turned around on Magic Loop.

Knitting into JMCO Bottom NeedleBack NeedleQuestion: The instructions for JMCO have us using the bottom needle not the back needle to pull and knit with. But some of your videos use the back needle. So I’m a little confused.

Answer: It's really the same needle! To see for yourself, rotate your needles so that the bottom needle becomes the back needle as in this video: Knitting into JMCO - Bottom Needle/Back Needle

Question: I have loose stitches in my cast-on. What do I do?

Answer: Use a tapestry needle to tighten the cast-on after you knit a few more rounds as in this video: Fixing a Loose JMCO

Featured Testimonial

And, for a little motivation, check out what Ruth S. shares about her experience in last year's knitalong:

"The KAL gave me the nudge I needed to get on with knitting my first pair of socks with Liat's course "Toe-Up, Two-at-a-Time Socks," which I have had for quite some time. So I got started and knit ahead. My socks are done!

"The course with its embedded videos showed me all the techniques I needed. I am now confident in doing Judy's Magic Cast-On and the Invisible Ribbed Bind-Off. I love the simple and smooth Fleegle heel.

"I took the challenge to knit backwards doing the heel, another skill I have been wanting to learn, and it went very well. Such a great skill to have in my repertoire!

"Thanks so much for the comprehensive course and your calm manner, Liat; you always treat your students with respect and confidence in our ability to successfully tackle new challenges. I've already started another pair of socks!"

– Ruth S.

Bonus Video: Fixing Mistakes on Magic Loop

Mistakes on Magic Loop green yarnNew-to-Magic-Loop knitter Pamela commented that she had a funny mistake on Magic Loop she couldn't fix. I recorded a video for her (and all of you) illustrating how to back up and fix mistakes on Magic Loop.

How to fix mistakes on Magic Loop

Have a Question on Your Socks? Leave a Comment

If you run into any confusion doing JMCO two-at-a-time, please leave a comment below. You can upload a photo to show me what is confusing on your sock.

Good luck and happy knitting!

2 thoughts on “Learn JMCO for Two-at-a-Time”

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  1. Connie Lindstrand

    I did it! Pay no attention to the sleeping knitting partner! Do you have any tips on how to keep your balls of yarn tidy and separate in between knitting times? I cannot leave anything out on the table because he likes to steal the yarn.

    1. Hooray! Connie that’s looking so good! Congrats.

      To keep my two-at-a-time projects tidy, I usually put each ball of yarn inside its own small knitting project bag (the kind without a drawstring if possible).

      While knitting I work with one project bag on each arm. When it’s time to put my knitting away, I put the sock project on top of one ball of yarn in the project bag, then put the other project bag inside on top of that, then tie the top of the first project bag and put it all away. I’d film a video for you showing that but at the moment I only have one project bag, very well-loved and currently in my mending pile.

      I’m attaching a photo of the kind of project bags I like, although these particular ones are not available any more. They were made by Lantern Moon.

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