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Cast On

Lesson 8 - August 17, 2022

Cast On

Practice Judy's Magic Cast-On (JMCO)

It's time to learn to cast on for toe-up socks! This is the hardest part of toe-up socks, and you will feel so accomplished once you do it.

If your yarn and/or needles haven't arrived yet, you can use scrap yarn to practice this cast-on.

To learn the technique, go to the Cast-Ons chapter of your Toe-Up Socks class.

There are four videos in this section:

  1. Learn Judy’s Magic Cast-On (JMCO)
  2. Cast On For Both Socks
  3. Bottom Needle/Back Needle
  4. Tips for Knitting First Round

You'll watch the first one to learn the basic cast-on for one sock. I encourage you to practice the cast-on by casting on 16-24 stitches (8-12 on each needle) and then knitting 5-6 rounds on Magic Loop.

You'll end up with a tube that's closed invisibly at one end.

If, while you knit, you have any trouble either knitting or understanding what you're knitting, please watch the third and fourth videos in this section. They will help you.

In a few days, once you have successfully knit one tube cast on with JMCO (Judy's Magic Cast-On), you'll learn how to do the same technique, but on two tubes at once.

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How did it go? Let me know how you're doing learning Judy's Magic Cast-On by posting in the comments to this lesson. You'll need to be to the site to comment and post photos.

6 thoughts on “Cast On”

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  1. I have CO for TAAT without any problems. Worked the toe increases (M1L & M1R) without any problems just not as neat as I would like. I have weaved the ends in. Now, I start to knit the foot, low and behold, I see purl bumps. What did I do?
    Aran weight with 9 needle & fleegle heel.
    PS- I have it straightened out but still don’t know what I did.

    1. Hi Cat! Great that you are on the foot already! If you see purl bumps, the most likely reason is that you got turned around while knitting on Magic Loop. At some point you did not get all the way back to Ready Position before starting to knit, so you began to work back the way you came. This will result in seeing purl bumps on the outside of your work.

      Here’s a video on it:
      Keep in mind that this is my diagnosis without having seen a picture of your knitting. If you want to comment and attach a picture, that would be great.

  2. Kathleen Carlborg

    I have started over again using size 7 needles instead of 5’s so I can use the numbers from the pattern (worsted-weight toe-up Faux heel flap socks). I enjoyed watching the videos for JMCO even though I’ve been using it for years and absolutely love it. I have decided not to use magic loop or do my socks two at a time because it will take me longer that way. The way I knit socks now is by starting out with two circular needles, after increasing to the proper number of stitches, I use just one 12″ circular needle until I get to the gusset, where I go back to two circulars until I have finished the heel and faux heel flap, then back to smaller needle to finish.

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