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Welcome to the Knitalong

Knitalongs » August 2022 Toe-Up Socks » Welcome to the Knitalong

Lesson 1 - August 1, 2022

Welcome to the Knitalong

Milo yelling at Bushy Park London 7522 cropped smWelcome to your August 2022 Toe-Up Socks Knitalong! We are going to have so much fun knitting socks together.

Here is a link to your Toe-Up Socks class.

Your Imagiknit discount code is KFSOCKKAL2022.

We officially start on Monday, August 1st, but in case you wanted to get started as soon as possible, here's an advance look at what's coming.

KnitFreedom Student Maryann Bs Rust Coloured Fingering Weight Socks croppedBefore you start knitting your socks, there are a few things to get ready.

You'll want to choose which pattern you are going to knit and get your materials ready, including making a gauge swatch to make sure you're knitting with the right size needles. You'll also practice Magic Loop with some scrap yarn if you are not yet comfortable with the technique.

But don't panic! This is all part of the knitalong and I'll be sending you emails on these topics starting August 1st and ending in the middle of the month. Then we'll start knitting.

If you want to work ahead, here are links to the lessons I've put together walking you through these topics.

Lesson 2: Here is an overview of the pattern choices we have and how to choose the right pattern for you.

Lesson 3: Here is information on what materials to get and how to get a discount on them.

Lesson 4: Here is where you can learn about practicing Magic Loop and checking your gauge.

Lesson 5: Here is where you'll measure your foot and choose which size sock to knit.

Lesson 6: Here is where you can ask questions ahead of schedule in case you can't wait to get started.

We will start knitting around August 15th, so you have PLENTY of time to order supplies, experiment with your yarn, make sure your needles are the right size, and make any changes needed. This is a low-pressure knitalong!

Your Homework: Comment Here and Introduce Yourself

Liat Original Old Happy Smiling Headshot ChristmasYou can post a comment at the bottom of any of your knitalong lessons and I'll answer it within 24 hours.

Get started now by introducing yourself in the comments below and letting the group know why you're excited to knit toe-up socks!

40 thoughts on “Welcome to the Knitalong”

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  1. Hi, my name is Sandy and I am a late starter but I think I will figure it out and catch up. I am doing two at a time toe up socks. I have knit four pairs from the top down but wanted to learn toe up because I do not like the Kitchener stitch. Looking forward to the class.

    1. Hi Sandy,
      Welcome aboard! I’m so glad you came by to introduce yourself. I know you will have no problem catching up with the group as you have the right attitude and most everyone is still on the toes. I think you will love toe-up and not having to do Kitchener stitch ever again.

  2. I am finally ready to get started. I have my yarn & size 7 needle from ImagiKnit. Making the toe up with fleegle heel. I’ve attempted socks before on size 1 needles and ripped out 5 times. I am familiar with magic loop, but I will learn other things in the class. I hope I can keep the various instructions straight. I’d like to cast on today. Did I read that it’s Judy’s magic cast on? I’ve not done that one.

    1. Hi Naomi,
      Welcome aboard! So glad you’re here. The Toe-Up Socks video class follows the Fleegle heel pattern exactly, so I think you’ll have no trouble keeping the instructions straight.

      If you’re ready to cast on, you can go to the Toe-Up Socks video class and watch the videos in the Cast On chapter.

      If you have time, I would start the video class from the beginning just so you don’t miss anything. Also, you didn’t mention your gauge here, but it will be important to check your gauge. If you are raring to get started, you can start your socks and then check your gauge on the socks themselves… knowing that if it doesn’t meet the pattern required gauge then you’ll need to start over.

      Let me know here in the comments to any of the knitalong lessons if you need help along the way. I’m here to help you even if you’d like to work ahead of where we are in the KAL.


  3. here i am, late as ever. =). I’ve made bike mittens with thrums in them and I hope that I can also make some socks. Living in Germany with the threat of not having gas to heat our homes will make the socks useful! I look forward to learning and getting past the heels. =)

    1. Hi Irene,

      Thank you for joining the KAL and coming here to introduce yourself! I am confident you can make the socks (although I hope you do not have to face living without heat!!).

      The socks are simple and the heels are fabulous. The easiest sock heel, in my opinion. Let me know if you need any help as you get started.


  4. Hi Liat from the Pacific Northwest. I was challenged by my daughter to knit socks, of which I’ve knit and torn out at least 8 thus far. I’m in search of a simple, go to, vanilla sock pattern for both fingering and DK weight yarns. Questions I have are interpreting the sizing “language” used in various patterns, how do I know if they’ve accounted for negative ease? Is it my foot circumference – minus the negative ease measurement I use etc. etc. I’ve watched and used your videos for years and am excited to join along.

    1. Hi Michele,
      I’m so glad you’ve joined this knitalong! You are going to succeed in your search for a simple, vanilla go-to sock pattern. It will be one of the two toe-up sock patterns we have. Our students use our toe-up sock patterns for years and never get bored.

      And I hope you won’t be tearing out any more socks! As long as you post here in the knitalong if you ever get stuck, we’ll make sure you don’t have to rip out your socks.

      It is good to understand what’s going on with sizing and ease in sock patterns. Normally the finished circumference of the sock should measure 10% less than the circumference of your foot (measured around the ball of the foot). So if the pattern provides the finished measurements of the sock, you can check for yourself how it will fit. Even if the pattern doesn’t provide the finished measurements, it’s something you can easily calculate. For example, if the sock has 56 sts around the foot, and the gauge is 7 sts/in, you’ll know that 56/7 = 8 inches — the sock will measure 8 inches around and be a good fit for a foot about 8 3/4 in. around.

      Let’s circle back to this as the KAL proceeds.

      What weight of yarn would you like to use for your first socks in this KAL? We recommend worsted or aran for the first socks because they go quickly. But you can use DK yarn if you have it in your stash. We have a pattern written for 5.5 sts/in if you can achieve that with your DK yarn. Let me know!


      1. Michele Stewart

        Hey Liat,

        Thanks for your reply! I’m awaiting my order of Cascade 220 Superwash Merino, and I’m leaning towards the toe-up with fleegle heel.

        Can’t wait to not have to pick up gusset stitches.


  5. Hi Liat!

    I’m Barbara from Denver. I just started knitting in January and have completed a few small projects and two lapghans. I am ambitious but can get in over my head! I took a how to knit your first cardigan by zoom from my LYS. It was too complicated for me. I’m very anxious to take your class because I can watch the videos over again. I know what magic loop is, but have not used it.

    1. Hi Barbara!
      I just answered your other comment first then came over here. I love your dive-in attitude towards knitting. It’s much easier to reign someone in than it is to push them forward! Sounds like a cardigan by Zoom might be a few steps ahead of where you are now, but knitting two-at-a-time socks on Magic Loop is going to get you there fast.

      If you’d like to practice Magic Loop before we begin (there is also time set aside for this in the knitalong coming up), as soon as you get your larger needles you can start working along with your Magic Loop class. Those videos and tips will be helpful to review before we start the socks.


  6. Hello from Germany,

    my name is Maria. I love to knit and to see my family wearing my knitted huts, socks, loops and In my opinion there is nothing better as to wear something you have knitted.

    After some failed tryes, I finally got my first pair of socks knitted two years ago. I have already knitted two pair of toe up socks, although I am really happy to be here, to get more confident with sock knitting, no matter wich yarn weight or foot size and to have Liat here to answer my questions. This will be my first pair of worsted and also TAAT Toe-up socks.

    1. Hi Maria, I’m in Germany too (Munich area). I’m far behind with knitting socks, and far behind this KAL. Hope to catch up soon!

      1. Hi Irene,
        that‘s great. I live not that far from you. I live in Friedrichshafen, Lake Constanze.
        Go for it, there is enough time. Have yoe ever knitted socks? Which yarn are you gong to knit with?

        1. You live in a beautiful area, though I can’t complain. =). I am going to use Malabrigo worsted merino yarn. I used this yarn to make thrummed mittens for the cyclists in our family. I have fingering yarn for socks as well, but that will have to be used when I get better at this. I’ve attached a picture of the unfinished mitten, and a not-so-great picture of the available yarn. I hope to make house socks, but I will also need to add sock stop so that no one slips.

          I’ve already started with the magic loop…. I’m ready!

          1. Hi Irene!

            Sorry, our photo-attachment plugin wasn’t working so the photos of your mittens and yarn didn’t get uploaded. I have fixed it now, and you can upload photos as comments as long as you’re logged in to the site.

            Malabrigo Worsted, while one of my favorite yarns, may not wear very well for socks. Since it is a single-ply yarn, it will be soft but wear out very quickly. You will also not be able to machine-wash the socks. You may want to choose a plied yarn to give the socks more strength, stretch, and durability. But it’s up to you!


  7. Hello All!
    I’m another Connie – from San Diego. I started knitting in 2008 after my husband had a bad car accident and I needed to be ‘on hand’ while he recovered. (He did and is as good as new). I had learned to crochet in the early 70s, and always wanted to knit, but thought it too daunting. Apparently, age brings aptitude. I REALLY wanted to knit socks because 1) everyone can use socks, 2) I live in southern California; woolly headgear has a very short season, 3) socks are complicated enough to be interesting, and 4) I can make them in my pajamas.
    Liat came to my notice after listening to her on a KnitPicks podcast. I loved every minute of Liat’s instructional videos from her calm, soothing voice, to the well thought out instructions and inspiration. Fast forward to today where I may have made over 100 pairs of socks from Liat’s toe up magic loop pattern! I’m joining this knit along because I know that there are more things I can learn; I love Liat’s instructional style; and I want to support her continued efforts to bring knitting joy to the whole world.
    I’m so excited to see what others will be doing and to learn along with everyone from the BEST knitting instructor ever. See you all on the 15th!

    1. Hi Connie,
      It’s so wonderful to see you in this knitalong. I can’t believe you’ve made over 100 pairs of socks since you started learning with us! Thank you for supporting KnitFreedom by joining this knitalong. See you soon!

    2. Thanks for the input Liat.i guess I’ll have to pull out the fingering weight(and very serious looking) sock yarn.

      1. Yay, the photo worked!! You don’t have to use sock yarn if you don’t want to. It’s totally up to you.

        You can buy one skein of Cascade 220 Superwash Worsted or two skeins of Aran if you want. The discount code for 15% off is KFSOCKKAL2022.

        If you need needles too, the yarns are available with needles as a kit. Let me know what you decide! It’s completely up to you. We have patterns for each weight of yarn.


  8. Hello… I have tried socks before – double pointed and once on 9″ circulars. I had a friend who tried to teach me 2 at a time on magic loop cuff down, but I was not happy with how they turned out.
    This will be my first KAL. so I am excited and nervous at the same time.

    1. Hi Deb,

      I’m so glad you joined the KAL and posted here! I’m also so glad that you’re trying socks one more time – this time it will be great! I’ll help you every step of the way, and this is veeeeeery step-by-step. We’ll just go one step at a time.

      Also, after you learn toe-up socks two-at-a-time it will be a great time to learn top-down socks two-at-a-time. I have a class teaching that technique as well, and it’s very worthwhile learning it and getting it right. But I always recommend starting with toe-up socks.

  9. Connie Lindstrand

    Hello from NC! I have taken 2 sock classes in the past and always get stuck in “second sock syndrome”!
    Then by the time I finish the second sock, it has been sooooo long that my tension is different so one was loose and one was tight :-( I really need to polish my skills and hoping to learn how to knit two at a time. We like to camp and I love to knit while my husband is driving and socks seem like the perfect traveling project.

    1. Hi Connie,

      Welcome to the knitalong! Thanks for posting here and introducing yourself. I loved reading about the challenges you’ve had on socks because I know you’re going to easily overcome those with this knitalong. Not only do the socks go faster (if you’re doing the worsted version), your tension won’t change from sock to sock. Your socks will finally be exactly the same! I can’t wait for you to experience how fun and easy it is to do socks this way. And it is a great mindless project for taking in the car on your trips – not too big or delicate, so you won’t have to worry about dropping it or keeping it all perfect. And you won’t have to keep stopping to look at the pattern.

      I’m really looking forward to having you in this knitalong!


  10. Betty-Anne Campbell

    Hi Liat,
    Thank you so much, I have spent most of today starting little tubes and pulling them apart again but I finally ha ve one that resembles yours, not pretty but recognizable. Thanks…………….B

    1. Hooray! That is great progress already! Think of what you’ll be able to do after a couple of weeks. And this is going to be a skill that will enhance every round-knitting project you take on in the future. You are investing in years and years of knitting happiness with your intrepidity right now. Your swatches will get prettier with practice. Focus on getting to Ready Position (because if you don’t you can get accidentally turned around), knowing where your working yarn is, and not pulling the first stitch too tight. And then just practice, practice, practice. When you watch the troubleshooting videos it will help you avoid some of the typical challenges as well.
      Keep up the good work!

  11. Betty-Anne Campbell

    Hi liat,
    My name is Betty Anne and this is my first class and I am feeling a bit intimidated. I am not sure I am ready for this class as I don’t know how to do the magic loop, should I take that class first? I know I read somewhere in your notes that we would practice this stitch but I worry that I might need more time. I really am looking forward to learning the toe up socks.

    1. Hi Betty,
      It’s great to meet you! Thanks so much for joining this knitalong and posting here.

      I love that you are challenging yourself to knit toe-up socks. You are going to learn SO much! I hear you are feeling intimidated and need some guidance and reassurance for Magic Loop. I will help you every step of the way, and if it all turns out to be too much, we can take as long as you need.

      Let’s have you start practicing Magic Loop now. You have about 3 weeks until we start casting on for the socks, so let’s see how far we get in that amount of time. If you have any 40-inch circular needle or longer, you can practice with scrap yarn. If you don’t have any circular needles to practice with, let me know. You can just order the needles you will use for the socks and practice with those as soon as they come. I’ve given you access to our Magic Loop class, so go ahead and start working through that and come back here and let me know how it’s going.

      Keep me posted! Cheers,

  12. Marie Gonzalez

    Hi Liat!! I’m Marie. I’ve knitted toe up socks before and I have to say I’ve learned a lot from you. I still have trouble with those pesky heels and I thought this would be great to get those down. Can hardly wait. Plus I love kal’s. I look forward to getting started!

    1. Hi Marie,
      It’s great to meet you! I’m so glad you joined us and I’m looking forward to helping you get happy with heels! I think you’ll really like the Fleegle Heel.
      Welcome aboard!

  13. Hi Liat,
    The whole reason I decided to start really knitting was to replace the best-sox-ever that my daughter made for me several years ago.
    I’ve made 5 pairs now, thanks to your wonderful sock classes. And I’m eager to try the high instep version of your toe up sox.
    I can’t wait to start my first group knit along!

    1. Hi Teresa,
      Yay, so glad to have you on board! The high instep version sock is so fun. It’s amazing to see the “heel flap” being formed without having to pick up any stitches. Thanks so much for joining us.

  14. Hi Liat,
    Can’t tell you how delighted I was to find you on-line!!! Years ago in Salt Lake City, Utah I took a couple of classes from you and loved the way you teach. I have been following you here for awhile and couldn’t resist taking another toe-up sock class from you because it will be so detailed. I know I will pick up things new to me little tricks you always have in the best ways possible. Can’t wait!!!

    1. Hi Janeen,
      Woohoo! I’m so excited that you found me here! Thanks so much for joining this knitalong. I do hope you pick up lots of tips as we’ve added some great pattern variations and options since Salt Lake City. Welcome and I’m so glad you’re here!

  15. Hi all,
    I’m Liat Gat, founder of KnitFreedom and your guide for this knitalong. I LOVE knitting toe-up socks because the toe-up sock pattern I use is so easy to remember I can literally knit socks without looking anything up. They are a mindless project that make a great gift yet never cease to be interesting to knit. I hope you come to love knitting toe-up socks as much as I do! PS. This is my nephew Bodhi with some toe-up socks knit with yarn we dyed ourselves using Kool-Aid!

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