As a beginning knitter, you have a lot to learn. Find it all here. In our Fearless Knitter course, you will learn cast-ons, purling, stockinette stitch, increasing, decreasing, and recognizing and fixing many beginner mistakes. These foundations will enable you to quickly knit more complex projects with confidence.

Video Knitting Course: Easy Norwegian Felted Slippers

Felted Slippers Online Class

These beginner felted slippers are like a little puzzle – you knit a strip of garter-stitch fabric, pick up and knit a few flaps on the sides, and then seam everything up in an origami-like fashion that magically results in two elfish-looking slippers.

Perfect for beginners and fun for advanced knitters, in this 11-video step-by-step course you'll learn to count rows on Garter stitch with complete confidence, pick up and knit, seam with Mattress stitch, and more.

Video Knitting Course: Fearless Knitter

Fearless Knitter Cover

Knit-and-purl is fine, but greater things await you! Luckily, it is well within your abilities to improve rapidly and start knitting complicated projects.

Learn to cast on, purl, rib, choose yarn, fix mistakes, read your work, read patterns, increase, decrease, slip stitches, and more in this fundamental course for beginning knitters.

Video Knitting Course: Fix Knitting Mistakes

One of the most important things you can do as a beginning knitter in order to advance quickly is learn to recognize and easily fix your knitting mistakes. With this short guide to the Top 10 Knitting Mistakes, you'll easily be able to fix and avoid every common beginner knitting mistake.

Video Knitting Course: Mosaic Knitting

Mosaic knitting is a color-knitting technique that’s perfect for beginners. It requires just knit and purl in order to make stunning one-, two-, or many-color designs.

In this short and easy video guide, I walk you through how to create beautiful color knitting projects without learning harder techniques like Fair-Isle knitting.

Live Knitalong: November 2020 Felted Slippers - FREE With Class Purchase

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Felted slipper with puzzle and plush dinosaur square crop sm

Knit with us as we create a very easy beginner pair of felted slippers. Knit flat in Garter stitch, the slippers are seamed up and felted.

Beginner Knitting Illustration: Tree of Techniques

The “Tree of Techniques” is a way of visualizing your path as a knitter as you progress from beginner to intermediate to advanced. Starting with simple scarves and dishcloths, you’ll then knit hats and socks, before proceeding to custom sweaters, lace, moebius, color-knitting, and designing your own patterns.

Beginner Knitting Abbreviations

LYS – Local Yarn Store

Free and Premium Videos

Beginner Knitting: 5 Keys for Success

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Beginner Knitting: 5 Keys for Success
Beginner Knitting: 5 Keys for Success - youtube Video

As a beginning knitter seeking to knit beautiful projects, you will soon get stuck without the proper foundations. Learning to read knitting patterns, recognizing your stitches, and losing the fear of making mistakes are key to growing as a knitter and breaking out of beginner knitting.

Selecting Yarn for Beginner Projects

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Selecting Needles for Beginner Projects

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The Long-Tail Cast-On

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Recommended Notion: Knit Chek Gauge-Checker by Susan Bates

Susan Bates Knit-Chek Gauge Checker

A gauge-checker is essential for ensuring your knit projects come out the right size. Make a small swatch (or a big one, if you’re a perfectionist), block it, and lay the gauge-checker over the stitches. Count how many stitches are in 2 inches and divide by two. That’s your gauge.

Buy Knit Chek Gauge-Checker online

Recommended Book: Harmony Guides: Knit & Purl by Erika Knight (editor)

Interweave Press has put together a gorgeous stitch-pattern book that you can use to add pattern and texture to anything you are knitting.

You’ll get really good at reading a pattern and recognizing what your stitches look like if you experiment with the stitch-patterns in this book.

Buy Harmony Guides: Knit & Purl online

Recommended Book: Stitch ‘n Bitch: The Knitter’s Handbook by Debbie Stoller

I recommend this book to anyone just starting out knitting, because it contains a funny and thorough introduction to knitting. It also contains a variety of hip and fun beginner projects that you’ll actually want to knit, which is more than I can say for most beginner how-to books.

Buy Stitch ‘n Bitch: The Knitter’s Handbook online

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