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Are You Ready To Learn To Knit?

Yay! I think that’s fabulous! Getting a good foundation is really important when you first learn a new skill, and I want to make sure you get off to a great start.

That’s why I created this free video class that guides you through all the steps you need to learn to knit! You’ll make a quick, easy scarf for under $20, and while you’re doing that, you’ll learn…

  • How to pick inexpensive, quality yarn for your first project, without going to a specialty store
  • How to find the end of your ball of yarn, hold your needles comfortably, and more
  • The easiest way to cast on
  • The basic knit stitch, with tips and tricks to make it easier
  • Troubleshooting for common beginner issues and mistakes
  • Easy tricks to learning to read a pattern
  • How to bind off
  • How to attach fringe to your scarf, and
  • Where to go next!

This video class includes a pattern for a chunky, fringed scarf written just for beginners so that you learn to knit using all these techniques AND have something beautiful to show for it!

So let’s get started! You’ve got absolutely nothing to lose, and everything to gain, from learning this wonderful hobby.

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If you have any questions while you learn to knit, please email me! I’d love to hear from you.

2 thoughts on “FREE Learn to Knit Video Class”

  1. Hi Scoochy!
    Since you are already a KNITFreedom newsletter subscriber, you do not need to sign up again. All you need to do to download the new e-book is go to the KNITFreedom download area (https://www.knitfreedom.com//download.php) and enter the login ID and password you've been using all along. You will find the e-book there!

    Hope this helps,

  2. Hello again, Liat
    I wanted to get the FREE Learn-To-Knit Video E-Book. I was on the site:
    I filled out the info & it went to a page that says: An Error Occurred

    Our records indicate that you are already subscribed to this list and have verified your subscription.

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    It said to press the "Back" button, but that just goes back to the original page where I signed up.
    Anyway, I've tried this several times & I still don't have the free ebook :(
    Now, what to do? Thank you. Scoochy

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