Video Knitting Course: Mosaic Knitting

Mosaic knitting is a color-knitting technique that’s perfect for beginners. It requires just knit and purl in order to make stunning one-, two-, or many-color designs.

In this short and easy video guide, I walk you through how to create beautiful color knitting projects without learning harder techniques like Fair-Isle knitting.

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Beginning Mosaic Knitting – Easy Mosaic Brick Pattern

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Beginning Mosaic Knitting – Easy Mosaic Brick Pattern
Beginning Mosaic Knitting – Easy Mosaic Brick Pattern - youtube Video

Blog Post: Giveaway! Win a Copy of Fantastic Mosaics, Knitting Superstar, and 1-on-1 Time With Me

Mosaic knitting Dovetail shawl squareBy Liat Gat – Founder / Mosaic Knitting, News / March 25, 2015 / 656 Comments

This was a fun giveaway to celebrate the launch of my newest class, Fantastic Mosaics. Knitters entered by sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and by posting in the comments.

The Mosaic Knitting video class giveaway has ended, but you can still learn with our Mosaic Knitting video knitting class. Read Post »

Blog Post: How To Do Basic Mosaic Knitting – Video and Step-by-Step Photo Tutorial

Ballband dishcloth stackBy Liat Gat – Founder / Mosaic Knitting / March 24, 2015 / 74 Comments
In Mosaic knitting, you knit with one color at a time and use slipped stitches to create advanced-looking color designs. Learn the basic technique with this Mosaic Brick swatch pattern and free video. Practice with our recommended easy Mosaic knitting patterns. Read Post »

Blog Post: What Is Mosaic Knitting? An Introduction to Color-Knitting’s Best Kept Secret

Welsh Blanket Boomerangby Susan AshcroftBy Liat Gat – Founder / Beginner Knitting, Mosaic Knitting / March 22, 2015 / 51 Comments
Mosaic knitting is a beginner technique that make advanced-looking color designs simple. To get you inspired, here are a range of Mosaic knitting projects from beginner to advanced. Invented by prolific designer Barbara Walker in the 1970’s. Read Post »

Free Pattern: Stripes Brigade Mosaic Throw Pillow – Bulky Weight

An easy mosaic throw pillow pattern that is perfect for beginners learning the mosaic knitting technique. If you can knit and purl, you can make this pillow.

Choose a self-striping yarn to add to the number of colors without adding any effort.

Free Patterns: Home

Mosaic Knitting Abbreviations

CC – Contrasting Color
K – Knit
MC – Main Color
P – Purl
Sl – Slip

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Beginning Mosaic Knitting – Easy Mosaic Brick Pattern

Free Video
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Beginning Mosaic Knitting – Easy Mosaic Brick Pattern
Beginning Mosaic Knitting – Easy Mosaic Brick Pattern - youtube Video

Three Tips for Mosaic Knitting

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Basic Mosaic Troubleshooting

Premium Video

Intermediate Mosaic Knitting – ZigZag Stripes Motif

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How to Fix Intermediate Mosaic Mistakes

Premium Video

Advanced Mosaic Knitting – Mosaic Charts

Premium Video

Recommended Book: Mosaic Knitting by Barbara Walker

Mosaic Knitting book cover Barbara Walker

The definitive guide to mosaic knitting, by mosaic inventor Barbara Walker. The book contains a thorough explanation of how slip-stitch knitting (knitting with one color in each row) works and why. Includes written patterns and charts for 380 mosaic designs that you can add to your own projects.

This is the book I studied from before creating our own video course on the topic.

Buy Mosaic Knitting online

Testimonial: I Can’t Believe How Simple The Process Is

Not being a particularly adventurous knitter, I’ve never considered attempting mosaic knitting. I just assumed it was hard! You just proved that with a good teacher, and a good video tutorial, most any kind of knitting is doable. I didn’t knit the swatch, but I did watch the video all the way through (knitting in my head), and can’t believe how simple the process is. Again, thank you so much for sharing your time and experience. :-)
  – Renna H.

Testimonial: Thank You For Bringing Mosaic Knitting To Light

Excellent! The idea of having the written instructions alongside the working video was perfect for me. When I first read of your newest idea, you must realize that it would lead me, and others, to looking up mosaic knitting online. I am totally enthralled with the simplicity of the basic swatch and can imagine so many possibilities. Thank you for bringing mosaic knitting to light and your instructions are always so clear.
  – Joan T.

Testimonial: Absolutely Comfortable

In regards to: Knitting Superstar, Mosaic Knitting

I am a huge fan of Liat and her online knitting courses and videos. I am truly an online learner and now knitter thanks to her. Up until one month ago I knew nothing about knitting, but I had an overwhelming desire to learn how to knit socks.

I bought books, I went to a local knitting store in a city I had visited (I do not have one in my town), I looked at tons of You Tube videos and I immediately feel at ease with Liat. Mind you my books purchases and other attempts to learn I feel were a waste of money and a waste of my time. Liat is an amazing teacher and I have so far made several socks which I am very proud of.

I owe that to her Knitting Superstar course and extra courses I purchased. They are filled with a wealth of knowledge and tips and tricks. I used to be intimidated about knitting as I was so afraid of making a mistake, not anymore as I know how to fix them!

I have progressed so fast in my skills that I decided to buy her Knitting Mosaics Course. After watching it I can truly say I feel absolutely comfortable trying out this new skill. She breaks everything down and demonstrates everything so clearly, you never have a question. I can't say that about anything else I have tried. I am hoping to apply these techniques to my sock knitting, which I am obsessed with.

Speaking as a newbie, I feel I have gained so much through watching her videos and reading her materials. Every course I have viewed is explained so clearly and easily. If you too are looking to build on your skills or wish to gain a better understanding of anything about knitting, I highly recommend her courses. I hope my comments give you comfort in making your decision. I am not connected with her or her company, just a truly pleased customer. Thank you Liat for making learning how to knit so easy and so enjoyable!
  – Cheri S.

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