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Welcome to Your November 2020 Felted Slippers Knitalong!

Knit with us as we create a very easy beginner pair of felted slippers. Knit flat in Garter stitch, the slippers are seamed up and felted.

You'll learn how to count rows on Garter stitch with complete confidence, pick up and knit, seam with Mattress stitch, and needle-felt designs. Perfect for beginners, fun for advanced knitters.

Required Course: Easy Norwegian Felted Slippers

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These beginner felted slippers are like a little puzzle – you knit a strip of garter-stitch fabric, pick up and knit a few flaps on the sides, and then seam everything up in an origami-like fashion that magically results in two elfish-looking slippers.

Perfect for beginners and fun for advanced knitters, in this 11-video step-by-step course you'll learn to count rows on Garter stitch with complete confidence, pick up and knit, seam with Mattress stitch, and more.

Knitalong Pattern: Easy Norwegian Felted Slippers by Midnattsol

Slippers Milo hands 1 sm square crop

A beginner knitting pattern for perfect and cute felted slippers, this is a re-write of Midnattsol’s famous 2008 Felted Slipper Pattern. Made from one long garter-stitch strip sewn up in an ingenious way, this pattern results in a perfect felted slipper. Sizes Baby – Adult.

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Recommended Straight Needles: 10-Inch Signature Needles by Signature Needle Arts

Signature Needles Recommended Straight Needles Single Points Stiletto Tip

Signature Needles are the official straight needle of KnitFreedom. Their stiletto-tip straight needle is smooth, accurate, and perfect for lace knitting.

I recommend the 10″ length, stiletto tip (for any knitting). The cap style is up to you!

Buy 10-Inch Signature Needles online

Recommended Notion: Needle-Felting Needles by Fiber Trends

Fiber Trends Felting Needles square crop sm

A good beginner pack of felting needles can introduce you to the fun skill of needle felting. Use wool yarn to add decorations to your finished projects.

Serious needle-felters even make lifelike figurines from pure wool by needle-felting.

Buy Needle-Felting Needles online

Recommended Notion: Needle-Felting Pad by Clover

Clover Felting Needle Mat 2

A needle-felting pad helps you needle-felt without poking your fingers. It provides a firm base for your needle felting projects.

Buy Needle-Felting Pad online

Recommended Notion: Stork Scissors by Ultima

Stork Embroidery Scissors

A sharp pair of sewing scissors is indispensable in your knitting bag. You will need scissors handy to cut yarn and tails after you’re done weaving in ends.

This stork embroidery scissor made in Italy is a classic, but you can get all different animal shapes at your local yarn store.

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Recommended Notion: Suede Slipper Bottoms by Fiber Trends

Suede Slipper Bottoms

These popular slipper bottoms (2-piece: heel and toe) add traction and durability to the bottoms of your slippers or slipper-socks.

The sewing holes are pre-punched, and you can sew them on with the included sock yarn. Prevents your slippers or socks from wearing out in the heel and toe.

Buy Suede Slipper Bottoms online

Recommended Notion: Tapestry Needles by Outus

Tapestry needles Outus square

Tapestry needles are blunt sewing needles you use to weave in the tails (ends) of your yarn after you’re done knitting. You can also use them to darn holes in your knitting.

Tapestry needles are available in straight- and bent-tip varieties – it just depends on your preference which you should buy.

Buy Tapestry Needles online

Recommended Yarn: Walkabout Yarn by Queensland Collection

Walkabout Yarn sq crop sm

Queensland Collection Walkabout is a great DK-weight yarn for using with our Felted Slippers class and pattern.

Its heathered colors complement each other, and it is a breeze to work with. Felts beautifully.

Buy Walkabout Yarn online

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