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Our Breakthrough Knitting-for-Beginners Course: Everything You Need To Know in One Package

A Step-by-Step Video Class

New knitters often get stuck knitting only scarves. This course will help you break out of beginner knitting and get you ready to knit hats, mittens, and more complex projects with confidence.


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Fearless Knitter Cover

It's Time to Break Out of Beginner Knitting

Knit-and-purl is fine, but greater things await you! Luckily, it is well within your abilities to improve rapidly and start knitting complicated projects.

With 50 videos and eight gorgeous projects carefully and thoroughly leading every step of the way, knitters graduating from this course will be able to read their work, fix mistakes, and even increase and decrease on patterned stitches like seed stitch without a pattern.

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Ready to Break Out of Beginner Knitting?


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Fearless Knitter Cover

Ready to Quickly and Easily Learn Everything You Need to Know to Become a Fearless Knitter Superstar?


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Skills You Will Learn

  • A sturdy and attractive cast-on that you will use all the time
  • How to purl correctly
  • How to recognize knit and purl stitches
  • How to "read" your work
  • Simple and elegant increases and decreases
  • To challenge yourself confidently
  • What learning styles work best for you, and
  • The easy way to recognize, undo and fix common beginner knitting mistakes

Knitting For Beginners: The 50 Best Videos

Knitting For Beginners: The 50 Best Videos

Class Contents

To date, 408 happy customers have purchased this Fearless Knitter class.

About this Class

Fearless Knitter is the course for you if you've already learned how to knit, but you're not ready for intermediate techniques like knitting in the round.

You'll start with a review of the knit stitch and then you'll go onto the purl stitch, casting on, choosing yarn and needles for beginner projects and other beginner techniques like knit-and-purl stitch combinations. This includes ribbing, mistake rib, and seed stitch.

You'll then learn about increasing and decreasing all the while learning how to fix a huge number of beginner and intermediate mistakes. You'll also learn how to read beginner and intermediate patterns, and more important, read your work so that you never get lost and you never get confused.

Seven beautiful projects accompany this class. You'll delight in knitting things like an embroidered chenille washcloth and a slip-stitch throw pillow (scroll to the bottom to see them all).

Watch the video below to discover how beginning knitters benefit from starting with our Fearless Knitter class.

Knitting For Beginners: The 50 Best Videos

Knitting For Beginners: The 50 Best Videos

The list of more than 50 videos below shows exactly which techniques you will learn as you work through this Fearless Knitter class.

Beginner Knitting Cameron at Knitting Store
Beginner Knitting: 5 Keys for Success

Choosing Yarn for Beginner Projects

Choosing Needles for Beginner Projects

The Long-Tail Cast-On

Estimating Tail for the Long-Tail Cast-On

Long-Tail Cast-On
Long-Tail Cast-On Refresher

Review the Knit Stitch

How to Purl

Purling Mistakes: Forgot to Move the Yarn to the Front

Purling Mistakes: Wrapping the Yarn the Wrong Way

Examining Garter Stitch

How to Do 1x1 Rib

Examining Ribbing

How to Read Your Work on Ribbing

Fix Ribbing Mistakes: Undo Stitches One by One

Fix Ribbing Mistakes: Forgot to Move the Yarn from Front to Back

Fix Ribbing Mistakes: Knitted or Purled in the Wrong Spot

Fix Ribbing Mistakes: When You Don't Notice Until Later

Fix Ribbing Mistakes: Getting Turned Around

How to Count Your Stitches Fast

Fix a Dropped Stitch - Four Ways

Fix a Dropped Stitch Far Down

Fixing Tension Mistakes

Bind Off in Pattern

Beginner Knitting – Weave in Ends on 1×1 Rib

How to Switch Colors and Make Stripes

Diamond Dishcloth: How to Increase (YO)

Diamond Dishcloth: Examining First Rows

How to Remove Rows in Knitting

Put Stitches Back on the Needles the Right Way

Diamond Dishcloth: How to Decrease (K2TOG)

Intro to Stockinette Stitch

How to Check Your Gauge

Stitch-Pattern Dishcloth: First Rows

Stitch-Pattern Dishcloth: Following the Pattern

Stitch-Pattern Dishcloth: Recognize Where You Are

Weaving in Ends on Stockinette Stitch

Blocking Knitting – How to Block Your Work

How to Slip Stitches

Aubergine Dreams Scarf Pattern: First Rows

Fixing Advanced Knit and Purl Mistakes

Mistake-Rib Scarf: First Rows

Mistake-Rib Scarf: If You Get Lost in the Pattern

Mistake-Rib Scarf: If Your Stitches Don't Line Up

Intro to Seed Stitch

Seed-Stitch Dishcloth: First Rows

Seed-Stitch Dishcloth: Decreasing

Stitch-Sampler Blanket: Slip Edge Stitches

Stitch-Sampler Blanket: ZigZag Lace Square

How to Crochet a Border onto Your Squares

Seam Squares With a Crochet Hook

Mattress Stitch

Fearless Knitter Cover

Ready to Quickly and Easily Learn Everything You Need to Know to Become a Fearless Knitter Superstar?


Included FREE with KnitFreedom Membership

What Is a KnitFreedom Video Knitting Course?

A KnitFreedom Video Knitting Course is just like an in-person knitting class, but better.

  • Clear, distraction-free videos of everything you need to see
  • Instructions get right to the point, so there's NO WAITING
  • Helpful text, written instructions, and illustrations to refer back to
  • Practice projects and tips to help you keep learning
  • Troubleshooting: Fix any mistake you might make - taken from REAL, in-person classes
  • Tips and tricks: learn the tips to help you knit faster, more easily, and more efficiently

You Get: A Premium Online Video Course

  • Online class works on any mobile device, including iPhone, Android, iPad, and Kindle Fire.
  • Set your own username and password to access your products at any time
  • Private "My Classes" page to track and keep all your classes in one place
  • Easily navigate even large classes with navigable sidebar Table of Contents
  • Read, watch, and enjoy your classes online from any device, at any hour of the day

Downloadable Videos for Offline Use*

  • Download course videos straight to your computer or mobile device
  • Enjoy offline video viewing for traveling or slow connections
  • Quickly scroll through videos with no buffering

A Reference PDF of the Class*

  • Download a reference PDF directly to your computer
  • Video placeholders show when to refer to your downloaded videos
  • Refer to all the text of the class without accessing the Internet
  • Save all your classes to your computer so you have them at your fingertips
  • To be used in conjunction with downloaded video files
  • An expert knitting lesson and a knitting book in one.

*Not Included with KnitFreedom Monthly Subscription

Fearless Knitter Cover

Ready to Quickly and Easily Learn Everything You Need to Know to Become a Fearless Knitter Superstar?


Included FREE with KnitFreedom Membership

What KnitFreedom Students Say About This Fearless Knitter Knitting Class:

Loaded With Encouragement

After completing the Knit Freedom Learn to Knit course, I wanted to learn more. So I enrolled in Fearless Knitter, and oh boy!

This course is loaded with pictures, videos and, most importantly, encouragement. Liat is a talented, patient teacher who enjoys helping you take your knitting to the next level.

I am now very comfortable with knitting and purling, and learning to fix my mistakes, which is what I really want to do, so I can help myself and others to learn to knit. Once I complete this course, I will certainly enroll in another course. Knit Freedom makes learning easy and enjoyable. Thank you, Liat!

– Pamela M.

So Fortunate to Have Your Videos

Those just learning to knit are so fortunate to have access to your videos.

– Renna

Fearless Knitter Cover

Ready to Quickly and Easily Learn Everything You Need to Know to Become a Fearless Knitter Superstar?


Included FREE with KnitFreedom Membership


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