Video Knitting Course: Mastering Magic Loop Socks

Knitting socks is easy and fun when you use Magic Loop. You can even knit them two-at-a-time! You’ll be amazed at how easy it is.

Learn Magic Loop, Toe-Up Two-at-a-Time Socks, and Top-Down Two-at-a-Time socks in this bundle class that includes 8 different sock patterns for all yarn weights.

Video Knitting Course: Toe-Up, Two-at-a-Time Socks

Toe-up socks are the hippest and most addictive project in knitting right now, and it's easy to see why.

Knitters love making their socks from the toe-up because they can try on as they go, knit two-at-a-time, and there's no heel flap or picking up stitches.

The ideal project for any intermediate knitter to learn, improve, and enjoy.

Video Knitting Course: Top-Down Socks, Two-at-a-Time

Knitting two-at-a-time socks is the coolest trend in knitting right now. Never suffer from second-sock syndrome again.

Once you learn the technique of knitting socks on Magic Loop, you'll want to make everything in the round two-at-a-time, whether it's sweater sleeves, socks, or mittens.

Since my live "How to Knit Socks on Magic Loop, One or Two-at-a-Time" class in Salt Lake City started getting oversold, I created a video knitting course that guides you through all the steps of learning this new technique, just as if you were in a private lesson with me.

Live Knitalong: Toe-Up, Two-at-a-Time Socks - FREE

Starts: June 1, 2020   Ends: June 30, 2020   Signups Open: NO
Toe up socks Malabrigo worsted rios rbg smOur first KnitFreedom knitalong. We will be knitting a pair of worsted-weight toe-up socks, two-at-a-time on Magic Loop. One lucky knitter will get live Zoom sessions with me to answer all their questions. Six lucky knitters will get to participate in the live weekly Q&A. Learn more here.

Blog Post: Everything You Need To Know About The Fleegle Heel

A closeup of the Fleegle HeelBy Liat Gat – Founder / Socks, Toe-Up Socks / August 24, 2012 / 108 Comments
In December of 2006, a blogger known as Fleegle changed the knitting world when she published a no-holes toe-up heel formula on her blog. Since I discovered the Fleegle Heel, I’ve been making videos showing how to do it, writing patterns that use it, and helping the whole world learn to knit it. Read Post »

Blog Post: Heel Flaps Are BACK – The New “Faux-Heel-Flap” Toe-Up Sock

Closeup of a turned heel and heel flapBy Liat Gat – Founder / Socks, Toe-Up Socks, World Travels / July 20, 2012 / 95 Comments
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Blog Post: NEW! Fingering-Weight Toe-Up Socks With A Faux Heel Flap

Fingering-weight faux heel flap socks in Western Sky knitsBy Liat Gat – Founder / New Patterns, Socks / September 21, 2012 / 74 Comments
For toe-up sock lovers who want a great-fitting heel that can be adjusted for high insteps. This toe-up sock pattern has a “faux” heel flap which allows you to use heel stitch patterns like the Eye of the Partridge heel. You can also do a contrasting-color heel. Read Post »

Blog Post: What To Do When You Have A High Instep – Tips for Using KnitFreedom’s Faux Heel Flap Toe-Up Sock Pattern

By Liat Gat – Founder / Socks, Toe-Up Socks / June 20, 2017 / 43 Comments
This tip is for sock-knitters who are following my high-instep toe-up sock pattern. It explains how to easily use my pattern for Toe-Up Faux-Heel-Flap Socks to make a bigger instep than you normally can with basic Fleegle-heel or other toe-up sock patterns. Read Post »

Blog Post: How to Block Socks and Why

Unblocked and blocked sock together for comparisonBy Liat Gat – Founder / Knitwear Care, Socks / October 28, 2011 / 30 Comments
If you are gifting hand-knitted socks for the holidays, there’s one way to make them look their best- You’ve got to block them. After all that combing, twisting, and looping that happens from sheep to sock, the fibers need soap and water to relax them into their new shape. Read Post »

Blog Post: The Best Stretchy Bind-Off for Toe-Up Socks: Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind-Off (JSSBO)

Jeny's Surprisingly Stretchy Bind-Off on Super-Bulky Pink Knit SocksBy Liat Gat – Founder / Bind-Offs, Liat Interviews Others, Socks, Stretchy/Ribbed Bind-Offs, Toe-Up Socks / May 19, 2019 / 16 Comments
I recommend Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind-Off (JSSBO) for binding off on toe-up socks. It is easy to memorize, easy to do, stretchy, and fast. JSSBO works with any rib pattern (1×1, 2×2, etc.). Includes an interview with JSSBO inventor Jeny Staiman. Read Post »

Blog Post: How To Avoid Tangling Yarn On 2@aTime Socks

By Liat Gat – Founder / Socks, Toe-Up Socks, Top-Down Socks, Two-at-a-Time Knitting / September 14, 2010 / 7 Comments
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Blog Post: How to Avoid Gaps in Two-at-a-Time Socks

By Liat Gat – Founder / Socks / March 1, 2011 / 5 Comments
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Blog Post: When To Start Your Fleegle Heel Increases (Where is the “Front of Your Ankle?”)

When to start your Fleegle HeelBy Liat Gat – Founder / Socks, Toe-Up Socks / April 29, 2011 / 5 Comments
A big issue for first-time knitters of toe-up socks is knowing when to start increasing for the Fleegle heel. Where exactly is “the front of your ankle?” Here’s how to tell. Read Post »

Guest Blog Post: Workshop With Cookie A: Adding Stitch-Patterns to Socks

Cabled socks by Cookie A square cropBy Alex Capshaw-Taylor / Cables, Designing Patterns, Lace, Socks, Top-Down Socks / April 1, 2011 / 4 Comments
Three professional tips for adding cables, lace, or other stitch-patterns to your socks, including combining multiple stitch patterns, checking to see if the socks will come out too big or too small, and heel-flap design tips. Read Post »

Blog Post: Slip-Stitch Heel Pattern And Video

Blue lace sock with a slip-stitch heelBy Liat Gat – Founder / Socks, World Travels / August 12, 2011 / 4 Comments
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Blog Post: NEW: Free Super-Bulky Sock Pattern for Magic Loop, Toe-Up or Top-Down

Super-Bulky Magic Loop Socks - Malabrigo RastaBy Liat Gat – Founder / New Patterns, Socks, Toe-Up Socks, Top-Down Socks / December 23, 2011 / 2 Comments
In case you are madly trying to finish Christmas gifts, here is the gift that I fall back on year after year: super-bulky slipper-socks. Knit with one skein of super-bulky yarn, these toe-up socks can be made in about 5 hours. Read Post »

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Avoiding Gaps in Two-at-a-Time Socks and Magic Loop

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Avoiding Gaps in Two-at-a-Time Socks and Magic Loop
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Recommended Fabric Care: Soak by Soak Wash

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My favorite no-rinse wool wash for blocking your knit garments. Comes in lovely scents and also unscented. Just squirt some in cold water and add your garment (or gauge swatch) and let soak for 15-20 minutes. Squeeze to remove water and lay flat to dry or block.

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Recommended Fabric Care: Sock Blockers by Knitter's Pride

Aqua Sock Blockers Medium Knitters Pride square

Sock blockers are the perfect way to make your finished socks look their best. Whether you are going to keep them for yourself or give the socks as a gift, the last step before you wear your knit socks is always to block them. The even and smooth shape persists even after machine washing and drying.

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Testimonial: I Knitted Only Washcloths

In regards to: Top-Down Socks

I love your website..... for years I only knitted washcloths.  I am into socks now. and very addicted.  I don't think I could have done them with out your website.  great job!!!!!
  – Eve

Testimonial: Makes Sense

In regards to: Toe-Up Socks

I just want to tell you guys how great I think you are! I had looked at many toe-up sock videos, but yours is the one that made the most sense... and made me feel like I could actually do socks. Whenever anyone at KnittingParadise asks for help with socks, I always refer them to you. Thank you so much!
  – Joan L.

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