Blog Post: How To Darn Socks and Fix Holes in Knitting

Darn Socks Repair Holes in Knitting Stabilize with Thread square cropBy Liat Gat – Founder / Knitwear Care / March 31, 2012 / 71 Comments
If you are wondering how to darn socks or fix holes in knitting, you’ve come to the right place. You can darn socks or mend any holes in knitting using this technique, and if you have matching yarn, you can make the repair completely invisible. Read Post »

Blog Post: How to Block Socks and Why

Unblocked and blocked sock together for comparisonBy Liat Gat – Founder / Knitwear Care, Socks / October 28, 2011 / 30 Comments
If you are gifting hand-knitted socks for the holidays, there’s one way to make them look their best- You’ve got to block them. After all that combing, twisting, and looping that happens from sheep to sock, the fibers need soap and water to relax them into their new shape. Read Post »

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How to Darn Socks and Repair Holes in Knitting

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How to Darn Socks and Repair Holes in Knitting To mend a hole in knitting, first clean up the edges as best you can by trimming ends that are sticking out. Use a crochet hook to re-knit any stitches that have fallen out. Using a tapestry needle, weave a thin thread through the stitches vertically to create some structure. Then, cut as many pieces of yarn as you have rows missing. Weave one end of yarn horizontally through the thin threads. Then use a crochet hook to re-knit that row of stitches. Repeat for as many rows as are missing. Finally, use a tapestry needle and your yarn to graft the last row of stitches closed.

Block Knitting – How to Block Your Work

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Recommended Fabric Care: Blocking Mats by KnitIQ

Blocking Mats Knit iQ square

Blocking mats are the perfect way to dry and block your knit garments. The grid lines help you keep the garment edges straight, and large T-pins let you pin the piece to the recommended measurements. A blocking mat is a must for large lace shawls or any garment you need to lay out flat to dry.

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Recommended Fabric Care: Soak by Soak Wash

Soak Wool Wash Celebration Scent square sm

My favorite no-rinse wool wash for blocking your knit garments. Comes in lovely scents and also unscented. Just squirt some in cold water and add your garment (or gauge swatch) and let soak for 15-20 minutes. Squeeze to remove water and lay flat to dry or block.

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Recommended Fabric Care: Sock Blockers by Knitter's Pride

Aqua Sock Blockers Medium Knitters Pride square

Sock blockers are the perfect way to make your finished socks look their best. Whether you are going to keep them for yourself or give the socks as a gift, the last step before you wear your knit socks is always to block them. The even and smooth shape persists even after machine washing and drying.

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Recommended Fabric Care: Sweater Shaver by Beautural

Sweater Shaver square sm

A fabric or sweater shaver is a must for keeping your garments pill-free. Pilling happens when soft knit fibers break and felt together. Pulling out the pills with your fingers breaks the fibers more, resulting in more pilling. Instead, take 2 minutes to shave the pills off garments like cashmere sweaters. A must before taking photos for Ravelry.

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Recommended Notion: Stork Scissors by Ultima

Stork Embroidery Scissors Ultima made in Italy square

A sharp pair of sewing scissors is indispensable in your knitting bag. You will need scissors handy to cut yarn and tails after you’re done weaving in ends. This stork embroidery scissor made in Italy is a classic, but you can get all different animal shapes at your local yarn store.

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Recommended Notion: Tapestry Needles by Outus

Tapestry needles Outus square

Tapestry needles are blunt sewing needles you use to weave in the tails (ends) of your yarn after you’re done knitting. You can also use them to darn holes in your knitting. Tapestry needles are available in straight- and bent-tip varieties – it just depends on your preference which you should buy.

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