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NEW: Free Super-Bulky Sock Pattern for Magic Loop, Toe-Up or Top-Down

Liat Gat - Founder

December 23, 2011

In case you are madly trying to finish Christmas gifts, here is the gift that I fall back on year after year: super-bulky slipper-socks. Knit with one skein of super-bulky yarn, these toe-up socks can be made in about 5 hours.

So in case any of you are still knitting madly to try to finish Christmas gifts, here is the gift that I fall back on year after year: super-bulky slipper-socks.

You can knit these socks two-at-a-time toe-up on Magic Loop – it will take you just a day or two. I also like to knit these socks on Christmas Day while we are sitting around the Christmas tree, although they are almost too fast to qualify as mindless knitting- you may have to look at the pattern often because you will already be on the next step before you know it.

Super-Bulky Magic Loop Socks - Malabrigo Rasta
These are my favorite go-to socks for Christmas gifts or for knitting on Christmas Day

Just know, the yarn pictured here (Malabrigo Rasta- one skein exactly) is buttery-soft, but it is not a highly durable yarn. These socks won’t last for years, just about one super-snuggly year. My sister Lizzi always comes home on Christmas and hands me her very scary worn-out socks from last year – gasp!

Gross worn-out socks from last year
Eew! I confiscated these "socks" immediately and gave my sister a new pair.

Needless to say, these super-bulky socks have become a tradition in my family (which I much prefer to, say, a tradition of lace sweaters on size 3 needles). Hey – non-knitters don’t need know that these are super easy!

They just know that they are divine and you really can’t buy anything like them.

Super-Bulky Magic Loop Socks - Malabrigo Rasta - side view on bed
I did not want to take off the socks after this photoshoot...

Click here to get the details on this Super-Bulky Sock Pattern and download it free.

Another holiday knitting tradition that I would love to share with you – my favorite holiday knitting book.

A gorgeous read

Handknit Holidays, edited by Melanie Falick, is the most delicious holiday-knitting read I can think of. It qualifies as one of my 5 Best Knitting Books of All Time, and I STILL intend to make every single project in this book.

If you end up going to a bookstore over the holidays, wander into the knitting section and flip through this book – I think you’ll love it!

Happy Holidays and Happy Knitting!

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If you like this super-bulky sock pattern, post in the comments.

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7 thoughts on “NEW: Free Super-Bulky Sock Pattern for Magic Loop, Toe-Up or Top-Down”

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  1. For the top down version of the bulky socks the heal turn seems to be off, you are supposed to start with 10 stitches and decrease with each row but the last row needs 8 stitches for it to work and by then I only have 6. Am I doing something wrong?

    1. Hi Melissa,
      I’m sorry it took me days to get back to you. The 10 stitches are actually the instep. The heel needle should have 14 stitches when you start to turn the heel. So the heel actually is centered. Just knit across those 10 instep stitches and then start the heel instructions.

      I hope this helps!

        1. Yeah, the cast-on for the Small-Medium size is 24 stitches. Here are the instructions:

          Beginning at the top of the sock, cast on 24(28) sts. Divide for Magic Loop as follows:
          Size Small: 10 sts on one needle (instep needle), 14 sts on the other (heel needle).
          Size Medium: 14 sts on each needle.

  2. can I make Super-Bulky Sock Pattern longer for in my farm boots is there anything I can do to keep them up I have made one pair of sock for hubby so they were longer for his brace but the other one kept falling down he had a stroke thanks Jean

    1. Hi Jean,

      I would make either the bulky-weight socks or the worsted-weight socks for in your farm boots – the super-bulky socks are really very thick and you’d need boots like 2 sizes too big in order to fit your feet in them! But the smaller weights will work a lot better.

      To keep the socks from falling down, you have a few options: 1) you can do ribbing all the way up the leg, instead of only at the very top of the cuff. Just start ribbing once you finish turning the heel and you resume knitting in the round. 2) you can change to a smaller size needle for the ribbing, and 3) you can decrease the number of stitches slightly right before you start ribbing.

      You can experiment with all these choices – all of them will help the sock stay up better. But whatever you do, make sure you bind off using a stretchy bind-off so that he can get his foot in. :)

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