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Welcome, Lovely Knitter, To Your KnitFreedom Classes

3: Video Dictionary of Knitting Techniques









Bind-Offs/Finishing Techniques



4: “Just Beyond Beginner” – A Primary Course For Knitting Mastery, Part 1

Choosing Yarn and Needles for Beginner Projects

The Long-Tail Cast-On

The Purl Stitch


Catch and Fix Beginner Mistakes


Easy Increases and Decreases

Stockinette Stitch and Gauge

4: “Just Beyond Beginner” – A Primary Course For Knitting Mastery, Part 2

Mistake-rib swatch in Malabrigo Chunky  Feather and Fan Scarf

Basic Knit-and-Purl Stitch Patterns

Slipped-Stitch Patterns

Broken Rib Patterns

Seed-Stitch Patterns

Stitch-Sampler Patterns

Lace Patterns

Finishing Techniques

Become A Knitting Superstar (Now Chapters 5-9 +12 of KnitFreedom’s Premium Library)

5: Catch and Fix Mistakes

red knitting with a dropped knit stitch far down  Beginner Knitting technique demonstration - ribbing

Prevent Common Errors

Take Out Your Knitting To Fix a Mistake

Common Mistakes and How To Fix Them

Fix Dropped Stitches

Repair Knitwear

6: Optimize Your Knitting Habits

   Myofascial stretch for sore fingers

Tension Your Yarn

Fix Tension Problems

Keep Track of Where You Are

Manage Hand and Back Pain

Optimize Your Knitting Attitude and Outlook

7: Knitting in the Round on Magic Loop


Project: Slouchy Hat for Magic Loop

Knitting in the Round on Magic Loop

Tips for Success with Magic Loop

Fixing Mistakes on Magic Loop

Advanced Magic Loop

Magic Loop Extras

8: Toe-Up, Two-at-a-Time Socks

Purple malabrigo socks in progress, two at a time When to start your Fleegle Heel Fingering-weight toe-up socks with heel-flap Purple toe-up socks with heel flap, shown from the side, on tip-toe

Project:  Worsted-Weight Toe-Up Socks With a Fleegle Heel

Casting On For Toe-Up Sock s

Increasing For the Toe

Fixing Mistakes on Two-at-a-Time Socks

The Fleegle Heel


Toe-Up Socks – Extras

Heel Stitch-Pattern Videos

9: Top-Down, Two-at-a-Time Socks

Fiber Trends sock blockers  Beginner fingering-weight socks for Magic Loop - purple Araucania Beginner socks for magic loop - fingering - white yarn  

Project: Fingering-Weight Top-Down Socks

Casting On For Top-Down, Two-at-a-Time Sock s

Fixing Mistakes on Two-at-a-Time Socks

Working a Top-Down Heel



Top-Down Socks – Extras

Heel Stitch-Pattern Videos

10. Two-at-a-Time Mittens on Magic Loop

Two-at-a-Time Mittens Front View Red magic loop mittens with hands in a heart shape Red magic loop mittens with hands held palm out showing thumb

Project: Bulky-Weight Mittens for Magic Loop

Getting Started


Hand – Part 1

Thumb – Part 1

Hand – Part 2

Thumb – Part 2

11. Cables 101 


Project: Bulky Cabled Leg Warmers with Buttons

Working a Cable Chart

Cables: T3L and T3R

Working Even

Cables : C4R

Fixing Mistakes

Cables: C4L


12: Continental Knitting Made Simple


Introduction To Continental Knitting

Tensioning the Yarn for Continental Knitting

Continental Stitches

Advanced Continental Knitting

13. Majestic Mosaics

 Ugly duckling socks Dovetail shawl Welsh blanket

Project: Stripes Brigade Mosaic Pillow

Basic Mosaic Knitting

Fixing Mistakes In Mosaic Knitting

Advanced Mosaic Knitting

14. Double Knitting for Dummies

Project: Super-Bulky Double-Knit Scarf

Cast-On and Setup for Double Knitting

Double Knitting From a Chart

Double Knitting  Tips and Tricks

Fixing Mistakes In Double Knitting


15. Fair-Isle Knitting for Fanatics

Felted Fair-Isle bag, top view

Project: Easy  Fair-Isle Felted Bag


Knitting in the Round

Fair-Isle Knitting From a Chart

Fixing Mistakes In Fair-Isle Knitting

Fair-Isle Tips and Tricks

Finishing the Fair-Isle Bag

Advanced Fair-Isle Knitting

16. Brioche Knitting for Badasses

Knitting Brioche 2

Project:  Two-Color Brioche Scarf

One-Color Flat Brioche Knitting

Tips for Working in Brioche Stitch

Binding Off on Brioche Stitch

One-Color Flat Brioche With a Selvedge

One-Color Brioche in the Round

Two-Color Brioche in the Round

Decreasing on Brioche Stitch

Two-Color Flat Brioche With a Selvedge

Fixing Mistakes on Brioche Knitting

17. Moebius Knitting for the Slightly Twisted


Project: Nesting Pentafold Moebius Bowls

Moebius Cast-On

18. Casting On For Fun – Video Cast-Ons Course and Dictionary


Getting Started Casting On

Cast-Ons for Beginners

Cast-Ons for Intermediate Knitters

Cast-Ons All Knitters Might Want to Know

Cast-On Tips and Tricks

Fixing Mistakes in Your Cast-On

Cast-On Extras

Cast-Ons by Name

19. I Love Bind-Offs – Video Bind-Offs Course and Dictionary


Bind-Offs for Beginners

Bind-Offs for Intermediate Knitters

Bind-Offs for Advanced Knitters

Bind-Offs All Knitters Might Want to Know

Bind-Off Tips and Tricks

Bind-Off Extras

Bind-Offs by Name

Free Knitting Patterns and Illustrations

   Beginner fingering-weight socks for Magic Loop - purple Araucania

Knitting Pattern Downloads

Download a .Zip File of All 28 Patterns and Illustrations (File Size: 10Mb)





For the Home


Toe-Up Socks with a Fleegle Heel

Toe-Up Socks with Faux Heel Flap for High Insteps

Top-Down Socks

Illustrated Knitting Techniques





Handy Guide to Yarn Weights, Needle Size, and Gauge




Yarn Weight Gauge in St st Needle Size (US)
Lace Weight 9 sts/in in St st Size 0 Needles
Fingering 7 sts/in. Size 1-2 Needles
Sport 6 sts/in. Size 4 Needles
DK 5.5 sts/in. Size 6 Needles
Worsted 5 sts/in. Size 7 Needles
Aran 4 sts/in. Size 8-9 Needles
Bulky 3-3.5 sts/in. Size 10-10½ Needles
Super-Bulky 2.5 sts/in. Size 13-15 Needles




Yarn Weight Gauge in St St Needle Size (mm)
Lace 36 sts/10 cm. 2.0 mm Needles
Fingering 28 sts/10 cm. 3.5 mm Needles
Sport 24 sts/10 cm. 4.0 mm Needles
DK 22 sts/10 cm. 4.5 mm Needles
Worsted 20 sts/10 cm. 5.0-5.5 mm Needles
Aran 16 sts/10 cm. 6.0-6.5 mm Needles
Bulky 12-14 sts/10 cm. 6.0-6.5 mm Needles
Super-Bulky 10 sts/10 cm. 9.0-10.0 mm Needles

Yarn Weights and Thicknesses – ACTUAL SIZE Comparison Chart


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