Video: Tillybuddy’s Cast-On

Characteristics: 1x1 rib, 2x2 rib, stretchy
Difficulty: Intermediate

Tillybuddy's Cast-On (invented by Tillybuddy on Ravelry) is a very sturdy and stretchy short-tail cast-on that can be used for 1x1 or 2x2 rib.

The cast-on uses loops and twists to create pairs of stitches on the needle.


1. Work the first row close to the needle-tips so the cast-on doesn't get stretched-out.

2. The cast-on creates pairs of stitches so, combined with the initial slipknot, it results in an odd number of stitches. If you need an even number of stitches, remove the slipknot once you get to it at the end of the first row.

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