Video: Garter Tab Cast-On for Triangular Shawls

Garter Tab Cast-On For Triangular Shawls
Garter Tab Cast-On For Triangular Shawls

Characteristics: invisible
Difficulty: Advanced

The Garter Tab Cast-On is an ingenious way to invisibly start a triangular shawl.

A provisional cast-on is used to cast on two or three stitches, then the working yarn is used to knit in garter stitch until you have a little strip of fabric - the "garter tab."

Picking up stitches along the edge of the tab and in the provisional cast-on places the stitches in such a way that you are ready to start the triangular shawl and it is impossible to tell where you started.

More Information

The Garter-Tab Cast-On shown on my favorite beginner lace shawl: the Show Your Colors shawl.

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